Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Success Stories – Big and Small

Men do not like to discuss their Peyronie’s disease condition

Each day I run into many examples of reluctance to talk about their Peyronies disease. A woman will tell me her husband has shut her out completely about his PD, and just clams up and walks away when she asks him about his Peyronies. I often write notes on the PDI order forms that go out to men when they receive their shipment of Peyronie’s treatment supplies; I ask, “Please write me a note and tell me how it is going for you.” I rarely get a reply, even when I learn later things are going great. Men send me an email, asking a question about their Peyronies treatment or something about their penis problem. In that email many of these men will often admit that it has taken them a few months to get the nerve to write to me.

It seems that there is something in most men that they just do not like to address the problem of Peyronie’s disease – almost like by not discussing it, it does not exist. Whatever the reason, I hope that men will some how feel more comfortable using this blog to discuss their small and large successes using the Peyronies treatment ideas found on the PDI website. I trust that men will share the good news of reducing and eliminating pain in the penis or curvature, eliminating or reducing Peyronies plaque or scar material, regaining lost length, and improving or restoring sexual function.

Please take a moment to tell others about the areas where you have had success and the things that have improved since you have begun using the Alternative Medicine treatment concepts to increase your ability to heal your Peyronie's disease.


25 thoughts on “Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Success Stories – Big and Small

  1. HaroldH1266 says:

    I am 54 years of age, and my Peyronie’s disease started from an accident during sex. After having Peyronie’s disease for almost four years and trying 12 verapamil injections from my doctor, he wanted to do surgery on me. That is when I started to look on line for other ideas. For two months I tried some herbs that were supposed to be guaranteed to help me that I got from a European company I will not mention, and I bought one of those expensive penis extenders, but I just could not use more than twice because it gave me so much pain. I was giving up hope, and finally ran into your site. I am so grateful I finally found the PDI website.

    Your website not only gave me loads of helpful information about Peyronie’s disease, but it actually made sense about how to treat it. It really made sense for the first time when nothing else seemed to make sense to me. Thanks for putting together a really helpful and interesting website.

    I have followed a modified Peyronie’s disease medium plan, by switching in Neprinol and acetyl-L-carnitine, and using the diet information from the Peyronie’s Disease Handbook for the last six months. I use my DMSO every day, and sometimes twice a day. I am up to 12 Neprinol a day and thinking about maybe upping a few more to see what happens. The closer I follow the diet ideas the better I get. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it because I started to see small changes after a little less than two months into the program, and things just gradually got better and better as I went on. I bought your new PDI stretching method CD last week, and I think this is making more changes now. I really like the way I can feel things let go inside the penis as I am holding and stretching my bigger scar.

    My original three scars are all different than when I started. One is completely gone and has been gone for over two months now, one is about a quarter of what it was before I started, and the other is half. These two are softer and more mushy, and I can hardly find the edges any more. Because of the scar changes I can now get a decent erection, and my upward curve has gone from 60 degrees to about 10-15 degrees.

    Sometimes I get too busy and tired with work and I go a few days without doing my plan and I go off the Peyronie’s disease diet. I notice that the scars firm up a little and maybe get bigger, when I stop following my plan. The scar that went away about two months ago never has come back, but those last two seem to get worse if I slack off on what I am supposed to do. Anyway, this always worries me so I get serious and start following my plan again, and things change again and I go back to seeing more improvement. At this rate, I know if I just keep after the Peyronie’s disease for a while longer I will be able to get rid of the last two scars and then I will be OK like before.

    I wanted to share my Peyronie’s disease story to let others out there know that it can be done, because I am doing it. I know it has helped me, when nothing else did. Thanks.

  2. JerryD says:

    Thank you for the new PDI Peyronie’s disease stretching video. I have been using the stretching methods for the past four weeks, on average about 20 minutes a day, sometimes more. There have been some results/changes. They are:
    a. First, and most obvious is that the pain senstions I was having when I wrote to you not long ago have disappeared, none at all now.
    b. The ugly shape of the distorted penis appears to be improving toward more normal (hour glass is not as distinct)
    c. The curvature is more like a “C” beginning at the base, kind of like a bannana rather than a sharp 45-60 degree turn up nearer the top.
    d. The internal scar still feels the same and is the same size.
    e. Note of interest is that before starting the stretching I noticed changes going on, not necessarily for the better but just changes…….ie-bending to the left or right before returning to up……but always returning to about 45-60 degrees up.

