Peyronie’s disease self treatment for a curved penis

PDI – the leader in Peyronies disease self treatment

Every now and then I get an email from someone wanting to know if I know anything about self treatment to reduce the curved penis of Peyronie's disease.

This is always surprising since it is so obvious to me that the major topic of the entire Peyronie’s Disease Institute web site is all about using Peyronies natural treatments that every man can manage for himself.

The way that PDI helps someone learn about and work with Peyronies disease self treatment is by first explaining about the different therapies, then offering detailed information about putting together an effective Peyronies treatment plan, and lastly by being available to answer questions and make suggestions if problems arise during care.

The general topics of discussion and product availability that are part of a larger Peyronies disease self treatment plan include:

1. Natural supplements taken internally (vitamin E, vitamin C, PABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, enzymes, herbs, etc.)

2. Homeopathic medicine (Scar-X)

3. Natural supplements taken externally (vitamin E, copper peptides, DMSO)

4. Energetic medicine (professional grade non-invasive acupuncture therapy equipment, a video about gentle manual stretching of the PD scar, or an additional educational program that is a video about a gentle massage and exercise program)

5. Books (“Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” and “Peyronie’s Disease & Sex”)

For anyone who is interested in Peyronies disease self treatment, it is safe to think that PDI has what you need. PDI has provided help to those who want to help themselves get over their Peyronies since 2002.  If you have any questions about the topic of Peyronie's disease self treatment, please contact Dr. Herazy at


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