Can Peyronies disease symptoms appear three weeks after penile trauma?

Hi Dr.Herazy, I was dignosed with Peyronies disease 3 weeks ago. I have two questions.

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1) can Peyronie's disease symptoms appear just 3 weeks after penile trauma
2) can you use everything (including the ultrasound machine) in the large package at such an early stage.


There are always exceptions in each case of Peyronies disease; so many rules get broken along the way that I tend to think there are no rules. One of the great many variables in PD is the amount of time required from onset to the time actual signs and symptoms develop. While some PD cases mature rather rapidly, most do not.

If you penile trauma was three weeks ago, and you have pain, penile distortion or a lump below the shaft surface, more than likely these complaints are not actually related to Peyronie's disease but to the acutal trauma you sustained. Only after some time has passed, and the tissue has had sufficient opportunity to respond to the injury, will the actual soft tissue changes occur that are consistent with the phenomenon known as Peyronie's disease.

Yes, you can use the large plan plus the ultrasound machine to treat the early injury to your penis in an effort to assist healing and recovery without PD ever actually developing in your case. Many men do this to beat the problem even before it starts. I would also suggest frequent applications of ice to the area of injury.

Lastly, you mentioned your penis trauma occurred three weeks ago, and that you were diagnosed three weeks ago, also. By this you make it sound like the same day (or almost the same day) you were injured you were also told by an MD you have Peyronies disease. This is not possible. If you badly injured yourself, and the physical presentation was severe, it is still not possible to call it PD so soon into the game. Time is usually needed for the tissue changes to develop that eventually become Peyronies disease. What the MD might have said, “Joe, that is a really bad injury you have to your penis. I would not be surprised if over time it developed into Peyronies disease.” That would be a lot more sensible and clinically defendable.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. TRH

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