Peyronie’s Disease Pictures

Pictures of Peyronie’s disease

When a person first learns there is a condition called Peyronie’s disease, a curiosity develops to see actual Peyronie’s disease pictures. What better way is there to learn more about this problem than to see the range of possible penile distortion that occurs?  It is not sufficient to read descriptions of the various types of deformities, it is better to be able to see how far the distortion can develop and to compare your problem to others.
Peyronie's disease pictures show penile distortions and curved penisFor this reason the Peyronie’s Disease Institute has brought to this website a collection of various Peyronie’s disease pictures to enable the reader to compare his level of problem to that of other men. You will see that we have put our gallery of Peyronie’s disease pictures on two different pages so that they are not too slow to appear when you order them for your viewing.
View a gallery of PD images at “Pictures of Peyronie’s Disease” and “Peyronie’s Pictures.”
These pictures of Peyronies disease show the typically curved penis as well as other distortions like the bottle neck and hour glass deformity. The show graphic full male nudity, presented for educational purposes only in a manner that is as non-pornographic as possible. They are presented to widen the experience and education of anyone interested in learning about this nasty problem.

Peyronie’s disease pictures teach a valuable lesson

After long experience working with thousands of men since 2002, it is common for most men who are given a new diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease to not understand the full range of consequences and eventual degree of distortion that are possible – until it is too late. Because there is no way to understand just how severe the penile curvature of Peyronie’s disease can be there is a tendency to underestimate how severe the distortion can become.
It is common for a man to assume that his small penile bend will stay small. Many report at the onset that their PD is not that bad, “just a minor inconvenience really, and not very noticeable”. The problem is that while the problem can be minor at the onset, it often does not stay that way for very long. Even when it does appear to be a minor problem for a while, many men report to PDI that after several years of stability, for some unknown reason the distortion and other symptoms suddenly worsen to become more distorted, more curved, and more painful, often leading to total ED or loss of sexual function. At this point most men resort to surgical correction.  For a discussion, click Peyronie’s surgery.
If your Peyronie’s curvature and distortion are making sexual activity difficult or impossible it would be helpful to take in an honest and sexually detailed discussion found in Dr. Herazy’s second book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.” You will find that this book discusses sexual topics that all couples face with PD, along with loads of practical advice to help your situation.
Without  fully understanding how far the Peyronie’s disease process might weaken and distort the penis it is easy to not take a small curve of the penis too seriously, until you wake up one morning with a massive problem below your belt. If someone is uninformed and uneducated about Peyronie’s disease it is easier to accept the standard medical treatment of doing absolutely nothing for PD in its early stages. For some this wishful thinking causes them to waste valuable time when they should have been using Peyronie’s disease natural treatment options.   Click here for answers to many common questions about Peyronie’s disease treatment.
Spend some time looking at these Peyronie’s Disease Pictures so you will know what you are up against. Click on “Pictures of Peyronie’s Disease” and “Peyronie’s Pictures.”

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