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No Known Peyronie's Cure

As any reputable Peyronie’s disease website will tell you, there is no known Peyronies cause and no known Peyronie’s cure.  Any advertisement that tells you they have a Peyronies cure should cause you not to become hopeful, but very skeptical.

There are many large categories of products that are heavily promoted as a Peyronies cure.  There is even a book written about PD that claims it offers a Peyronie's cure; when you read the book, you will learn it conveniently avoids making a claim for a cure even though a cure is mentioned in the title. In addition, if you Google the term “peyronies disease” you will always see a large column on the right-hand side, promoting any one and more of these products:

  1. Mechanical penis stretchers
  2. VED or Vacuum pump
  3. Herbal preparations
  4. Systemic enzymes

Since I am deeply committed to helping men solve the riddle of how to increase their ability to self-heal Peyronie’s disease, as happens naturally in 50% of PD cases, I look into all of these companies who make a claim for a Peyronies cure.

Peyronie’s cure companies do not like to communicate

For several years I have followed a policy of sending at least three emails to each and every company that claims to have a Peyronie’s cure.  In each case I will introduce myself as someone who helps people with PD, and I disclose the URL address for the Peyronie's Disease Institute website so they will know I am sincere.  I ask each one a few pointed questions about their product and their claims.  I even tell them that if there products are as good as they claim, I would be pleased to offer that product on the PDI website.  In this way, you can see that anyone who actually had a great product would be more than happy to discuss their Peyronie’s cure with me.  I do this for the high-priced mechanical penis stretchers, VED makers, and all makers of pills and potions that fit this description.  To date, I have never received a response from any one of them.

Based on the total lack of response from these people to my repeated questions, I think it is fair to assume these folks are not what they claim to be.  If you read their limited background website information, you will see the claims are not supported by anything.  If they had something of substance to say, they would not hesitate to let me know.

I seem to notice that many of them are many of them make it difficult to know where they are located.  You can imagine the kind of service you would receive after they have your money, or if you want to ask them to honor their refund guarantee.

If anyone has a comment or experience they would like to relate concerning any of these products that are supposed to be a Peyronie’s cure, I know I and many others would like to learn of your direct experiences.


2 thoughts on “Peyronie’s cure

  1. Joe says:

    I saw a medically oriented web site that said acetyl-L-carnitine helps Peyronie’s disease. They weren’t selling it, they just showed a clinical study comparing it to tamoxifen and found it worked better to reduce plaque. I think they were connected to the National Institute of Health. You can read their findings here: What do you think this has merit for Peyronie’s disease?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Joe,

    Thanks for sharing that information about Peyronie’s disease. That report compares the results of the drug Tamoxifen to a nutrient acetyl-L-carnitine, and offers very favorable findings for the nutrient. This study almost makes acetyl-L-carnitine sound like a wonder drug that always gets great results. This is not the case. Acetyl-L-carnitine is helpful in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, but by itself it does not always have a positive outcome.

    This is why PDI has used acetyl-L-carnitine in its Peyronie’s disease treatment plans for many years. It is a great nutrient, and a very effective contributor to a broad based Alternative Medicine plan for Peyronie’s disease treatment, but it must be combined with several other internal and external therapies to get maximum results. No single nutrient or Alternative Medicine therapy by itself consistently has a palliative or therapeutic effect on Peyronie’s disease; if one did we would all know about it, it would be called a wonder drug, and it would be plastered on magazine covers. In my opinion, acetyl-L-carnitine is very helpful against Peyronie’s disease when it is used in combination with other therapies you see on the PDI website and increases the effectiveness of any plan to which it is added, but by itself it is no wonder drug. TRH

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