Peyronie’s Disease Treatment – FAQ

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment – FAQ      


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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about natural Peyronie’s treatment

1. What results do you get with your natural treatment plans?

For reasons I will explain below, I can only provide a rough approximation of a number.

For every 6-8 emails or telephone conversations I receive reporting reduction of Peyronies scar size, shape or density, or favorable change in penile curvature, or improvement of sexual function, I will receive one email or telephone call complaining of no progress with the above.  Considering that people tend to complain more than they compliment, I believe this tends to indicate a favorable result for this Peyronie’s self-treatment.

Human nature, being what it is, would suggest that people complain far more than they compliment.  So getting one complaint for every 6-8 positive reports suggests a high rate of improvement.

Based on my observations since 2002, the more that a person does to help his metabolism by supplying a broad base of nutrients and enzymes, as well as do simple things like gently stretching the tissue or eating a diet that promotes an alkaline ash – the better and the faster the treatment results tend to be. Like anything else in life, I believe the more you put into increasing your innate ability to overcome PD the more you get out of it.

These treatment results come from a completely informal and non-scientific sampling of voluntary reports I get from men who use many different variations and combinations of natural Peyronie’s treatment plans that are each used in a different way.  No two men follow the same kind of plan.

None of the men I work with is obligated to report to me or assist my effort.  All care is voluntary, determined by the individual and self-directed, and none of my readers are participating in a scientific study.  Besides, since every man is following a slightly different therapy plan – and following it in his own unique fashion (some are “good pill takers” and never forget, and others are “bad pill takes” and frequently forget), the final outcomes of care cannot be compared to each other because there is absolutely no uniformity of treatment.  For these and similar reasons, results of following “a PDI plan” cannot be evaluated scientifically.

Perhaps some time in the future when PDI is able to do formal research I will be able to report exact percentages of improvement, but I cannot do that at this time. All day long I deal informally with men from around the world who do not have to report back to me, who are often reluctant to discuss their penile deformity with anyone.  Since I have no control how, if, and when these men  use their various therapies, with each man designing his own therapy plan,  I have no way to measure their PD at the start and conclusion of self-treatment or compare results.  For these reasons I cannot produce standard research statistics.

2. How long does it take to see results with this method of treatment?

Based on the reports I get back some men begin to respond favorably in a few weeks, others take months, and some not at all.  By favorable response I am referring to a considerable reduction of the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar.  Improvement of the scar can be accompanied by pain reduction, improved erection quality and reduced of the curved penis or other distortion that takes place.

From past experience it is most usual that those men who follow the largest and most aggressive therapy plan will usually get the fastest and best results.  If you are interested in doing all that you can to help yourself, then perhaps you could consider using what is called the Large (Best) Plan for personal treatment.  The Medium (Better) Plan is perhaps the most popular of the three plans.  The Small (Good) Plan is a reasonable choice for young men with a small problem.  These plans are presented only as examples of balanced and diverse ways of improving nutrition when PD appears.  I encourage each man to create his own plan or modify these examples to suit his individual thinking about therapy.

Once reduction and softening of the scar begins to occur the amount of time needed to eliminate the scar completely – when it does happen – is variable because not only are we all different on the inside, but all men seem to design and use their treatment plans in different ways.

Since 2002 I have noticed a pattern that the more a man does and the harder he works to increase his natural ability to remove the PD scar, the faster his response and the better his eventual results.  All those who do not respond I find usually make the mistake of either using a plan that is too small or not correctly using the plan they have using.  PD is a tough problem and you must be dedicated to eliminating the problem – half efforts do not work and often result in no tissue change.

Overall speed and degree of response is dependent on a few variable factors:

1.  Size of the effort to support penis tissue metabolism
2.  Faithfulness to treatment
3.  Basic health of the individual
4.  Age of the individual
5.  Severity of the problem

Please notice that the severity of the problem is listed last because it does not seem to make as much difference to the eventual outcome of care as the other factors.

PDI cannot guarantee results for anyone:

1.  The PDI treatment ideas have not been completely explored since our work is just beginning
2.  We are not doing controlled research
3.  No one is obligated to follow any particular plan of care
4.  Everyone seems to design his plan differently
5.  Everyone seems to follow his plan differently

For these reasons the outcome of PDI Peyronie’s treatment is different from man to man.

