Peyronie’s Disease and Having a Merry Christmas

Peyronies is no reason to not enjoy the holiday

Well, we are not far from the big day that is so heavily pushed upon us by commercial interests.   Yet, as we struggle with the burdens life has given to us, it would be good to take comfort in what we learned in our innocent youth about this season of the birth of the  Christ Child.    It might be helpful to the spirit and body to allow your nostalgia to take you back to that time of wonder when anything was possible.  When on a special day at the end of December everything somehow was supposed to be better.   We believed it then, yet over time lost a lot of that expectation to the reality of life.

Do yourself the favor of taking a few minutes to imagine what you would think and how you would feel right now if you had that same youthful enthusiasm for life and for your future.  The child hidden inside you will make you feel good.

You are now attempting to change what has happened to your body, and you are working hard to assist your recovery.  You do not have to feel discouraged or  unhappy.  How you feel inside is your choice.   Realize you have chosen to feel however your attitude  is directed.  If you want to feel like a kid again , it is up to you.  No one can take that from you, and no one can give it to you, but you.

Please stay focused to your PD treatment and let me know if you have any questions or need help in any way.

Merry Christmas to you and to those you love.  Be grateful for all that you have.



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