    Keep in mind that I’m now 69 years of age, and have not experienced much change in my Peyronie’s disease condition even though I followed a prolonged and heavy PDI therapy plan for two plus years. With your stretching program, there has been improvement in a relatively short time….and I intend to continue for as long as there appears to be positive changes. JD

    The stretching tape is VERY GOOD. Even after reading all previous material from you it was informative, to the point and clear on how to stretch. Time will tell, but this could be the most valuable tool for my Peyronie’s disease to date.

  3. haymaker says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am doing excellent with huge improvement in peyronie’s disease from june 2007 (it is now late 2008). What I was saying is with the addition of the nato and fibrizym late at night and early afternoon it seems I have had a marked improvement lately. Things have gone pretty much like you describe, from the initial injury to being ok for a few months, then getting really bad until that brought me to your PDI site, then slow progress over the last 8 months or so. The curve is almost gone and sex is back to almost normal. I am staying the course and keep trying to improve on my nutrition and get more sleep. Thanks, haymaker

  4. RedBeard43 says:

    Hi there, Doc,

    I just wanted had to say something here about how my Peyronie’s disease has done since I started using your ideas and getting your products. You know I really did not think I could actually make this work, but it did.

    Almost 4 years ago they wanted to cut on me because I had almost a 90 degree upward bend and sex was pretty much impossible. My wife of 27 years could not take my angry mind set and sex problems, so we split up. So having to give up sex was not that big a deal to a man 63 years old at the time. The pain was pretty awful most nights with the usual erection. I couldn’t look at myself what with the bad curve and the fact that I got to be so small. I didn’t have much to lose in the first place but losing almost 2 inches and over an inch around really made me feel like I am not a man any more. I did topical verapamil for almost 6 months like my family doctor prescribed and all that time my Peyronie’s disease got worse. He told me to use vitamin e but he didn’t say how to do it and I quit that after a few weeks. The urologist he sent me to said the only way out of my problem was to have an operation to cut out the Peyronie’s disease scar. I just couldn’t face that idea, and I’m glad I didn’t. After looking on the internt I got tempted after a while and I also wasted a bunch of money on 2 different penis extenders. The first one I could hardly keep on for more than a few mintues the darned thing cut into me and made be so sore. I spent more money on another one that was supposed to be top of the line and I could only wear it a short while longer before I got blisters on my pecker head. That’s about when I ran into you while googling for information about Peyronie’s disease.

    I started with a medium plan and your handbook and I pretty much did it the way you said. In the first few weeks my pain of a few years went away and never has come back. You helped me in an email giving me a few ideas and I added acetyl-carnitine after a month or so, and upped my enzymes until I got some softening of the scars. You also had me to do some extra massage and exercise things that made a difference to how I felt in my low back and groin muscles that were tight for most of my life. Around the 3 month mark on my medium plan my two big scars were half there size, they were a lot softer and my curve was only 35-40 degrees and I got some of my length back. I stayed that way for a few more months without much more change and then you emailed me about getting into your research stretching group that you were putting together. That stretching is what got my progress back on track. After about a month or 2 of working with your stretches I was down to 10 degrees some days and just a little kink other days. Now I can’t feel any Peyronie’s disease scars any more, but I know there is still something in there because I still have a deformity. I guess I will keep after it until it is gone.

    I guess it’s about 8 months since I stumbled on your site and my erections are full and hard, I think I am slightly longer than before I got PD, and my ex-wife thinks I got all my thickness back too. You spent a lot of time with me, and you were more patient with me than I would have been with myself. You saved my butt, Doc, and I will be always so greatful to you for all that you did for me. Thanks for all that you do for all the guys you help every day.

    That’s my story. I hope this helps somebody else with Peyronie’s disease who is thinking about taking over his own care. I know it can be done because I did it and I was told it was impossible. Thanks.

  5. woolyjim says:

    Doctor H,

    Add me to the list who got real help with Peyronie’s disease.

