Is Peyronie's disease curable, really, and what are the risks of treatment?

Is Peyronie's disease curable, really, using your natural approach?

We have looked all over the internet for a Peyronie cure, and your site is the only one that seriously discusses the idea of using vitamins and things like that to treat this problem.   My husband's doctor mentioned the possibility of surgery to correct his curved penis, but only as a last resort because even though his clinic does this kind of surgery he does not like the way that this kind of surgery often winds up.  The thought of penis surgery scares us both to death.  After reading some of horror stories about how Xiaflex can destroy any tissue like muscles, nerves and blood vessels that it might accidentally contact we have decided to not use this method.   My husband is concerned about using Xiaflex because we have read several different men say that they reported adverse reactions that were never entered into the research results.  This sounds to us like the drug tests were controlled so the final outcomes look better than what actually happened to these men.   Also, I have read more than once that some medical doctors advise against any injections to treat Peyronie's disease because the injuries created by the injections themselves can cause more scarring.   That leaves us with working with your vitamin approach that makes sense to both of us because we have always preferred to work naturally whenever possible.  

My husband developed a bent penis just a few months after we got married and now we are desperate to find something that will help him take care of this problem.   Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Greetings Brenda,

Thanks for the simple and direct question.

Yes, Peyronie's disease is curable, but not in the usual sense.  See Medical Peyronie's cure is lacking.   Natural healing and spontaneous elimination of Peyronie's disease happens in about half of the cases usually sometime during the first 12-18 months after the problem starts.  There is no medical cure for Peyronie's disease at this time.

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This is why PDI suggests that men consider looking at ways that might increase their ability to heal this problem naturally. Drugs and outside intervention have not proven effective against the Peyronie's scar.  Medical doctors are reluctant to suggest surgery since the side effects and poor outcomes can be so unpredictable and devastating.  The PDI method is not intended to heal Peyronie's disease; it only provides nutritional and other natural help to support the immune response so your husband can do a better job of healing this problem.

Ideally your husband's body, through action of the immune system, should correct since that is how the body is supposed to operate to stay healthy and well.  When it does not happen then it is our suggestion  to try to increase or support that natural healing ability in an attempt to help the immune response work better. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.  There is no way to know ahead of time if it is possible to stimulate the tissue to heal better with help; it works for some men, and for others it does not.  I find that men who are aggressive with a large treatment plan and persistent with it, will get results in about 70-80% of cases; I get 10-12 positive reports of success for each one report of failure using the PDI approach of natural treatment.

So when you ask is Peyronie's disease curable this is the best answer I can give you.