Can the PDI penis stretching method help my congenitally curved penis?

Dear Dr. Herazy, I would like to know if your method of penis stretching exercises would allow an improvement in my congenital twisted penis.  I do not have PD; however, does your method help men with congenital curvatures too?

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Actually I need to tell you my story: I underwent surgery to eliminate the congenital curvature, but there are now non-absorbable stitches into my penis and they are hurting me. The surgery was almost nine months ago, in August, 2012, and I think of removing these stitches from me to help the pain. So I have a question: how much time do I need to wait so that I can remove these stitches without losing the correction I have obtained with the surgery?

Well, and there is another thing: my penis was curved left and down before the surgery. After the surgery, I realized that my penis is not pointing to the left, but it still curved down, with a bend near the base of the penis. Thus, I would like to correct the bend downwards that still exists, and finally reach the complete correction of my penis.

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer my important questions.

Thank you.

Greetings Vini,

Yes, the PDI method of gentle penis stretching has helped make safe changes even in some congenital penis curves and bends, but it is not possible for anyone to know ahead of time which will and which will not respond.  Even though we initially tested the gentle manual PDI penis stretching method only on  men with Peyronies disease, over the last few years I have received back reports of success from men with congenital curvature.  The best and safest method is to simply apply the work and use the technique for a month or two to determine how well you will respond.

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However, you have had penis surgery, so this changes a lot of things. Too bad you did not ask me these questions before you had your penis surgery.  Once you have had tissue removed, and had stitches inserted to hold you into a certain position, there is less that our gentle penis stretching technique can do for you.

Now, since these surgical changes have been made. you really should be asking these questions to the doctor who tried to correct your congenital penis curvature with surgery.  This is the person who should have all the answers regarding how your penis will respond in the future.