    I used your medicine and other things in the larg plan because I was desparate with my wife leaving. My doctor wanted me to keep coming back but never told me much but wanted to do a operation. I did like you said to do, and didn’t give up afteralmost 3 months of taking a lot of pills but then I noticed my lumps and band were getting small and soft and then my large bend was better after 5 years with Peyronie’s disease. I couldn’t have sex like a normal person the bend was almost straith up and never got hard like it used to. Now there is no problem in bed. I have been normal 4 months and staying on a little of some medicines so I don’t worry aboat Peyronie’s disease again. Your help was great and the orders were always rightt. Thank you for saving my marrage

  6. 77heavymetal says:


    Here’s my report about my peyronies like I said I would.

    I had a curved penis and nearly constant dull pain and a 60 degree upward bend for almost 5 years. I stopped going to the uro because he just kept telling me I need surgery, and I just couldn’t see doing it. I wasted time reading some PD forum stuff with guys who just complained a lot. Then I found your website that was the most help I even found, and made me think for the first time that maybe I could do something to help my problem. I copied all the pages of the PDI site and studied them and got your 2 books.

    This is the end of my 4th month of being on a large plan. I started with a large upward curve and 3 scars. #1 came on first about mid shaft and was the biggest at 1¼ by ½ inch, and was dense like a ripe tomato. Both #2 and #3 were like pinto bean size. Both felt like rubbery like the white part of a boiled egg. When I first got PD it seemed like they changed a lot, but for the last 18 months they didn’t do much. My erections weren’t good enough for sex. I am 31 and unmarried I was feeling so pathetic I was even thinking about suicide.

    I jumped into the largest plan pretty heavy with the E and C, the MSM, natto, fibrozym, and the DMSO, callsito and super copper liquid, I did extra Neprinol at 9 a day, and in a month I could handle 16 a day spread out like you told me. I did the Genesen pens about 4 or 5 times a week, and never forgot to do my nei gua exercises and the kegels. I changed my diet as much as I could stand, pretty close to what the book says. I added PABA about 2 months ago and I think I am probably heaviest on PABA right now, but all the others are fairly high but not like PABA. I pushed the MSM for a while, and that worked good, but I want to see if I can do better with PABA to see what would happen.

    My erections work almost normal for the last 6-8 weeks, with a problem if I have sex more than once a night. I am almost straight, maybe a little more than 5 degrees. I have only 1 scar now, the other 2 left sometime in the 2nd month. The only 1 now is the biggest one, the one I started with and it is about ¼ inch around with soft edges and it feels to me like a marshmallow when I squeeze it. A couple of days ago I had a hard time finding it but then dammit it came back after I had some ice cream.

    I got your stretching video a couple weeks ago and I really like it. Like you said it is so easy and light it is hard to believe it could make any difference, but I see it happening already. I felt some weird stuff going on with the curve after the 3d or 4th time I did it. I know my curve is better since I started with the stretching and my girlfriend thinks I might be getting back some thickness and length.

    I keep on getting better so I guess I will stay with the large plan and play around with a few of the things I am doing to see if I can get back to 100 perscent. I think I am a lucky guy. I owe you a lot for all your help.

  7. roseyo says:

    My Peyronie’s disease was bad enough to ruin my marriage with a 60 degree bend. I never hurt much, but I just could not get the job done any more. I tried verapamil and cholchine but none of that helped me. I was like that for almost three years when I started on a big plan like on the website. After more than a month the scars started to feel softer and smaller. After a few more months they were gone and my curve was gone. My erections are good now. Thank you for helping me get rid of this Peyronie’s disease.

  8. viceroy says:

    Dr. Herazy,

    First I’d like to thank you for your support in giving me what two Urologist did not. First time I got a sympathetic ear and hope. I’m a young man in his early forties and I love getting it on with my woman.

    One thing she would always saluted me about was the intensity of our love making and the rock hard penis I would always be able to maintain, after I got mine…and she got hers. Which where multi-orgasms on her part. I may not have much hair on my head, but when it came to please her in bed, I was on top of the world. I’m sharing this with you because when I had a consistent pain in my penis after we had some wine, dinner and an hour of wild sex…and that night it was wild.

    I figure I would shrug the pain off and after a day or so things would be cool. Not so! I went on a business trip. Was gone for a week. Couldn’t wait to get back and climb in the saddle again. All through out the week we had been having phone sex and even though I was in pain, “hey” I WAS GOING FOR IT. Got back in town, we had a great dinner, retired to the bedroom to make love and I just couldn’t perform.