One of the main reasons that the medical profession has such a difficult time finding a Peyronie’s cure is that there are so many large variables with PD. No two cases seem to be alike and it is almost impossible to predict anything about the progression of a case of Peyronie’s disease.  Everything is up for grabs. This is the reason a good question like this is so difficult to answer in the way you would like.

Peyronie’s disease is a very difficult and stubborn problem to treat successfully.  In order to make any level of correction of the problem requires that a man be prepared to spend time and effort to build up his inner tissue strength and improve his metabolism in any way possible to allow for the best possible correction.   Some men notice nice changes in the internal scar and reduction of penis curvature, and other men notice no changes.  I have no way to monitor how a many uses his therapy products, so I cannot explain why men who say they are doing everything correctly still do not get the kind of results they want.

What we propose at PDI is not so earth shattering or extreme in concept.  All we are doing is attempting to figure out why your PD did not get corrected spontaneously like it happens in about 50% of the men who develop and naturally eliminate this problem.  If half of the men “cure” their own PD without any special effort, why not you?  That is all we are attempting to address with our therapy concept.  It is really not so far out as some of the other things you find on the Internet. Your safest and most logical solution is to attempt to join those 50% of men whose PD is resolved naturally.  All standard medical information about PD clearly states that in up to 39% of cases, the PD “goes away on its own.”   Well, all we do with the PDI approach is to work to get the body prepared and able to heal on its own, just as it should happen.  I believe it is really not such a crazy or extreme idea.

3. How long will the large plan last? How about the medium plan?

Different parts of the Large Plan have to be replaced at different times, and some parts never have to be replaced.

Based on my experience with others who use a Large (Best) Plan, the average person re-supplies the DMSO, Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP serum close to every three months, while the Unique-E capsules, vitamin C, PABA, Fundamental Sulfur and Scar-X are re-supplied about every 3-6 weeks, and the systemic enzymes every 3-4 weeks.  Of course, the most expensive part of the Large Plan – the ultrasound equipment – never has to be replaced; and the Massage and Exercise video are also never replaced.  For this reason, generally the average man spends about $85-110 monthly to replenish the Large Plan.

What is said about the length of time the ingredients last in a Large Plan is generally true for the Medium (Better) Plan.  Some parts of the plan are never replaced, some parts last three months and other parts last from 4-6 weeks. The average man spends about $75-95 monthly to replenish the Medium Plan.

Each person approaches his PD treatment plan a little differently, not only in regard to size of the treatment plan and overall direction of therapy, but especially in terms of dosage and how faithfully the plan is used.  Some men take all their PD therapies in a very conservative way, some men take all their PD therapies in a very aggressive way.  Because of this, each bottle and each therapy plan will last for a variable length of time.  In other words, not all people who get a Large Plan use it in the same way or at the same rate.  So, how long individual bottles of any therapy plan will last is a personal and variable issue for which I can only give you approximations based on what I see others doing.

Personally, I as a very heavy hitter when I was actively treating my own PD, taking my limit each day dependent on the amount I can tolerate of a particular product.  That is probably why I was able to get my PD to completely reverse itself.  In other words, I pretty much took as much as I could comfortably tolerate without giving myself gastric symptoms (diarrhea).  Others limit themselves to the suggested daily dose as found on each bottle label, and thus they will be slower to go through a product.  In short, how long it takes you to go through a bottle all depends on what you decide to do.

4. Are there any side effects with the different therapies in your treatment?

Generally, none to rare.  Because natural treatment is used to increase your natural healing ability our customers do not report side effects as often would happen when drugs are used.

Peyronie treatment plans that involve the use of enzymes and nutritional products are used aggressively and frequently throughout the day.  For those with a tendency toward digestive complaints, or those who have metabolic tissue toxicity, this can cause temporary diarrhea with related gas symptoms (foul smelling flatus or lower bowel gas).  Diarrhea occurs perhaps in one out of 100 people based on customer reports.

To date, PDI has never received any reports of side effects or problems other than diarrhea, which is easily controlled using a simple procedure that comes with each order telling you how to safely reduce the dosage that caused the gastric upset.

5.   What are the most important therapies that you can recommend?                                                                                  

That is perhaps one of the most common question people ask. However, there is no good way to answer that question without leading you astray.

There is no single “best” therapy.  The PDI method of helping Peyronie’s disease is based on increasing the ability of men to heal their own Peyronie’s disease just like the 50% of men who develop PD and get rid of it on their own.  No one vitamin, mineral, enzyme or therapy is going to improve your ability to heal a problem as difficult as Peyronie’s disease.  It takes a diversified and broad range of many different therapies to correct PD.  There are no fast and easy answers to getting rid of PD; it takes a lot of work, sacrifice and time, and even then the results are not always as good as what we want.

