Peyronie’s disease therapy and a little more

Additional Peyronie's disease treatment to consider

One of the best questions you can ask yourself during your Peyronie's disease therapy is, “What else can I do to help this problem along?”

The answer does not always have to mean a great amount of money spent on more supplements and enzymes – although this is not a bad idea, either.  You can:

1.      Apply moist heat to the scar area.

2.      Take more time and effort to assure you are not compressing your genital when you are sitting.

3.      Make some of the simple and easy dietary changes that PDI suggests to increase your odds of recovery. from Peyronies.

4.      Spend more time in intercourse or masturbation to increase circulation to the genitals.  How this should be done is a major topic of my second book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.”  For more information see “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex”

5.      Consider using some simple massage and exercise procedures that will increase blood flow in and lymphatic drainage away from the area. An excellent way to do this is explained in the one-hour instructional video from PDI at Peyronie's Disease Massage and Exercise Video.

6.   Start a program of gentle manual penis stretching to reduce the soft tissue contraction and fibrous infiltration of the fibrous scar.   Look at the information about this stretching concept, at Peyronie's Disease Manual Penis Stretching.

7.  Learn how to evaluate your situation as a scientist might so you will know for a fact – better than your MD – the exact condition of your PD scar.  Once you know how to evaluate your situation you are far more likely to identify improvement when it occurs.   All of this is covered in the first book about PD I wrote, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”   For more information see “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”

8.      Get more physically active with walking and light exercise, and spend less time sitting in front of the TV.  Anything you do to increase your level of physical activity will boost your immune response and chances of recovering from Peyronie's disease.

9.     Ask questions if you do not know how to help yourself.  Write an email and explain your situation, and I would be happy to help you in whatever way I can.

Don’t be a victim to Peyronie's disease.  Take action.  Learn to be in control of it and you are closer to victory over your PD.


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