Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Philosophy

“What is the most important product or vitamin I should use to treat my Peyronies disease?” I get that question all the time.

The correct answer is that there is no ONE important therapy; they are ALL important, especially when used together. Each alone has limited ability to make a difference with the fibrous Peyronie’s disease plaque But when used together as we advocate at PDI, their combined effort is capable of generating a healing response. None will work alone to get results that are equal to a wide-based synergistic approach to therapy.

There is no way to predict which vitamin or mineral or enzyme therapy will do the most for you. Actually, there is no one product that can destroy the scar by itself or build you up sufficiently so you can do the job yourself. I think they are all necessary. The more you can do for yourself the better the results will be against Peyronie’s disease.

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Please read and re-read sections of the PDI website that describe the Peyronie's treatment philosophy and principles of synergy. If you are having any doubts or indecisions about what you are doing, you owe it to yourself to go over some of these points. You should educate yourself well about this terrible problem and come to fully understand why you are following this course of Alternative Medicine care.

There is a lot of good information for you on the PDI website. If you haven’t spent a few minutes there lately, now might be a good time to just go over what started you thinking in this direction in the first place. After you understand more about the philosophy that guides this process of eliminating the Peyronies plaque, it will be easier to follow your program well.


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