What you are really asking is, “What therapy or therapies do the most good?”  Further, what you are asking is also intended to limit and isolate your treatment to only one or two therapies that you think are the most important. This is not a good idea and when this strategy is used it will always lead to reduced effectiveness of treatment.

Let’s say you think that the quarterback is the most important player on a football team. What kind of a team would it be if you used 11 quarterbacks on the field?   Let’s say you think that the pitcher is the most important player on a baseball team. What kind of a team would it be if you had 9 pitchers playing every position?   The results would be disastrous.  Every team needs a variety of players who are diversified with different skills and abilities to accomplish different tasks and assignments.  The same variety and diversification is needed for natural healing. PDI has evaluated all the medical research and determined those vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and therapies that are part to the PD healing process.  These are all part of the PDI therapy lineup that we suggest a man uses to increase his ability to eliminate his PD scar like those 50% of men who do it naturally.

6. What therapies do you recommend at the start of treatment?

Make your treatment as broad and diversified as possible; use as many different therapies as you possibly can. The PDI concept is about using combinations of several natural Peyronie’s disease treatments for a multiplication of potential benefits – called synergy. Think of this therapy as nothing more than improved eating that results in a more diverse intake of nutrients that allows the body to function better.

Three therapies are better than two, five therapies are better than four, and so on. The idea is to overwhelm the problem, approaching and attacking the problem of insufficient tissue healing from several different therapeutic directions at the same time. Think of it as preparing your tissue to do some really extraordinarily important work that you simply do not want to result in failure; you will want to give your tissue every advantage and assistance you can. Another aspect of using several therapies at the same time has to do with synergy and treatment of Peyronie’s disease. This means the harmonious or mutually beneficial effect of two or more objects working together to achieve a result or goal that is greater than the sum of their efforts.

Using the synergy of multiple therapies is based on the idea that the combined effect of all of them is greater than just the simple sum of the individual therapies. To say it another way: synergy is the tendency of one plus one to equal three. It is our experience that by simply combining several therapies (the more the merrier), the greater the synergy or multiplying effect you have working for you. How much synergy you want to invest in this effort depends entirely on you, and how important it is to you to thoroughly treat your PD so you support your metabolism in the best way possible.

7. I do not have a lot of money, but my PD is getting worse and I need to start treating it.  What should I do?

First of all, I would learn as much as I could about Peyronie’s disease.  Get the  “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”  Education about the problem comes first.

As with most men, I am sure the health and well being of your penis is of critical importance to you. Since you ask the question “what would you do?” your question will be answered that way: If it were my curved penis that was getting more bent all the time I would declare this a personal emergency, and do what I had to do to take care of my problem.

Having said all that, and realizing there are always financial considerations to every decision like this, I would first read all the sections on this website to identify the areas that seem to address my needs most, and start from there. I advise you to not make the mistake of being casual about taking care of yourself and later regretting it.

8.  What do you know about using an enzyme product called Neprinol for Peyronie’s treatment?

Neprinol is fast becoming the most popular of the Alternative Medicine therapies.  It is a more potent form of nattokinase (Nattokinase 1500), serrapeptase (Fibrozym) and bromelain (Bromelain 5000) than if you would buy them in individual bottles, and the bottle itself is three times larger than most (300 tablets as opposed to the usual 100 tablets). Because of the larger bottle size and higher concentration, Neprinol although at a higher price per bottle is a “better deal” in the long run. For these reasons, Neprinol is actually a more economical enzyme product than the others, even though it has a larger initial purchase price.  Most everyone sells it for $144.95; we sell it for $135.00.  We have always gotten good reports from men after they add Neprinol to their treatment plans. .

Neprinol contains primarily serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain and CoEnzyme Q, plus a few other lesser ingredients.  Other products contain serrapeptase and nattokinase, individually, but few in combination and none in the concentration of Neprinol.   The major difference is that the concentration of serrapeptase and nattokinase in Neprinol is higher than if you took those same enzymes in individual tablets.

When I was actively treating my own Peyronie’s disease I took all three products, but with a greater emphasis on the Neprinol.  I do not think you must do it this way to be successful, I did it just to cover my bases and to keep my tissue as saturated as possible with the enzymes.

