Peyronie’s cure and natural treatment

Peyronie’s Cure and Natural Treatment

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute natural treatment method is not a Peyronie’s cure. However, drugs and surgery are not a cure either because the PD will always return.  Only your natural ability to heal and repair can eliminate your Peyronie’s disease.  The only true Peyronie’s cure happens in 10-50% of cases when the body self-heals or naturally eliminates Peyronie’s disease.

On this website we present ideas and information about combining natural internal and external therapies. These combined therapies strengthen and promote the ability for a natural Peyronie’s cure. There are no side effects or adverse reactions when the body controls the healing process.

When the Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment method is used correctly good things can happen.  We receive 8-10 reports of moderate to great natural treatment success for every one report of failure.  These numbers indicate the PDI approach gives important assistance to help people heal their fibrous penis lump.  Even so, it is not a cure for Peyronie’s disease.

Natural recovery is a Peyronie’s cure

In a surprisingly large percent of cases, self-healing controls or eliminates Peyronie’s disease. This suggests a direction for treatment that is not discussed in the medical community.  All of this is good news if you have Peyronie’s disease with a severely bent penis.  It should give you some encouragement to realize it is possible to do something to help yourself get rid of your PD.

Even a variable pattern of PD improvement and reversal should give encouragement to anyone with Peyronie’s disease.  Temporary reversal of the PD scar mass or distortion shows the body can indeed soften and shrink it a little.  If the body reduces the scar a little, then why does it not reduce and soften it a lot?  Moreover, if it can do that, then why does it not cure the Peyronie’s disease tissue completely?  This self-healing is just a matter of degree.

Promote self-healing

The PDI treatment approach is simple. The easiest and most logical Peyronie’s treatment is to support and promote the body’s ability to heal naturally.  For the healing process to occur it is necessary for a particular mix of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to be available. At the same time, using several external therapies helps soft tissue healing. When both these internal and external therapies are used, the tissue has a better opportunity to heal. There are no side effects to spontaneous recovery and natural healing. This entire website is devoted to reducing your bent penis naturally, slowly and carefully.

Medically funded websites do not discuss the fact that up to half of the cases result in a natural Peyronie’s cure. Perhaps this is because of their preference for using drugs and surgery, as opposed to natural healing.  Patient funded websites mention spontaneous elimination and healing of Peyronie’s disease freely.  Nevertheless, they do not have any explanation for why it happens.  This is because there is little interest in natural treatment that does not involve drugs and surgery.

PDI says natural treatment and recovery happens because the body is not completely helpless against Peyronie’s disease. Only the Peyronie’s Disease Institute discusses natural treatment, and presents ideas to support and assist this healing.

Increase odds for a natural Peyronie’s cure

A natural Peyronie’s cure suggests a direction of self-treatment based on the significant percent of cases in which the body corrects this problem. Sometimes natural healing is complete and permanent, and sometimes it is temporary or partial. Other times, natural healing does not happen for reasons we are still studying. All you have to do is try to help yourself heal better and see what happens.

The body does a remarkable job of self-regulation and healing most of the time. There is little reason to doubt that your body is trying to do a Peyronie’s cure.  It just might need a little help. What do you have to lose?