Is the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method CD available in electronic format?

Dear Dr Herazy,

My name is Greg and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you for your informative web site.

I was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease by a urologist earlier this year. As neither he nor my GP or family (friend) doctor were able to offer anything other than a "wait and see" approach leading to possible surgery I decided to look further afield.

Since then I have studied your web site and many others. I have spoken at length to my aunt who is an experienced naturopath and dietician and who has provided me with advice and a number of dietary supplements.

I am consequently slowly achieving a realistic understanding of what my Peyronies disease actually is and the various options that I have to manage and treat it.

I am emailing you to acknowledge your excellent web site and also to ask if your Manual Penis Stretching Method CD is available in electronic format – whilst I am very happy to attend to payment for it, the postage costs to Australia effectively double the cost which seems unnecessarily wasteful. I would like the opportunity to use the CD method as part of my (ever evolving) PD fight back strategy.

Thank you again for providing a valuable resource.


Greetings Greg,

Our gentle manual penis stretching method is only available as a disc, not in electronic format.

Good luck with your effort to increase your ability to heal and eliminate your Peyronie's disease.  I caution you about following the advice of people with good nutrition knowledge but no direct experience working with PD.  This is not the time to be experimenting with what might or might not work to eliminate your Peyronie's plaque.   TRH  


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