However, the idea is not to just try to focus to one particular therapy, even if it is concentrated like Neprinol, because you should be attempting to create a synergistic effect with several diverse therapies at once for maximum therapeutic effect.

9. I think I can save a few dollars here and there if I shop around on the internet. Why should I get all the different vitamins and supplements from PDI?

There are many reasons. Here are a few of the more important ones:

Service – PDI offers email support and assistance for the products and services sold here; I cannot  comment on PD treatment that is being attempted with products I have no experience or confidence in.  The PDI treatment concept is based exclusively on the therapy products found on this website.   Besides that, I offer suggestions and ideas based on extensive experience with PD that can be helpful in your Peyronie’s treatment, based on writing two books on this subject, working with thousands of men who have had PD, and my own experience successfully eliminating my Peyronie’s disease. An internet discount broker only takes orders.  You will not be able to get any help or advice from a discount broker about Peyronie’s disease treatment. You can rest assured they will not know anything about PD. We offer this as an extremely valuable service the others cannot possibly match.

Quality and Quantity – Since this discussion ultimately is about the well-being of your penis, this is an important issue.  PDI deals with huge companies that have earned established reputations in the health care industry. You can trust them, based on their long track records and their leagues of satisfied customers. You must be very sure your lower price vitamins and supplements are the same quality and quantity as those we have available. For the purpose of improving your nutritional intake, you want every product to have not only a desirable dosage, but the highest quality as well. If you want and need a Cadillac and then focus only on price, you might not realize you are actually buying a Volkswagen. Since you are on such an important mission, it is critical that you use high quality and quantity nutrients. You get what you pay for. With some products from some companies the label might say it has 100 mg of some ingredient, but how do you know for sure that 100 mg is actually in each capsule? It is important to check labels carefully. Do a little math to determine how many capsules or tablets you need to take of your bargain product to get the dose you need. If you have to take twice as much of a product, that might explain why a product is being sold at half the price. Lastly, be sure that your bargain product is not going to cost you more in the long-run in terms of reduced effectiveness and disappointment. Sometimes a bargain turns out not to be a bargain.

Value – Compare our prices for the high level of quality and quantity of these particular formulations. PDI has a competitive pricing structure of which we are proud. You cannot find better products that deliver this Q/Q for the prices we have set.

Convenience and Speed – 99% of our orders are shipped the same day.   PDI has two offices covering different parts of the U.S. to make sure shipping is as efficient as possible.

10. I got my vitamin E from the drug store under my doctor’s prescription when I first got my Peyronie’s.  It didn’t help. Why should I try using your vitamin E?

Not all vitamin E products are the same. Some are better than others.  Our vitamin E is better than the one you used because yours was synthetic and ours is the highest quality organic vitamin E available anywhere. The vitamin E products available through PDI are high-grade products from a company that is on the cutting edge of medical science and technology. We stand behind our vitamin E products without hesitation.  The vitamin E we sell – Unique-E – is a highly respected research grade vitamin E that is used in university and government research, and it is the same vitamin E I used when I successfully treated and eliminated my own Peyronie’s disease.  Lastly, using any vitamin E alone to treat Peyronie’s disease (as most medical doctors will suggest) is doomed for failure.  Even a nutrient as important to eliminating PD as vitamin E must be combined with many different nutrients. Minerals and enzymes to achieve the kind of results we all want.

11. I am not sure I have Peyronie’s disease, so I don’t know if I really need Peyronie’s treatment. There is a little bump on my penis and maybe there is a small curvature when I get an erection, but I think it may have been there before. I have no pain and my erections are just like they always have been. Could I have Peyronie’s disease?

No one can say if you have Peyronie’s disease, or not, without a thorough history and complete examination.  Get yourself checked by your family doctor or a urologist so you know for sure what you are dealing with. If the diagnosis is PD, it is likely an early case so it is very important that you get started with an aggressive Peyronie’s disease natural treatment plan of conservative care. Please review all the information on this website and discuss our treatment concepts with your doctor when you get checked out.

12. I’ve had Peyronie’s for about a year now. It seems like my penis is getting more bent all the time even though I’m taking medication that was prescribed by my MD. If you didn’t have a lot of money to spend, what would you do?

First of all, I would learn as much as I could about Peyronie’s treatment, by getting the book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”  Education about the problem comes first. As with most men, I am sure the health and well being of your penis is of critical importance to you.

