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"How to Cure Your Peyronie's Disease Plaque with Proven Natural Treatments"



Peyronie's Disease Handbook - full of Do's and Don't's of dealing with penis curvature, how to avoid Peyronie's surgery.  Written by a doctor who devised his own Peyronie's disease treatment.   This book has long been needed in the Peyronies community.  Anyone who is interested in Peyronie's disease treatment is painfully aware there is no useful or helpful information available from any source about dealing with this problem on a day-to-day basis.  

Treating Peyronie's disease with Alternative Medicine is a lot more complex than just popping a few Neprinol enzymes to magically dissolve the Peyronie's plaque. This book explains all of the details of successfully dealing with this problem on day-to-day basis.

Every man who has Peyronie's disease wonders:
       • “Shouldn’t somebody be able to tell me more about dealing with PD?”
       • “What can I do to help me beat this problem?”
       • “Is there a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow that might help me?”

Hi Dr. Herazy,

I am writing this message to tell everyone how much helpful information I found in your book "Peyronie's Disease Handbook." I resisted buying it because I thought I could figure out a lot of the treatment ideas on my own. When I kept on reading you mention about how important it is to use the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scars to determine if my plan was actually working, I thought I also could figure that out by myself. And when I read what you said about diet and PD I thought you were just talking about losing weight. I was wrong about all that.

After wasting 8 months without making much progress at all I finally got your book. Your book is the real deal, no nonsense and has a load of useful information. It has made all the difference in the world and helped me finally get some measurable results, not only reducing my scars but regaining lost size and decreasing a bad 90 degree curvature.

Your book is worth every penny. It will help anyone who wants to get better results.

Thank you for all the work you.

E. Taylor
Dallas TX

Even men who have had PD for years know little about it, and have never been told some of the most basic things that are necessary to live well and even perhaps assist their recovery. This book is the first of its kind to serve as a guide to Peyronie's disease natural treatment.   No other book has ever been written about living better with PD, as well as actual takes steps to support the recovery process. This book presents a wealth of handy tips and tricks dealing with the unique problems of PD, and even upping your odds of eventual recovery. The information in this book is what your family doctor or urologist should have given you on the first day you were told you have Peyronie's disease.

Don't be a Peyronie’s Disease VICTIM: Take charge of your health and happiness.  If you were never given advice about taking care of yourself and your PD, here is a wealth of information that could make your life better… Size – 8.5 X 11, 162 pages.

TWO WAYS to receive this book:
      1. eBook
– Download  it directly to your computer and print it out today – cost: $34.95

      2. Hardcopy – Purchase the actual printed book and have it sent to you – cost: $44.95 If you are not comfortable with computers, it will be easier to order the book already printed and ready to read.

Here is what noted medical author and Integrative Medicine expert, Ralph Golan, MD (website), has to say about this book:

"As a practitioner of integrative medicine for more than 27 years, I can say without reservation that Dr. Herazy’s Peyronie’s Disease Handbook is one of the more remarkable contributions to self-help health literature that I have ever read. With the unparalleled perspective gained from having PD himself and experience of almost 40 years as a health professional, Dr. Herazy has written a guide that is truly a masterpiece for Peyronie’s disease sufferers.

There is not to my knowledge any information and healing program for Peyronie’s disease that comes close to what Dr. Herazy has researched and written. His scientific research and clinical expertise lends him the unmistakable authority to help Peyronie’s disease sufferers and their partners navigate through the journey of healing. How he addresses men's loss of self-esteem, the depression and anger that ensue, and the changing quality and dynamics of their relationships is a hallmark of Dr. Herazy's manual.  Dr. Herazy is a gifted healer, teacher, and writer. 

With his brilliance and authenticity he will take you firmly by the hand and help transform you from a probably helpless sufferer into an active, encouraged, and empowered participant on your self healing process."

– Quote from Ralph Golan, MD Author of Optimal Wellness: Where Mainstream and Alternative Meet

Peyronie’s Disease Handbook: Alternative Medicine Treatment, Practical Solutions, & Tested Strategies for Common PD Problems – using dozens of simple common-sense methods and techniques to make life better and your PD more likely to heal, PLUS proven methods of serious exercise, diet and massage for PD…a must-have if you are serious about treating your PD.

Click NOW for your copy: "Peyronie’s Disease Handbook" –

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      2. Hardcopy  –   sent to you in the mail – $44.95
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Dear Fellow Peyronie’s Disease Sufferer,

In 2003 I developed PD, and 18 moths later I was severely distorted and depressed. I fought back, cured my PD (no scar or nodule, no curve, all lost dimensions returned, full function) and learned a lot of things along the way.

Since starting the Peyronie’s Disease Institute I have communicated with hundreds of men who taught me practical day-to-day “tips & tricks” they use for living better with PD. I want to share this information with you in this 161-page book. Learn dozens of easy and useful strategies to manage your problem successfully, the seven dangerous situations for anyone with PD, three basic treatment procedures for PD, and more.

Life with PD can be miserable; not only enduring pain, distortion, embarrassment and loss of sexual ability, but also the frustration of not knowing how to help yourself. Family problems increase. Depression and denial set in when your doctor advises “Don’t do anything. Let’s just watch this for a year or two and see if you get bad enough to need surgery.” Now THAT really makes a guy feel like a helpless victim. Confusion and frustration grow in an atmosphere with mostly questions and almost no answers.

