Largest Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Mistake

Do Peyronie's treatment correctly for best results

What’s the biggest fundamental mistake I see men make while trying to treat their Peyronie’s disease?  This is a good question, because if you are making this mistake it could be sabotaging the success of your Peyronie’s disease treatment right now.

Their mistake is that they will only undergo an Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronies if it is guaranteed.   They never stop to think or realize that no doctor in his right mind will guarantee any form of treatment, especially Peyronie’s disease.

Most men say they want to recover from their Peyronie’s disease.  They say they will do anything to get their lives back in order again.  I hear it all the time.  Yet, when I suggest things to do, such as additional ideas or strategies to follow that often make a difference, I get a different reply from these same men.

When we communicate, I often hear and see a lot of indecision and lack of commitment to getting well.  What I really see in my dealing with a wide variety of men is that they want to get over their Peyronie’s disease, but only if the therapy is:
1.  Easy
2.  Fast
3.  Guaranteed
4.  Inexpensive
5.  Convenient

Of this above list of five reservations, the one that always interests me the most is #3, wanting to know if the Peyronie’s disease treatment ideas of PDI are “guaranteed.”

When I hear this question, I ask myself, “What in all of medicine can be realistically and honestly guaranteed?” and the answer is absolutely nothing.

I had some dental work the other day to remove a badly cracked tooth.  I asked the dentist if he could guarantee if he could get the entire tooth and roots out of the socket.  He said, “No, I can’t.  If that root breaks off, you will have to go to the dental surgeon to have the jaw bone opened to remove that nasty little root.”  Because he could guarantee the exact effectiveness of the Novocain shots he put into my jaw, he had to continually ask me how much numbness was created and how much pain I was having.  He asked, because he did not know, because even something as simple and direct as a Novocain shot represents an unknown outcome.  You see, a dentist cannot guarantee the effectiveness of a simple Novocain injection.

I doubt you can find an MD alive who would guarantee that the high blood pressure prescription – or even an aspirin – he gives you will work.  Since this is a Peyronie’s disease forum, I doubt you can find a surgeon alive who would guarantee before surgery that your curvature would be straightened, or that your Peyronie’s disease would not return in a few years.   No doctor guarantees any outcome of treatment for a specific tissue response because the body does not operate that way.

Yet, because of all these goofy advertisements that surround Peyronie’s disease, you and I are all bombarded with “guarantees” of how effective a secret herb from India is to “cure” the Peyronie’s plaque.  Especially bad are all the mechanical penis stretchers that “guarantee” to reverse a bent penis.  These mechanical penis stretcher companies are a great lot.  They come and they go.  They offer a simple solution, but from my observation and reports I get every day, most men simply cannot use these stretchers for more than a day or two before giving up because of the pain they cause.

One of the surest signs of a phony setup in Peyronie’s disease treatment is when you see a guarantee of results offered.

Sorry to say, nothing about ANY Peyronie’s disease treatment from any source is easy, fast, guaranteed, inexpensive or convenient.  It is tough work.  Peyronie’s disease is one tough problem, and it is most stubborn to treat.  That is why there is no formal Peyronie’s cure at this time. The trick in treating Peyronie’s disease successfully is that it requires you to personally be more stubborn and tenacious than your problem.  It takes a made-up mind, with a high level of commitment to be successful over Peyronie’s disease.  If you truly have one of those determined minds and you are prepared to do some serious work to help yourself, you are far closer to success with your Peyronie’s disease treatment plan.

A halfhearted effort will get you nothing – I can guarantee you that!   You must approach your treatment plan knowing it will not be easy, and any good progress will take time and dedication.  Dig in for the long road, and you will avoid discouraging yourself.  On the other hand, you must also be realistic in your expectations concerning how long it will take to see results and your anticipated degree of eventual improvement.

You need to remember you are working to make yourself healthier and stronger so you can correct your own Peyronie’s disease problem, you are not looking in vain for a Peyronie’s cure.  It’s as simple as that.

If you are truly serious about correcting your Peyronie’s disease, you must be ready to work hard to strengthen your immune response.  Give your body the time and opportunity it needs to heal like the 50% group whose Peyronie’s disease corrects on its own.  To help you put your plan together, I would be pleased to answer your questions about Peyronies treatment.  Please write your question to me under the PD Blog heading, “Ask Dr. Herazy."


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