Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Partial Success

Everyone has a different response to Peyronie's treatment

Not everyone responds the same to Peyronie’s disease treatment. After a few months of intense and faithful use of a Peyronie’s treatment plan a man will often, but not always, discover one or more small, but important, changes in his condition:

1. Reduction or elimination of pain in the penis

2. Softening and or reduction of the Peyronie's plaque

3. Changes in the penile curvature

4. Improved erection capability

As these changes are noted, and take on permanency over time, a person with Peyronie’s disease assumes these changes will continue to develop at the same speed and degree of improvement.

In other words, if in one month there was a 10 degree improvement of the curvature of the penis, a person tends to assume that the next month would bring another 10 degree change. When this does not happen, as is so common, disappointment can develop. And sometimes disappointment advances into a sense of failure and hopelessness. Given all the complex interplay of powerful emotions and interpersonal tensions that are a part of living with Peyronie’s disease plaque, this disappointment can be fueled into something greater than it needs to be. This kind of disappointment – high hopes based on early progress, followed by frustration because lofty expectations are not fulfilled – can lead to dark depression.

Where a man would otherwise have a sense of partial success and satisfaction that progress has at least begun, in Peyronie’s disease doom and gloom often prevails. Let us take the example of the man who starts Alternative Medicine Peyronie’s disease treatment with a 90 degree bend. After 2-6 months of self-care, he now has a 45 degree bend. Is he happy and satisfied? Of course not! He doesn’t even think about or feel appreciative for the 45 degree improvement, he just thinks all the more about the 45 degrees of curvature that has not improved. I suppose that is human nature. With so much intense interest and effort focused on the Peyronies curvature and plaque, he focuses all of this interest only on that part of his problem that has not improved.

These observations are presented to expose this idea to you in case you are guilty of these same negative reactions to partial success. It is the old story of the glass being either half full or half empty; very often it is just a matter of how we look at things. But in the case of Peyronie’s disease, there is a potentially damaging consequence to this distorted way of looking at the partial success of treating this problem. When someone is so emotional and upset as is common in PD, it is easy to lose sight of the progress that is being made. In this negative state of mind I have seen many men stop successful care prematurely merely because a portion of the initial problem still remained. Worse yet, a man can disregard a good solid 10 degree of improvement simply because it is only a partial improvement and abandon all of his therapy because he has a disillusioned way of looking at himself.

If you have benefited your Peyronies curved penis with only partial success and want more, well that means you are like everyone else. You must allow yourself enough time and opportunity to respond and improve. You must also not be guilty of setting yourself back by continually injuring your penis during the course of a day by the way you handle yourself. This is a subject that is very important, and is covered in some detail in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Keep things in perspective. Don’t be so discouraged that you are not yet perfect. Continue your treatment until you are as good as you can make yourself. Be grateful for what you have accomplished, even if more needs to be done. Keep a realistic attitude about your timeline for healing and repair.

“Lord grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can't change, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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Stay positive. Stay focused on the progress you have made while following the best Peyronie’s disease treatment plan you can put together.