Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Guarantee

Proven Peyronie's cures and other nonsense

Every month or so I receive an email from someone who wants to know if there is a guarantee for our Peyronie's disease treatment ideas. The email usually goes on to say that he sees “PD cures” guaranteed when he does a Goggle search.

Boy, do I love getting those questions emailed to me! This gives me a great opportunity to explain our Peyronie's treatment philosophy.

Here are a few points that every one should consider when they see an advertisement for a “proven Peyronies cure” that mentions a guarantee:

  1. Who are these people who can offer such a guarantee? I have attempted to communicate with every one of these herbal companies or penis stretching companies to ask a few questions about their guaranteed products. It seems to me that any company that can put a real honest-to-goodness money-back guarantee on a product must either have great confidence in the ability of that product, or they have no intention of returning your money because they will not actually honor their guarantee. Yet, when I try to contact these people who guarantee their Peyronie’s disease treatments, none of them has ever replied to my questions before buying their product. Since they have proven to be unavailable before making a purchase, can you image the kind of service or chance of them honoring their guarantee after they have my money? I have found that very often these companies operate outside the U.S., making it very difficult to contact them or take action against them if it ever became necessary. Caveat emptor, “buyer beware.”
  2. Who gives a guarantee in health care? No one, actually. Even a dentist who does a fairly simple and direct dental procedure, or someone who fits you for glasses or a hearing aid, or prescribes common aspirin, will never offer a guarantee. Surgeons and lawyers and architects do not give guarantees, yet the person who has a secret herb for PD will give a guarantee. This should make someone with Peyronie’s disease a little suspicious.
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  4. What does it mean that Peyronie’s Disease Institute does not give a guarantee for its treatment procedures? Does it mean that the procedures do not work, or that it is an acknowledgment of the difficulty and complexity of the process of recovery from Peyronie’s disease? Since of all the men who follow an Alternative Medicine treatment plan for Peyronie’s disease, no two will go about it the same way. All men seem use a different treatment approach. Besides different combinations of therapies, each man eventually settles on different dosages of each. If that were not enough difference in PD treatment plans, I also know that some men are less faithful and accurate in their use of their therapy plans. I even communicate with some men who say that after a few months of being on a large plan, they have not gotten around to using all of the 12 different therapies in their original order. Can you imagine that? Therapies they ordered, paid for and received, are still not being used after a few months. They contact me for advice how to improve their treatment results. Of course, I tell them to open the box and use all of their therapies, and to use them faithfully and correctly.Also, I communicate with men who try to use their therapies, but they misunderstand the treatment concepts. The first mistake they often seem to make is to not read the detailed instructions that come with each order sent by PDI. They might take their enzymes with their meals, instead of between meals, or they will take vitamins and minerals between meals, instead of with meals. Sometimes they say they are too busy and cannot remember to use their therapy plan; for a few days or a week at a time, no Peyronie’s disease treatment takes place. Then I get an email asking for advice when “the therapy plan is not working.”

For all these reasons, a guarantee of results cannot be offered since the plans differ with each man in so many ways, and I find that so many people do not do what they are supposed to do to recover from their Peyronie’s disease.

The next time you read about a company offering a Peyronie’s disease treatment guarantee, please think about these things.