Peyronie’s Disease and Sex Safety Concerns

Safety with a curved penis

Couples are always concerned if they can safely engage in sexual activity, especially during the early phase of Peyronie’s disease treatment.

The short answer is, YES.   Sex is good on may levels for you as individual people and as a couple, so go for it. You can and should engage in as much sexual activity you are comfortable with and desire, during treatment and in spite of your Peyronie’s disease.

The longer answer is, YES, but you must be careful and cautious in exactly how and what you do during sex.   Careful, gentle, non-stressful sex is certainly the safe and smart goal fore care of the erection. As the owner of the Peyronie's curved penis, it is important to stay in control of yourself, and your partner should do the same, without becoming so carried away that you injure yourself further.  You are the only one who is going to suffer further if you bend or jamb yourself during sex, so it is your ultimate responsibility to be careful.

If any sexual activity or position causes ANY amount of pain or distress to either of you, it should be stopped.  Pain is your signal that something is wrong.  Do not do anything further to even slightly injure your penis while you are spending all this time, effort and money trying to get well.   Figure out other ways to enjoy sex without generating a pain response, and you will do fine.

Slow and careful does not mean dull.  It should mean more passionate sex, taking more time doing what feels good, all based on better communication between the two of you.

Please make sure that you do not attempt sexual entry too early, if she is too dry or otherwise unprepared for intercourse.  If you usually do not need to use any external lubrication (water-based lubricant like K-Y jelly), it is simply a smart thing to start using it now. This is a vital step to prevent further injury, since a second injury could be catastrophic.

Do not use positions and techniques in which the man does not control movement and activity.  Rear-entry sex positions are usually safer to use since they allow the man more control, but caution is still needed.

"Peyronie's Disease and Sex"

The topic of sex in relation to Peyronie’s disease is immense.  When I began writing my first PD book, I intended to combine the topics of Peyronie’s disease treatment and sex all in one book.  When it became apparent how large this sex topic is, I simply decided a separate book would have to be written; it eventually became “Peyronies Disease and Sex.”

Any questions about sex and Peyronie’s disease?   Send them along at the heading on the right column, “Ask Dr. Herazy…”


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