Peyronie’s Disease and the Erection

Peyronie’s treatment and how to care for erections

An important consideration of Peyronie’s disease treatment concerns how the ability to develop a normal erection will be influenced.

While erections can be difficult to develop on demand during a sexual situation, paradoxically, an erection can be difficult to stop, especially when it develops while asleep.  Nocturnal (nighttime) erections occur for a reason, and they are important for the overall health of the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum (deep tissues of the penis that fill and trap blood to create the erect state).

It is as though the body takes the opportunity to develop an erection during the night when there is little other activity going on, to assure that the penile tissue is stretched and used in this particular way for its own benefit.  The problem with a nocturnal erection in Peyronie’s disease is that confinement and binding of the erection can be sustained against the penis for a long period of time at the risk of additional injury.  Be especially careful about getting an erection during a time when the penis has no comfortable place to go – do what you can to avoid an erection while wearing tight underwear or pants.

For this reason it is important to not wear tight clothing to bed in order to avoid this problem.

For the most part, a normally occurring erection that can simply “stand on its own” with no pressure against it, is not going to bind or stretch out the penile tissue to any great excess that is going to be detrimental to the penis. Where you can get into trouble is in creating a drug-induced (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) or artificial erection, during which an abnormally great amount of blood is drawn into the penis by more soft tissue relaxation than normal.  So in this way we see that a naturally occurring erection is safer than an artificially created erection.

Over the years I have communicated with many men whose Peyronies disease started after a drug induced erection that stressed the penile tissues by greatly increased internal pressure.  This process would not be much different than taking a car tire that is meant to go no higher than 40-50 PSI during normal use, and over-inflating it to 100-150 PSI during use.  Because it is not built to take that kind of pressure, you could expect some problems to develop in using a tire that way.  Not much different with the penis.

Sexual activity is NOT to be avoided if you have Peyronie’s disease, but rough, aggressive, hard sex could really hurt you.  Developing and using a natural erection is not to be avoided either in PD.  Just keep your wits about you and do not go wild during sex.  The emphasis should be on an easy, smooth and gentle sexual encounter.  Anything that causes pain should be avoided.

Many important related topics about taking care of yourself, avoiding injury, doing nothing to set your progress back while you are attempting to heal your problem, are covered in my recent book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”   I think you would enjoy learning more about what you can and should do to take care of this nasty problem.


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