Peyronie’s Breakthrough

Non-drug Peyronie’s breakthrough

When someone thinks of a Peyronie’s breakthrough most commonly a miracle drug, like Xiaflex for  Peyronie’s disease treatment might come to mind.  Yet, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute has brought several key ideas and therapies to the Peyronies community in the last few years, any one of which could be called a Peyronie’s breakthrough.

Peyronies breakthrough treatment concepts

Several different and new Peyronies treatment ideas and products developed by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute since 2002, in addition to improvements over existing concepts known to the medical community.

A genuine Peyronies breakthrough is the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© The basic idea of stretching the Peyronie’s scar to straighten the bent and contracted tissue is not new. Because there is considerable profit in this devices, the idea has been overrun by copycats who use a mechanical penis stretching device to make the penis straighter in spite of the Peyronie’s plaque. After talking to many men who were injured by these ineffective and dangerous mechanical penis stretching devices, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute investigated the subject. After a two year research project, PDI developed a safe, effective and affordable technique that is very effective when combined with a traditional aggressively designed PD therapy plan.

The CD for this new Peyronies breakthrough treatment clearly demonstrates how to gently stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis – something totally new in the world of Peyronie’s disease treatment – to improve the six basic types of PD deformities:
1. Twist
2. Curve
3. Bend
4. Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
5. Hourglass
6. Bottleneck
Further, additional information is included that explains how to successfully stretch a combination of distortions, since very often two or more penis distortions appear together.

Peyronie’s breakthrough research

The PDI research group to develop the idea of a safe and effective manual stretching technique consisted of 10 men, all of whom:

1. Were 40 to 72 years of age,

2. Had PD four to eight years,

3. Had penile curvature from 40° to100°, that had not changed in over six months,

4. Stayed under medical supervision during the project,

5. Failed with at least two different medical therapies without help (POTABA, verapamil, cholchicine, cortisone, etc.),

Within six months, of the 10 research participants:
8 – saw moderate to significant improvement of curvature,
2 – saw no progress with their curvature, and
10 – (100%) saw moderate to marked improvement of sexual ability.

Those eight participants who earned moderate to significant correction of their Peyronies distortion, also used an aggressive PD therapy plan of vitamins, minerals, herbs, PDI Massage and Exercise program or Genesen Acutouch Pointers during the penis stretching research. None just stretched the penis; that would only result in penis enlargement, and that is not the PDI goal. All men added the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© into an already large and actively pursued Alternative Medicine therapy plan designed to reverse and eliminate their PD scar. As a result, eight of 10 men noticed an abrupt and significant objective and subjective improvement of their symptoms.

For those interested in learning about a true Peyronie’s breakthrough treatment, go to Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©

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