Since you ask the question “what would you do?” your question will be answered that way:  If it were my curved penis that was getting more bent all the time I would make a very deliberate and intense effort to find the money I needed to help myself as much as I could. I would declare this a personal emergency and do what I had to do to take care of my problem. Having said all that, and realizing there are always financial considerations to every decision like this, I would first read all the sections on this website to identify the areas that seem to address my needs most, and start from there. Our advice is to closely evaluate what therapies you need, and do not make the mistake of being casual or cheap about taking care of yourself and later regretting it.

13. My Peyronie’s scar changes all the time! I swear, sometimes that scar down there seems to be different every few hours. Is that possible??? Is it common for the scar to change so much?!?!?

Yes, frequent change of the penile scar is common for many men in the early stages of PD. For the very reason the scar changes so much in your case, you should feel encouraged that your tissue is responding to various biological conditions and activity in your body and various subtle influences you probably do not recognize.  It is my opinion It is the opinion of PDI that these changes in your scar are not random, but that they occur in response to the many changes that take place in your internal chemistry all day long. Further, these internal changes are often in response to things that you can control. Once you become more aware of the association between how you feel, what you do, what you eat, or whatever, that PDI theorizes are connected to frequent changes in your scar, then you will be on your way to understanding your problem better and managing it – rather than it controlling you. These frequent changes can be taken as a sign that your scar is still remodeling, and this also works in your favor.

PDI’s theory is that while the scar is capable of such frequent change, there is still the potential for a favorable response to therapy. In other words, if the scar can change so much and so fast in response to things that you are doing or are happening to you – that you are not aware of – then it is possible to influence some degree of favorable change in the scar if sufficient deliberate effort and intense support is delivered to the area – that you are aware of. PDI has the opinion that while your scar is changing it is still possible to support the tissue to increase the odds it will change in the direction you want it to go.

14. I was diagnosed with PD about four years ago. I did not do anything to treat it, as my doctor suggested. It never really got too painful, and my curvature is not as bad as some I have read about. Because of this my doctor was really happy with the way my PD turned out. But I feel like a freak and I am getting more self-conscious because of my crooked penis. And my wife is not so pleased that our sex life is not as good as before. We can still do it, but there is so much more work involved that we just don’t bother most of the time. My problem has not changed much for about two years now. Is it too late for me to try doing something to help myself?

Sometimes the more chronic the PD, the longer it can take to change and maybe never change, and other times longstanding PD makes progress.  There is no way I can predict how you might respond.  There are those cases of PD that just do not respond, no matter how early or intense the treatment, or what barrage of therapy is used. There is no way to know if you will respond without simply getting busy and doing your level best to create a favorable environment for healing. There are cases of chronic PD that made great improvement, some moderate improvement, and some no improvement at all. Anything is possible, but only if you try. Just because your PD is old does not mean it is beyond help; it might just take longer. We always advise that it would be a shame to give up without even starting. You have too much to gain by a good effort. Give your Peyronie’s treatment plan at least several months of concentrated commitment; it is does not work for you, you can always have Peyronie’s disease surgery later knowing you at least tried your best.

15. If I use all these different therapies to treat my PD, how will I know which one really helped me?

You won’t. But is it really that important? Your most important priority should be to simply get well, first and foremost. You can always play a game later, attempting to figure out the most valuable therapy.

Here is another way of looking at your question, and the problem of trying to get over PD:   Suppose you wanted to balance out a scale that had a five pound weight on one side and no weight on the other. You would start out by putting the first one-pound weight on the empty side, and nothing would happen so you would place another one-pound weight on the opposite side of the scale, and then another, and so on. Eventually, as you put on the fifth one-pound weight on the scale, the balance would move and you would have balanced or tipped the scale as you wanted to do. It would look like there was some magic in that last one-pound weight, because when it was added the scale became balanced. But, what if you had just started out with that last weight, the fifth one-pound weight? Would that one particular one-pound weight have worked? Of course not! There is nothing special about the last one-pound weight, without the others that were used along with it.

Balancing the scale is accomplished by a group effort. The answer to your question is that there will be no one therapy that will “tip your scale” to regain your health more than the others. All of the therapies you use contribute in some way to whatever level of success you achieve – perhaps some more and some less – but all are needed to get the job done. This underscores the value and importance of working with a wide and diversified group of therapies that stand the best chance of improving your recovery and immune response.

16. I read about some men who used just one treatment to get rid of their Peyronie’s, like vitamin E, DMSO, Verapamil, etc. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to try one for a while and see what happens? I can always do another therapy later, then another different one, etc, if I have to go that far.

