Should I continue with pentoxifylline as a Peyronies treatment?

Hi Dr. Herazy,

I have been told by two urologists that I have Peyronie and told to come back in 4 or 6 months. I originally felt a tighter than usual erection and latter felt a lump inside my penis. I can feel this with my thumb and another finger, like a small ball inside the shaft close to the base. I am not sure how long I have has this for. I am not sure for how long a have had the curve upwards. It’s not big and I have asked my wife and she is not sure either. Looking closer I can feel where the bent is. I have had no major trauma etc.

I don’t have pain on erections but have been feeling some itchiness type pain when flaccid. And if I have been sitting for long time, I have felt really uncomfortable tightness beginning from under my scrotum to the top of the base of my penis. I get the sense that it’s where I felt the lump.

I have read that TRENTAL/PENTOX/OXPENTIFYLLINE has helped some people in combination with CoQ10 and have got a script from my GP.  I took a test run today of TRENTAL 400 to check for side effects — none so far.

Should I continue with this?



I cannot comment whether you should take pentoxifylline (pentox) or not.  That is a decision you must make for yourself in consideration with the advice offered by your treating doctor.   Ultimately you have to feel confident with your treatment and know that it is right for you, and not just simply do what you are told to do.

To give you some perspective, you might want to consider reading Pentoxifylline, niacin and Peyronie’s disease and Pentoxifylline and Peyronie’s disease treatment.

It is good that you have not experienced any side effects to pentoxifylline, but the real question is if it will help your Peyronie’s disease or not. 

I suggest that you consider using Alternative Medicine in the way that is described on the PDI website.  Let me know if you have any questions in this regard.  TRH


2 thoughts on “Should I continue with pentoxifylline as a Peyronies treatment?

  1. John Reibelt says:

    I have had Peyronie’s Disease for about 2yrs, I have no lumps or bumps, however when half erect I feel along the bent side the full lenght a tube like a artery about the thickness of as a pencil, it feels like it just wont streach anymore pulling the side tight, feels like the pudic artery is just not long enough now or blocked somewhere. I have heard a seen photos of where they extend the internal pudic ( not pubic ), could you please let me know if you have come across this kind of finding and the problem was still Peyronie’s Disease…. JOHN R

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings John R,

    It is difficult to say what it is that you have noticed on the bent side of your penis. In Peyronie’s disease you could be indeed feeling an elongated scar that is causing your penis to become concave on that side, or as you say, it could be a blood vessel. I suggest you consult with your family doctor to determine if your problem is Peyronie’s disease or something else. TRH

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