Peyronie’s Disease and Sexual Performance

Assist sexual vitality safely when you have Peyronie’s disease

It seems that well over half of the men with Peyronie’s disease suffer moderate to severe problems with sexual performance.   While the sexual problems peculiar to Peyronie’s disease might be especially frustrating and limit the enjoyment of life, that is not the real issue why a weak erection is important to a man with PD.  The most compelling problem with a weak erection is that it increases the risk that the penis will buckle, bend or collapse during intercourse, resulting in greater injury and worsening of his Peyronie’s disease.

If this kind of sexual injury happens to a man who already has PD, his currently weak erection can possibly deteriorate to no erection in the future.  His currently mild curve that still allows for sexual penetration can possibly deteriorate to such a terrible distortion that no sexual entry is possible.

I hear these stories weekly in which a man has a mild case of PD that is not much more than a minor inconvenience and annoyance.   His erections are weak, or he has a small deformity that makes a small area of the penis weak.  During insertion or during active sexual intercourse he experiences a sudden buckling, bending or collapse of his penis that makes a small problem much worse.   This kind of thing is avoidable in two ways:

1.    Use of a non-drug sex booster that firms up the erection

2.    Use of a reusable girth ring enhancer that supports the penis at the area of greatest weakness, and also adds important girth to the penis if this has been lost due to PD.

Review some of the information on the PDI website about these natural sex boosters and the girth ring enhancer. Go to the PDI Products Store Front and scroll down to learn more about these important tools that can protect you from worsening your PD, and add enjoyment to your life.

For those who are unfamiliar with my opinion about the use of erection producing drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) for a man with  Peyronie’s disease – or any man without Peyronie’s disease, for that matter – please go to my blog post titled, Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

What follows is a copy of an email exchange I had with someone who had a question about using Cialis for improving his erection.   From it I believe you will learn some valuable information about treating and living with Peyronie’s disease.

—–Original Message—–

From: RXXXXXX []

Sent: Saturday, August 02, 20XX 3:51 PM


Subject: follow-up

Hello again,

I was about to place an order when I saw that you have a few erection boosters you recommend.  The Male X Booster product  for instance. I’ve found that I cannot do without some Cialis when using the Stimulin that I get from your at the PDI store front.

The other day three natural Stimulin plus about a quarter of the Cialis pill (5-7 mg) worked pretty well.  Without the Stimulin I’d need at least twice that much Cialis. (By the way, even taking a full 20 mg does not give me the kind of killer erection you warn about.)  Given all this, I’d like your suggestion re whether one of these other products is worth trying.  It seems you favor the Male X Booster.


My response to RXXXXXX follows:

From: Theodore Herazy <>
Subject: follow-up
To: RXXXXXX [[] Date: Saturday, August 2, 20XX, 4:14PM

Greetings RXXXXXXX,

This is an area where the opinion and experience of others means very little.  My preference for Male X Booster is based on my observation that most men do best with it most of the time.  It is one of our best sellers.  After all, it is popular for a good reason.   Regardless of how well it works for others, the question is, are you like these other men?  Stimulin helps a lot of men with their sex problems related to PD, but you must learn if you are one of them, and how to use it.  It all comes down to playing the odds I suppose.

However, even if Male X Booster does work as well for you as it does for others, could another product work better?  I have seen this happen.  It does not cost much to find out.  Once you find the best product for you, it will always cost much less than the drug products that can be dangerous and they will often work just as well.

And, if Male X Booster works well for you, is there a variation of the way you have been using it that will make it work even better?  I have also seen this happen.  Those who experiment a bit will often see much better results than they got from their first use.  If you write back to me and tell me exactly how you are using the Stimulin I can suggest some variations of use that could make it even more effective for you.

Just because of the many variables involved, I would like to think the most logical and prudent action is to go through the smorgasbord of sex boosters other men have had good experience with, and take on the pleasant task of determining which one works best for you.   Our list of sexual booster products is simply a collection of products that many PD Warriors have said gives them a lift – sorry for the pun, I could not resist.

I hope you see this answer is not a cop-out, as much as it is honestly the best answer I can offer at this time.  I do not know any way of determining a successful response to these herbal sex boosters ahead of time.  You just have to try a few to learn how you will respond.  Of course, the same is true of any drug your doctor prescribes for you.  While he/she might have a good idea of what kind of response you should experience, the fact is that no doctor knows ahead of time exactly how or if a patient will react to any drug that is prescribed.

By the way, thanks for sharing your personal observation about how Stimulin allows you to use less Cialis.  That is a good way to reduce your exposure to potential injury.  I am still very concerned about anyone using any of these PDE5 drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) because of the horror stories I hear frequently.

Concerning your observation of not getting a killer erection even with 20 mg of Cialis:  My conversations and communications with men from around the globe tells me that a man can use an erection enhancing drug many times without an adverse or unexpected reaction over a long time.  Then without warning, one day he can get the monster erection of his life that tears up a lot of internal tissue.   Just because it hasn’t happened yet with your Cialis, doesn’t mean it cannot happen the next time.  That drugs are unpredictable and risky, no one will argue.  As I said above, “It all comes down to playing the odds I suppose.”

Then again there is the issue that many men who have never been warned about the dangers involved with these erection drugs.  They keep on experimenting with their dosage until they intentionally get a super-erection.  Sometimes it is the last normal erection they will ever have.  You can only play with fire so often before you get burned.

Have a good one.


Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc

Web Designer

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