This book deals extensively with the many personal family issues and offers ways of dealing with them. With education in different aspects of PD, you more control over PD, and the help you have been looking for. Here is what is inside:

Chapter 1 – “Living with Peyronie’s Disease”: Step-by-step description of how Dr. Herazy dealt with his own severe case of PD, and designed his own recovery in 18 months. How to start treating your PD problem like you never have done before with aggressive use of conservative Alternative Medicine therapies; you should know there is a whole lot more a man can do to treat PD. Be prepared to change the way to think about your PD and how you manage your problem.

Chapter 2 – “Variability of PD Suggests Possible Treatment Strategies”: Have you noticed that your PD scar or nodule, and even the degree of curvature, are not the same every time you check it out? Does your scar still change, even though your doctor says you are stable and no changes are possible? Men all over the world know the PD scar can change, but medical science does not even acknowledge it. Learn about “the variable PD scar phenomenon” in an in-depth discussion of what scar changes might mean to your eventual recovery. Learn things about PD that have never been explained to you.

Chapter 3 – “What Causes the PD Scar to Change?”: In-depth discussion and exciting information for those who have wondered, “What causes the PD scar to change?” How about this for an even better question, “How can I get the scar to change in the direction I want it to go?” As we get closer to an explanation, additional pieces of the PD puzzle should fall into place. Use this information to dramatically expand you thinking about this disabling disease.

Chapter 4 – “Evaluate Your PD Scar like a Scientist”: Learn what to look for, and how to collect and record data about your scar in a scientific manner so you can understand your PD problem more than ever. Learn about the PDI survey that has been going on for almost two years now.

Chapter 5 – “Diet and PD”: Learn about the groundbreaking connection linking diet and PD. Learn what you should eat; what you should not eat, how you eat that could be worsening your PD; your diet might be a big part of your PD.

Chapter 6 – “Improve Your Life In Spite of PD”: Few men know much about their PD because no one has taken the time to educate them. They do not know there are just two basic ways of reducing stress to the penis all throughout the day; the “rules of living with PD”. All men continually break these rules because they are unaware of them. Learn what do and not do because of PD, living better and happier in spite of it. Based on direct observations from hundreds of men who have lived with PD, guided by what is currently considered to be true about PD, there are dozens of common sense nuggets of wisdom and practical insight – the “do’s and don’ts”.

Chapter 7 – “Exactly How to Take Vitamins for PD”: In-depth discussion to help guide you in an Alternative Medicine therapy program for your PD. Step-by-step instructions for taking necessary, but problematic, enzymes and amino acids that can cause nausea, diarrhea, gas, bloating and similar symptoms. Guidelines are presented that will prevent common problems of supplement overdosing that can lead to detoxification reactions.

Chapter 8 – “Massage and Exercise for PD”: Modern medicine ignores massage and exercise in the treatment of PD. You will be instructed how to use massage and exercise in treatment of PD. Use this information to improve your pelvic muscle tone, as well as increase the blood and lymphatic circulation easily and effectively. Each simple technique is explained in clear and accurate detail so you can do a great job of increasing your blood and lymphatic drainage.

Chapter 9 – “PD can be a family affair, unfortunately”: No person, male or female, and no family can be adequately prepared for the deep conflicts that develop as a direct and indirect result of PD. Sound advice about getting along better with your mate is highlighted throughout this chapter. There is a section titled “How to talk to your spouse about PD”, and another for anyone with young or grown sons, “How to talk to your children about PD”, and yet another written for the teenager who develops this problem, “How to talk to your parents about PD”. Loads of helpful advice, and detailed examples of what to say that could save your marriage, and make you a happy and close couple once again.

Chapter 10 – “Dangers that Lurk Around the Corner”: Learn ways to protect yourself from potential injury and continued injury to the tunica and aggravation of the PD scar. Most men have not been prepared by their doctors how to live with PD. Read what you can do differently today to prevent ongoing aggravation of your PD. Learn what you can do to increase the chances that your PD will heal and repair, putting you in that happy 50% group of men whose PD just goes away. We have identified SEVEN unique and separate areas of life that pose real and potential danger to the well-being of your penis. Be aware and take care.

Chapter 11– “What to Do If Your PD Is Not Responding to Treatment”: Detailed discussion covering the possibilities of why you are not getting the kind of treatment results you are looking for. Discussion of the four primary reasons a man is not getting the results he wants. Learn how to make your therapy plan work better for you.

Click NOW for your copy: "Peyronie’s Disease Handbook" –

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      2. Hardcopy, sent to you in the mail – $44.95
Not real good with computers? Get the printed book sent to you!

Peyronie's disease can be helped – it happens in half of the cases. To find out how to take control of your PD and your life, simply order our 161-page e-Book below, while taking advantage of our 4-week money-back guarantee. We've removed all your risk of buying. If you don't like this book for any reason whatsoever, simply ask for your money back. Go to our special FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about Peyronie's treatment. We want you satisfied, happy, and as healthy as you can be. This book comes with a one-month money back guarantee, and your order is processed through a secure server. We have done all that we can to make your transaction as safe as possible. You are protected all the way around. Give the book a try and learn what you can do for your PD!

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2 thoughts on “Book – Peyronie’s Disease Handbook

  1. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Bernard,

    Yes, good treatment for Peyronie’s disease is important, especially the need to not make matters worse as you try to help yourself. Drugs and surgery can sometimes make Peyronie’s disease worse, and that is why we believe it is smart to first try to help yourself with Alternative Medicine to see if you can get your body to do a better job of healing the PD scar tissue. Our results are that 8-10 men tell us that they get moderate to great success reducing their Peyronie’s disease, for every one report of failure.

    This huge website is loaded with information about what you can do to try to help your body heal your PD. A good place to start is

    If you have a specific question about Peyronie’s disease treatment please let me know. Good luck. TRH

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