Peyronie’s disease treatment inspiration

Just the other day I ran into this exciting quote that meant a lot to me.  I can only hope it will inspire you to feel more focused and confident as you conduct your Peyronie's disease treatment; to gather your inner strength to do more to help yourself along during the repeated trials and long days you spend working for your personal Peyronies cure.

"At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you."
Jean-Paul Sartre

I have seen this is in action in my life.  I have noticed many times, usually in great despair, that when I finally make up my mind about something – I finally no longer resist, but deeply and completely commit myself  – then suddenly the situation changes.  Problems reveal solutions.  Difficult people become cooperative.  I feel my determination and strength return.  Mountains of objections and problems become transparent to reveal the situation in such a different way that answers and success are finally in view.

Of course, all of this applies to Peyronie's disease treatment in more ways than you can imagine.  If you find that you are more negative than you can stand, and you cannot think clearly any longer about the dark place you are in, send me a comment here.  Let's work on it together.   TRH


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