Curved Penis: Bent penis of Peyronies disease prevents sexual intercourse

Penile Curvature of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronies curved penis is common diagnostic sign

Peyronie’s disease natural treatment is all about supporting your own ability to heal and repair the internal scar tissue (plaque) that causes a distortion or curved penis to develop.

Even though the internal Peyronie’s scar tissue is the most important element of PD, Peyronie’s disease is known as the “bent nail disease.”   It is the bent or curved penis that is the most noticeable aspect of this problem.  The presence of the penile curvature often allows sexual difficulty to develop.  Besides looking strange, the penile distortion also causes problems by preventing sexual penetration from taking place, as well as by acting as a weak area on the shaft that allows sudden buckling to occur.

In a healthy penis the internal tissue is flexible and expandable to allow for a normal erection to develop when blood is trapped inside.

In Peyronie’s disease the healthy and elastic tissue of the penis (in a part called the tunica albuginea) is replaced by dense and inelastic fibrous tissue that is called a scar or plaque. During an erection the normal elastic tissue of the penis can stretch and expand to allow the penis to become larger in length and circumference (girth) symmetrically, resulting in a straight erection. With the addition of Peyronies fibrous scar material this normal expansion cannot develop, resulting in a curved penis.

Peyronie’s disease often starts as a small nodule or bump on the top or sides of the penile shaft immediately below the surface of the skin. Over a few weeks to several months, this small area of density can expand to develop into an irregular shaped mass of variable size, shape, density and surface quality. Some scars are as long as the penis, or surround the shaft like a collar. Some scars are either so soft or small, or their edges are so gradual and vague, that the scar is not detected. When the scar or plaque cannot be located, it is can still be assumed to exist because of the curved penis that is commonly associated with Peyronies.

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Curved penis affects sexual intercourse

The curved penis of Peyronie's disease can break a marriage because it prevents sexual acitivity in 25-30% of cases.

About 75-90% of couples who deal with Peyronie’s experience problems with sexual intercourse. The primary issue compromising sexual penetration is the presence of a greatly bent or curved penis that makes penetration physically impossible or so painful that intercourse impossible. Distortions can be so severe they are described as “cork screw” or “cane handle.”

Further compromising and limiting sexual activity is the incomplete filling with blood that can also develop in Peyronies that results in a small or large area of softness of the penile shaft. This softness causes a weakness of the normally turgid erection that can cause additional difficulty for the sexual act.

It is a rare Peyronies couple who does not experience sexual difficulty because of penile distortion and reduced firmness of the penis.

If your Peyronie’s penis is causing sexual distress, you might be interested in the in-depth and detailed discussion and loads of helpful information found in Dr. Herazy’s  second book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.”  Because of the complexity of so many physical and emotional issues that surface for the couple who struggles with Peyronie’s disease, the reader is best referred to “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” for detailed discussion and answers about all the problems of intimacy that occur when a curved penis interferes with sexual activity.

Normally curved or bent penis

Some men are born with a penis that is not perfectly straight. Just as some people are born with hands or feet of different sizes, curvature of the nose, or ears that are not the same size, the two primary chambers of the penis can be a different size – resulting in a normally curved penis. For these men the penis will look straight when non-erect, but then exhibit the imperfection only during erection.

Usually this type of lifelong penile curvature is more gradual and arched than what is associated with Peyronie’s disease, and seldom prohibits intercourse.

This slight penile distortion will be noted all throughout life, and does not appear suddenly as does the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease. Additionally there is rarely pain associated with the normally asymmetrical penis, while pain is often felt in the early stages of Peyronie’s disease since inflammation is part of the initial process.

Curved penis treatment

The most important point to keep in mind at the start of Peyronie’s disease is that any penile distortion that develops is not the primary problem. While a suddenly curved penis is difficult to ignore, it is only a symptom of the real problem of Peyronie’s disease – the scar or plaque material under the surface of shaft. If there was no Peyronies scar there could be no curved penis.

This is the reason I counsel men who use the Peyronie’s Disease Institute method of Peyronies treatment to focus their time and attention of the size, shape, density and surface qualities of the scar or plaque to determine if their Alternative Medicine treatment is being effective.

It is common during successful Peyronie’s treatment for the curved penis to worsen as the scar is being reduced or eliminated. This happens because it is difficult to know how many scars a man actually has, since they are often difficult to locate and often overlap. If only one scar is present (unusual), the curvature problems are direct and easy to understand. But, if several scars are present (common), the internal dynamics are made very complicated. Several scars could be influencing 2-3-4-5 different planes of connective tissue within the deep tissues of the penis to which they are all interconnected. Any change in one or more will change the way the internal tissues are pulled internally. This can make the curved penis and other penile distortion appear worse, even though the scars are improving under treatment.

For this reason it is wise to ignore the penile distortion and focus all attention to the condition of the scar while using Alternative Medicine to treat your Peyronies problem.

Do not be discouraged by the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease, but focus on the possibility of using effective natural Peyronies treatment under your doctors supervision.


3 thoughts on “Curved Penis: Bent penis of Peyronies disease prevents sexual intercourse

  1. JimmyJ says:

    Great respect to this site. Since I began learning about Peyronie’s disease I have looked back at my own life and realized just how confusing it can be when one first learns of the condition – for instance, and as pointed out clearly, many of us do have a quite natural bend in the penis. I never realized just how distressing it must be for people until I l looked closely into this site. I do thank you for the clarity of the information about Peyronie’s disease.

  2. Jimmie says:

    I’ve had Peyronie’s disease for many years. I have had verapamil injections vitamin E pita a, nothing seems to release the plaque. Any suggestions? I’m still sexually active 60 yrs old. My penis has gotten shorter because of this. Is there any help out there for Peyronie’s disease?

  3. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Jimmie,

    Please spend just a little time reading the information we have about Alt Med Peyronie’s disease treatment on this website. You will learn there is a lot you can do to help yourself.

    Our interest in self=treatment is based on the fact that up to 50% of cases of Peyronie’s disease are self-limiting (the person heals his PD through the natural ability of the body’s immune system). This website is devoted to the study of how this process can be encouraged with Alt Med.

    About half of the men who get Peyronie’s disease get better on their own simply by the body correcting the problem by the natural ability of the body tself. Our goal is to provide those vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and a few other things that medical science has suggested could help Peyronie’s disease. After doing this work for over 15 years we have a treatment protocol that is rather specific and tested by many thousands of men. We have found that by combining a number of these Alt Med therapies our men report back 8-10 successes (from moderate to great) for every one failure. That is a pretty nice rate of success for a problem that is so difficult to treat. Our work with Peyronie’s disease (and Dupuytren’s contracture, a related problem) is still in the early stages. With continued feedback from men like you perhaps we will see even higher rates of success, and come to understand natural Peyronie’s disease treatment even better.

    I suggest you look over the Peyronie’s Disease Institute website and learn more about helping your body heal better. If you have any questions, please contact me directly. TRH

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