Peyronie’s Disease Institute Survey

PDI has conducted an online survey asking many questions concerning various aspects of health and habits of men who have Peyronie’s disease. This survey has changed slightly over the five years it has been conducted. These changes and additions have been in response to emerging trends of information about Peyronie’s disease treatment and the men who have this problem.

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Many of you blog readers have completed the Peyronie’s Disease Institute’s symptom survey, and for that I thank you. For those who have not answered that survey, I encourage you to do so at Peyronie's survey.

The value of contributing to the survey has been proven in many ways. In fact, it was the strong trend of digestive symptoms that many men with Peyronie’s disease indicated in the survey, that prompted interest in looking at this as a possible direction of additional care. As a result, the inclusions of the dietary therapy concepts were developed that are now a part of the PDI treatment format. For complete details of those dietary suggestions to reduce stress upon the digestive tract in men with Peyronies, please refer to the large chapter in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” that is available at Peyronie's Disease Handbook

I continue to monitor and assess the answers from the PDI survey daily. There are several different trends (low back flexibility, circulation of the hands, cold sores and production of stomach hydrochloric acid) that I continue to monitor. In addition, there are a few larger patterns taking shape as the numbers of survey responses continues to grow with each passing day.

As a side note concerning the PDI survey, if there is anyone out in the large audience of this blog, who has some insight or nagging question about the cause or treatment of Peyronie’s disease and would like to submit a question for possible inclusion in the Peyronies survey, please submit it here to the Peyronie's forum blog.