Is treating penile scar tissue similar to treating Peyronie's disease?

Hi. Dr. Herazy

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My question is regarding the differences and similarities between Peyronie disease and that of scar tissue without a plague, and whether or not treating scar tissue is similar to treating PD. I've been told by 3 urologists that I do not have Peyronie's disease, merely scarring as a result of an injury.

Almost two years ago I suffered the injury to my erect penis during intercourse. It bent awkwardly, causing pain, but I did not show any signs of having suffered a fracture. My original urologist told me I might have bruised it, told me it should clear up in 3 to 6 months, then shuffled me out of the office before I could ask any questions.

Now two years later the pain and curve has progressed to the point of impotency. I believe partly because I suffered subsequent injuries when my wife and I were trying to get pregnant this past winter. Around this time I also woke up abruptly in the night after feeling a tear in my erect penis, causing it to now bend downward with considerable pain without support during erection.

I waited almost a year to see a specialist in my area who is considered one of the best. He is the most recent of the 3 urologist I've seen. I was almost certain he was going to diagnose me with peyronies, but after his examination and an ultrasound he said it is a large scar and not a PD plaque. He gave me Cialis and told me it should clear up in 3 months. I'm really tired of uro's telling me it will clear up in 3 months when it has only become worse.

I hope you can provide your general insights on my condition. I appreciate all you do.

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Greetings Andrew,

Part of the difficulty of answering emails such as yours is that I cannot get a full sense of all the necessary information I need to offer a reply I can feel comfortable with. You did not indicate why the MDs who have examined you thought you did not fulfill their criteria for making a diagnosis of Peyronie's disease. What symptoms or signs of PD do you not present that would have enabled that diagnosis?

I would like to assist you more, but at best all I can do is to suggest that you consider trying a brief therapeutic trial of care to determine if and how much improvement you might be able to make to assist your effort. Treating penile scar tissue can be similar to treating Peyronie's disease since the concept involves helping the body remove foreign fibrous tissue cells. The PDI treatment protocol could assist the removal of scar tissue in some cases; in your case you could simply give yourself a few months of treatment to determine how you respond.

MDs, even specialists, sometimes make mistakes. This could be substantiated by the fact that all three have been wrong about your problem clearing up in three months. Further, sometimes when one MD makes a diagnosis it happens that a 2nd or 3rd MD that is seen for another opinion will only “rubber stamp” what the 1st one said for reasons of not wanting to make trouble within a tight medical fraternity. It happens. TRH


4 thoughts on “Is treating penile scar tissue similar to treating Peyronie's disease?

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Dr. Herazy,

    I’m glad to have found your site. I recently was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease after having gone through numerous urologists who were stumped as to what the issue was. My initial symptoms were pain and swelling of the glans specifically the coronal ridge. This ridge now appears more pronounced than before. I then noticed a dent on the underside of the shaft right below my glans which is only noticible when erect. This area also feels somewhat numb to touch. My glans also do not get as hard as before I had this dent. My urologist mentioned a “distal neurovascular bundle”

    Have you come across such a dent accompanied by soft glans and what is the likelihood of this being permanent damage? Suffice to say that my Peyronie’s disease has caused tremendous stress however I am optimistic that the body given the right conditions and support can heal almost anything.

    Appreciate any comments or advice you may have regarding this matter,


  2. Andrew says:

    Thank-you for your thoughts.

    As I stated, I believe I did not fulfill the MDs criteria for having Peyronie’s disease because I didn’t show signs of having a plaque. I basically asked, “do I have peyronies disease?” And their response was, “no”. That was my only indication. One MD did say to wait 12 months, if it doesn’t clear up by then it’s probably Peyronie’s disease. I found that strange.

    I’m happy to say, though, that I’ve been reading a lot here at PDI. I’ve started putting together a protocol to see if I can’t team up on this thing and get it beat. I had been taking Vit E and C, but I’m adding more to the army including some homeopathy remedies that have been suggested by a friend for scar tissue and inflammation.

    I hope to have something good to report in the near future


  3. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings again Andrew,

    Finding the Peyronie’s disease plaque or scar is an important part of making the official diagnosis, but a diagnosis of PD can be made without finding the internal fibrous scar material. If there are several strong indicators and obvious for Peyronie’s disease a diagnosis can still be made, such as: family history of other members having Peyronie’s disease, personal history of penile injury or taking drugs that are known to cause PD, presence of a strong penile curvature or bend, reduced size of penis, significant penile pain, or recent onset of ED.

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Chris,

    Many cases of Peyronie’s disease have some unusual factor or unique aspect that sets it apart. Apparently your PD is complicated with involvement of the glans (head of the penis), which is not a typical finding. Occasionally I encounter men who have pain in the glans, but not swelling. Dent formation of the penis shaft is common, but not the glans. Further, numbness of the penis or part of the penis is not a typical finding of Peyronie’s disease. I am intrigued by your doctor’s comment that some or all of your glans symptoms could be related to involvement of a distal neurovascular bundle. What I think he is speculating is that the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue could be compressing on the a distant bundle of nerves near your glans and this is causing some of the swelling and numbness you report. TRH

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