There are several points to make. First. Yes, we all have read reports in which men only took only vitamin E, or just acetyl-L-carnitine, or just quercetin, or just homeopathy, or whatever, and their PD went away. But as you also recall from any report you have read, not everyone responded. Some men do not receive any benefit at all, some only slight improvement, some moderate change, and so on. That is the point. Not everyone seems to respond in the same way to the same therapy. No one knows ahead of time which treatment will work, if any. The idea behind the synergistic benefits of aggressive multiple therapies is that you are hedging your bet by covering as many options as you can to improve your chances of recovery. The idea behind the PDI approach is to push the odds in your favor by using the synergy of multiple simultaneous therapies, since no change or improvement can ever be guaranteed.

Second, if you have PD you probably do not have a lot of time to play around trying to find your magic bullet. With each passing day your chances for recovery diminish as the scar advances toward a chronic state. An old scar can be softened, but it will probably take more time, more therapies and more effort. Better to do it right the first time when it is easier. The idea is to aggressively do all that you can with as many conservative therapies as you can at the same time to increase the ability of the tissue to heal correctly and completely, as soon as possible.

Third, you might be more efficient with your single-treatment method but our concern is not about efficiency ? it is about success and results. Remember, this is your PENIS you are trying to help. How does a general conduct a battle plan? Does he send out one soldier at a time? No, he sends out large groups of soldiers who have a greater effect ? a mass attack ? to overwhelm the enemy. The general understands he might be engaging more soldiers than actually needed, but his mission is to win the battle above all else. PDI wants you to win this one. Isn’t that your goal, too?

17. How often should I apply the DMSO, vitamin E and copper solution to my penis?

Twice a day is good for most people. However,  sensitive skin can tolerate only a daily application, while others do well with three times a day when they can find the time to do it. Be aware of the condition of your skin, and do not over do it. Over the long term you will want to use a dose that you can stay with while you are saturating the penis tissue with these nutrients. You know, the same idea applies to all of the Peyronie’s treatment on this website. Whether it is a PABA, nattokinase, or vitamin C, you must be aware of how your body is responding to the use of any of these therapies and proceed with due caution and care if there are adverse reactions. Each man is ultimately responsible for his own care and progress.

18. I have the copper lotion (Super CD serum), vitamin E oil (Unique-E oil), and the DMSO (PABA/MSM Combo) to treat my penis. It seems like a lot of stuff to be putting on. What is the right way to apply all of it?

Detailed instructions for applying topical Callisto vitamin E, copper and DMSO are included in each shipment of these products.  Just follow these simple directions.  Email or call us on the toll-free number if you want another sheet sent to you.

 19. I seem to be a lot better after just a few weeks following an intense PD treatment plan of eight different therapies from PDI.  Should I stop?

Sir, you are in control of your treatment not PDI. We are merely offering information and ideas for your consideration. We stress that all decisions about your treatment should be made in cooperation with your treating doctor, with you making the final decision. If your scar has totally disappeared after several weeks or months of treatment, congratulations!  My opinion, for your consideration, is that this improvement might be temporary. It might not be in your best interest to stop care after just a few weeks. You might be going through one of the many ups and downs that is so typical of PD. If you are like most men who begin to experience real improvement of their condition, you will begin to notice a change in the pattern of your scar. The scar might still continue to get softer and then harder, smaller and then larger, but the scales will tip in the direction of the scar being softer or smaller more often and longer than before. You might also notice (if you have a good sense of touch and really pay close attention) a change in the texture and density of the scar as progress occurs; the scar might no longer feel like a solid hard mass, but could seem to be separating or fragmenting, with individual fibers that can be detected where previously there were none. You might notice there is less pain and discomfort as you examine the scar than there was previously. The curve of the erection might change.

If you discontinue therapy too soon you run the risk of any progress reversing after a short while. As a general guideline, you might consider continuing the full program that brought you to that level of recovery – no changes or cutting back of anything – for at least two to three months. After a few months you might consider tapering off some of the therapies to a maintenance dose. At the first sign of recurrence, get back on the full program. Since PD can recur, it is also our opinion to stay on a preventive course of some of the basic therapies, ( perhaps vitamin E, MSM and enzymes) for the rest of your life. While that may indeed be overkill, it might not be overkill. No one knows. But then again, how well do you want to take care of your penis?