    The pain was too much and I notice my erection was curved. Hey, where did that come from?

    Needless to say, I was in my doctor’s office after a few days. By now the pain in my penis was extreme, however, I felt I would be given a pill and all-time-would be well. Not so! The first doctor I first went to barely took 10 minutes with me.

    He gave me a brochure about Peyronies Disease…”what do you mean Disease”. Hey, I just had a little hard sex. To conclude, I was told there is nothing that could be done about the curve in my penis. With luck it will go-away as this sometimes do.

    As I left that doctors office, I can tell you my heart was done past my knee’s.

    I saw another Urologist, some story, but this guy’s mannerism was a little better. So, he gave me a prescription for Potaba and sent me on my way. Probably was I could keep this down in my stomach.

    Another dead end. I then decided to take my health in my hands and go on the internet to see what I could find. Guy’s you know what I’m talking about. There are repetitious advertisement sanctioning pills, vitamin e wonders, penis enlargers, etc.

    Then I came across Dr. Herazy’s site. Very informative. Products and regiment based on science. Not folk tale or hype. Decided to put in a call. I got to speak to him first time I called. I thought for sure he would give me quick answer and hit me for my credit card to buy some pills. This guy listened to me, told me he too had Peyronie’s disease and based upon my commitment and finances he told me what he recommend I begin to take.

    We talked every bit of an hour, not once but several times.. I tell you I was really down because the curve up until this point, Got Worse! And the pain was all the time. He gave me hope and the fact that he had gotten better with his Peyronie’s disease was for me a God send.

    Women are wired different than men. Our manhood for most is in our ability to reproduce and please our woman like no one can. I was use to hearing my name screamed out from pleasure. After my injury and peyronies set in, the only screams I was hearing was when I got an erection during the night.

    I got my first order from Dr. Herazy. I didn’t fool around. This was my manhood and I was going full out to get well. About the third month the pain begin to sub-side. Fourth months, pain still there, but the fibrotic tissue at the top of my penis began to get soft and shrink. By the six months mark the fibrotic tissue on the left side of my penis began to soften. The curve of my penis began to correct itself and the pain is nearly gone.

    To date which is my seventh months dealing with Peyronie’s disease, I’m still taking the enzymes over all with great success with Neprinol and the penis stretching, and all the other things I am using.

    Guy’s I can not tell you Dr. had not been there. I would have reaching for straws for every product I could buy, with results short and few.

    If you’re fighting the fight to beat this thing, you got to give it time using the Dr Herazy system. If you don’t have the money to get the products, FIND IT! This is your penis and you only get one.

    My erections to date are very firm. I have gotten good results with the enzyme cocktail I’m on, scar x, copper peptide, dmso, vitamin e, neprinol, manual stretching exercise, fresh air and a positive attitude.

    Thank you Dr Herazy for the great work you are doing and on going support you’ve always shown me.


  9. HAW says:

    HI Dr Herazy,

    I wanted to post a report on your blog about my progress with Peyronie’s disease for a long time, but since you asked me the other day to put this in writing I guess I have no excuse to delay this.

    My Peyronie’s disease started a little more than three years ago, and I did all the usual things someone does when he first learns that this condition even exists. I tried cholchicine and verapamil and got nowhere, and I got some vitamin E like I was told to do but I had no idea what to get or how to use it. All I ever really heard my urologist say was that he thought I would eventually need surgery to fix my 45 degree bend and twist. Sex was too painful, and I was lucky that we had other ways to make up for the problem.

    I found PDI one while surfing the internet and really liked your approach to care that tried to get the body to heal the problem. Since I noticed that my bumps were always changing a little, I got excited when you were the only one I ever heard who could explain that and it made sense. My MD never talked to me about that when I told him about it a few times. Your treatment approach for Peyronie’s disease made a lot of sense to me, but I guess I did not get involved enough at first. After fooling around with a small Peyronie’s disease plan that I did not follow really well, and getting worse, I finally got serious when I noticed a 4th lump . I upped by therapies and got serious to using them. After a month I got the first relief of pain since my problem started. After about another month or more I was shocked when I noticed that one of my scars was almost gone. I upped my plan again and got the other two to shrink down and eventually disappear. It took a lot of pills, a lot of work, and I had to fight discouragement at the beginning. But it was worth it. My curve is almost gone, like in practically a straight line and there is no twist. I got all my lost size back. Sex is like before, except you can bet I am much more careful now and so is she.

