Is Peyronie disease natural treatment safe and effective?

What I want to know is, is your Peyronie disease natural treatment effective, and how safe is it?

In the past year I  have visited many Peyronie's disease forums and discussion groups and read all kinds of opinions.  It seems strange to me is that while I read mostly negative comments from the people on the PD forms about the use of vitamin E, acetyl-L-carnitine and other natural supplements, the medical research about these very same treatments is fairly positive.  The men who answer questions on these forums about using vitamins and natural treatment ideas say it does not do any good, yet I have read several medical studies saying that the results are good. Who should I believe?

How long have you been doing this work, how safe is it, and what kind of results do you get?  How do I know which ones to use to get the most help?

I like what I have read on your site so far about using Peyronie disease natural treatment because it makes sense to me.   It makes sense that taking vitamins and minerals and things like that could help the body to heal better.   Doing something like that to help my problem to heal better and faster makes more sense than doing nothing while I am supposed to wait for my curved penis to get so bad that I need surgery.  That is a crazy way of approaching this problem.  Why not try to get rid of a problem with natural therapies rather than letting it get so bad that surgery is necessary?

Thanks for any information or insight you can give to me.


Greetings Brian,

I cured my own problem in 2002 with Peyronie disease natural treatment.  I did not have any adverse reaction while I experimented with dosages of different therapies.  Since that time I have worked with well over a thousand men who have also reduced or eliminated their Peyronie's scar or plaque using these methods you see on the PDI website.  You can read some  Peyronie natural treatment testimonials here.

I consult with men on a daily basis about their treatment of Peyronie's disease using natural methods.  In that time I have not had anyone complain of an adverse reaction greater than having diarrhea caused by high dosages of systemic enzymes that irritated the bowel lining; all were easily controlled by simply reducing the dosage.

The effectiveness of this treatment is real, but it is difficult for PDI to calculate and provide meaningful statistics for a few reasons:

  • Everyone follows  a different treatment program.  Some men use a small plan, a medium plan, or a large plan.  Additionally, 99% modify their starting plan as they search for the correct dosage that causes their PD scar to reduce size, shape, density and surface features.
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  • Compliance is variable from person to person.  Some men are good at following whatever plan they are using, other men are bad at taking pills and doing different parts of their plan.
  • No way to monitor physical condition or care,  so there is no way I can verify how men are following their plans or their results.  Must take each man's word that he is doing what he says he is doing.
  • No way to know the exact condition of the Peyronie's scar, or the penile distortion, at the start of care or at the conclusion of care.  Must take each man's word about his condition at the start and end of care.
  • No one is rejected or excluded from this work.   PDI works with men from around world who are not standardized.  We work with men of all ages (teenagers to 80+ years, all races, variable duration (just diagnosed to 20 year old PD) and severity of Peyronie's disease, some have had surgery and others have not, any and all possible causes, and many concurrent health problems (anywhere from a 25 year old athletes with no other health problems to a 70 year old alcoholic with liver disease and cancer). Any legitimate study would eliminate many men while looking to so that a standardized group is created.   PDI does not do this.

As a result of this wide variation, complete lack of control of our participants and complete inability to verify treatment or treatment results, there is no way to produce meaningful statistics about PDI treatment results. At this time PDI is still working only to develop and improve its treatment ideas.  Once we have created what we think is the best Peyronie disease natural treatment procedure we will be ready to test those ideas by using formal research level procedures.

Within these limitations imposed by the way we are working with Peyronie disease natural treatment,  the best I can tell you is that about 70-80% of men see positive changes in their Peyronies scars when they use the methods described in the PDI website. This is a remarkable number because – according to current medical thinking – these men are not supposed to respond at all.  Yet most see some positive changes, ranging from slightly to complete reduction of the the size, shape, density or quality of the surface features of their Peyronies scars.