It is your penis, it is your PD, and it is your decision. Another aspect of staying on a maintenance program of a few PD therapies is that they are all potentially beneficial to your general health and well-being.

20. I like your idea about approaching PD treatment from a holistic and nutritional direction so my body can heal better.  My question is, what else can I do to get healthier and heal better?

Excellent question! There are many things to do to get healthier, depending on the individual. Most of us know what we need to change, we just don’t like doing it.

If you’re a smoker, stop smoking. If you do not get much physical activity, get out and walk. If you are overweight, cut back on the fats and empty carbohydrates. If you eat a lot of junk food, cut it out. If you are addicted to coffee or sugar, change your ways. If you eat late at night, stop it. Now all of that sounds harsh and rather difficult. If you have tried to correct some of these problems in your life and have been unsuccessful, you might want to call PDI to arrange a phone appointment for an EFT session. This technique can be extremely helpful in many areas of emotional life. It is rather easy to do, and it is not hypnosis, psychiatry, psychoanalysis or any kind of talk therapy.

PDI feels that any real chance for getting over your PD is all about getting healthier. Most would agree that a healthy body is able to heal itself better than one that is not healthy. Yet most doctors do not talk about or work toward health, they talk about disease and work to subdue it. We think this difference in treatment philosophy is critically important. Throughout this website PDI recommends many strategies and therapies that are intended to get you healthier and closer to being able to heal yourself.

Taking a good general multiple-vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement on a daily basis is an essential part of any effort to stay well. With all of the difficulty of eating correctly it becomes more important to take a well-balanced broad base supplement. We have discussed various factors that might contribute to the process of PD scar development, like blood supply and lymphatic drainage in the genital area.

Having a problem with the prostate can reduce blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the lower pelvis; just what you do not want if you have PD. Since PD tends to develop in men in the 45-65 age range, just when the health and well-being of the prostate gland is a major issue for men, taking a multiple vitamin, mineral and nutrient product that is designed to also assist the health of the prostate makes a lot of sense. With this in mind, PDI has made a very good quality multiple available on our order page that is intended to support the health and normal function of the prostate gland; it is not just a few herbs for the prostate. This is a well-balanced general multiple product PLUS emphasis toward those nutrients, minerals and herbs that are beneficial for the prostate gland. This product that hits the center of the bull’s-eye for the man with PD is called Prosta-Support Formula. Once again the product just happens to come from Douglas Laboratory. Check out the formula contents and we think you will be as impressed with it as we are. This is a great multiple vitamin for all men, especially those with PD.

Another thing we advocate for supporting your health nutritionally is a high quality “green drink” called Greens Plus. A green drink is a general category of powdered super-food high-fiber concentrated food that contains the equivalent of TEN servings of grains, fruits and vegetables in a single serving. The nutrients come in a powered form and are simply added to water, to make a nutritious drink. This is a way of benefiting from scientific advances in food processing to deliver significant nutrients easily into the diet. The problem is that a “green drink” usually tastes very bad (really bad!), so people often find it difficult to faithfully take it every day. However, PDI found what we think is the best tasting one a few years back and now have no problem with patient compliance in the office. If you are interested in doing one more thing to increase your daily antioxidant input, the absolutely best-tasting and most enjoyable “green drink” by far is “Greens Plus”. It is really a great tasting “green drink”.

21.  I ordered several of the vitamin and enzyme products, the exercise tapes, the ultrasound machine,  the Scar-X homeopathy, and the herbs. It really seems like all of this stuff is taking up a lot of my time. Is there some way to cut back and still get rid of my PD?

No, there doesn’t seem to be an easier way at this time. You can certainly do less, that is always your decision, but then you have less therapy working for you and you might not get the kind of results you want. Everything in life comes at a price. On one hand you have the problem of time, money and considerable effort to treat PD aggressively for maybe 6-18 months, or longer, with multiple conservative measures.

To take on a large and aggressive program of treatment for PD takes up a lot of time; it requires large and small sacrifices and impositions that will have to be tolerated for a while. On the other hand you have the problem of enduring a condition that can potentially leave you impotent and peeing around corners for the rest of your life. It might be important for you to determine which of the two is a bigger problem to you.

You can fuss and complain about your crooked penis, and I truly understand feeling sorry for yourself. You can choose to ignore the problem and hope the scar goes away on its own. You can get realistic and grasp the fact that there is not much interest or help available for PD, other than the help you give to yourself.

PDI has amassed a large group of reasonable, but currently unproven, options from the medical literature that have variable track records of success. When taken together they have the potential to work synergistically to improve your overall health and increase the potential to heal to the best of your ability. It’s your penis. It’s your choice.


“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.” – Marlene von Savant

4 thoughts on “Peyronie’s Disease Treatment – FAQ

  1. Adam says:

    Hello again,
    I am using the ultrasound unit three times a week as part of my Peyronie’s Disease treatment plan, following the printed instructions you sent with the unit. (I am doing other external therapies and internal therapies, as well.) Could you possibly clarify something for me?
    I have three Peyronie’s Disease scars—two on the top of my shaft that are easy to feel, and one on the side that is harder to locate. So far, I have been alternating treatment of the top two scars—one during one session, and the other during the next session on another day. I use the pulsed setting on high right on top of whichever scar I am treating, without moving the unit around.
    My question is, would it be better for me to treat both scars in a single session, by using the continuous setting and moving in small circles across the two scars (which are fairly close together)? Or even try to treat all three scars at once? Or should I do one scar one day, the second another day, and the third on another day—all pulsed right on the scar? What would be the most helpful approach as far as effectiveness?
    I also was wondering one more thing. The unit does indeed seem to “bite” me at times (like you mentioned on your paper), and it is quite uncomfortable. Last night was particularly bad, as it happened even when I changed to the low setting. What was really weird was that even when the unit was off, but still plugged in, when I touched it to my penis it still seemed to be biting a little. I didn’t make any sense to me how that would be possible, but when I unplugged it and tried touching my penis with it again, there was no bite. Could this be some kind of electric shock that is being somehow conducted down the cord by the gel? Just wondering if you have heard of this or have any insights or suggestions. (I am going to try a different wall outlet the next time and see if that helps at all.)
    Thank you for your time and your informative website. I think I finally understand the “try as many therapies at the same time as you possibly can” approach. Who cares if I ever know which one fixed the problem, or which ones produced the proper synergistic effects? I don’t need to know which hose put out the fire—just spray all the hoses at once (as many as I can handle) until that fire is out, and keep adding hoses until it is! Have I understood this Peyronie’s Disease treatment approach correctly?
    Thanks again!

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Adam,

    Thanks for the questions about Peyronie’s disease treatment.

    I believe all of your problems with the biting sensation you describe are due to insufficient gel being used during your US therapy sessions; the sound energy is not being delivered well into the tissue because there is not enough gel and this causes the bite. Please use slightly more gel than what you have been using (no need to use a lot or make a mess) and you will have better contact and no unpleasant sensations.

    Another suggestion is to use the continuous mode and make small overlapping circles with the sound head as you deliver the therapy into the scar tissue. Please follow all instructions you were given when you bought your unit.

    Yes, you are correct and stated well the basic strategy for Peyronie’s disease treatment. When a team wins the game, it is because of the combined effort and ability of all players. Even though the pitcher gets all the attention, he would be in great trouble if there was no catcher and no first base player, or no coach coordinating their efforts. Treatment synergy of a well-rounded multiple therapy approach is what gets results to reduce the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue. TRH

  3. Ramy says:

    Hello, Dr Herazy,
    I have read some articles here, and would like to just understand theoretically two things:

    1. This condition happens from trauma, so when someone get hit, how should he determine or just know that he traumed himself so the he foresee Peyronie’s disease coming early and act, I mean everyone gets hit often.

    2. Does this condition changes or decreased penis size permanently?

    Thank you, sir.

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Ramy,

    Peyronie’s disease is usually thought to arise from trauma. Injury is perhaps the most common cause. But it can start after use of some medications, as well as from overuse of alcohol and tobacco.

    There is no direct or sure way to know that one particular trauma will cause Peyronie’s disease. Large trauma, and small repeated traumas over an extended time period, are most likely to cause Peyronie’s disease, as opposed to small or occasional traumas. Any trauma that causes swelling, bruising of the tissue and prolonged pain is more likely to result in Peyronie’s disease. The best course of action is to avoid trauma to the best of your ability. After an injury happens it is very wise to be especially careful that a second injury does not happen too soon after a first injury. Meaning, do not allow yourself to be injured too many times too close together.

    After injury, use ice applications to the area and aspirin to get the swelling out of the tissue, and essential fatty acids and Neprinol.

    Lost penis size is basically permanent. Over several years it might slightly increase, but not much.

    Thank you for your interesting questions. Your English is very good; you should be proud. TRH

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