    Thanks for all your help and answers. I appreciate all the work you do for everyone with Peyronie’s disease.



  10. r-rad says:

    dr herazy

    I am very encouraged and would like to post on the blog the progress i made with peyronie’s disease

    i have been on the best plan for just over one (1) month. as i look at my peyronie’s disease plaque daily it seems like it is becoming increasingly smaller. i see that my plaque has decreased by about 40 to 50% during this short period. I have not gained sensation back and still have a 30 to 35 % curvature. It is still very hard to obtain an erection. I know you indicate that when we see changes in our plaque it is a good sign, but that the plaque usually returns sometimes as it goes back and forth as it eventually disappears all together . While i am watching my plaque diligently i hope it continues to resolve. However, i am prepared to see it return for a short while, if it eventually is removed, as you state . I have never seen a change in my plaque before. However, since i started the program I have been watching it every day, several times a day and there is no question that so far the results have made me feel so much better emotionally.

    for the first time since i had this dreadful disease I really have hope. What is the best nutrient you suggest I start to take to increase sensation and should i start to see a change in my curvature, or should I expect a set back before additional progress?

    i called the urologist office at Cornell medical center that diagnosed me with peyronie’s disease many years ago- he provided two options- the first to have surgery to reduce my curvature and then told me an implant would be the best option…

    after reading about the consequences I never considered either thankfully.

    i have read many reports about this disease and your approach has already provided me with so much optimism i will forever be grateful regardless of what occurs. i will continue my program and hope to report continued progress.

    i wanted to reorder a few things last week and have the flu, but I wanted to send you the first of what i hope to be many progress reports on my condition and I thank you for all the brilliant work you do.

    Thank you


  11. HaroldH1266 says:

    Doctor Herazy,

    It has been a few months since I wrote the last time about my progress.

    This will be probably the last time I will write because I am over my Peyronie’s disease now, thanks to the information I got from your website and a lot of hard work on my part.

    I has been more than five years since my Peyronie’s disease started after an accident during sex. The 12 verapamil injections I first tried were a total waste of time, and I sure did not want the surgery my doctor was pushing to have. I am so happy I found your organization because it really saved me.

    What I found that helped me the most was just to keep using my modified medium plan without forgetting or getting lazy like i was doing. I could see good changes in my Peyronie’s disease but then i would get lazy and not do what I was supposed to do and I would stop making progress. After you sent me a pretty tough email I finally got serious about taking care of my self. Thanks for waking me up like that. I now take a much lower level of Neprinol and Scar X, follow the diet you gave in your books, and I do not have any of the three scars I started with and my sex life is back to normal. To me that means I finally got my problem healed like so many other on your site.

    Thats my story. I did it and others need to know it can be done. Thanks for all your hard work for us with Peyronie’s disease and for getting this idea out to men like me.

  12. arnieutah says:

    hey doc,

    i just want to let you know i am very happy with the results of using the large Peyronie’s disease plan. after a little more than two months my scars are definitely shrinking and my curve looks alike it is almost gone. thank you so much from my wife and me. arnie

  13. Dale Wise says:

    I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that it is possible to get over Peyronie’s disease like your site says can happen. like a lot of men I did not believe it was possible after all I read on the other sites, but what you wrote made sense and I gave it a try and it worked for me.

    You know I had 4 or 5 big knots over on the sides and a bend that made relations impossible and very painful. That is all gone now.

    I used the medium plan and got good results with my Peyronie’s disease after a month or so, but then nothing more happened so I got the stretching video and got those Acutouch genesen pens and then things really started to get better again only this time faster. I feel like a man again and to think my doctor wanted to cut on me. Give it a try even if you don’t know for sure about everything becasue it will work out if you keep on trying and listen to his advice.

  14. kenniford says:

    Anyone who thinks this stuff doesn’t help with Peyronie’s disease, let me tell you i went from being bent over to 80degrees and bumps as big and hard as pencil erasers down to a little bend that my lady thinks gives her better sex and only i tiny spot that feels like a marshmello. I spent a lot money on different things from the PDI site but I think it mostly was the Naprinol and stretching that did more good, but i can;t be sure. I needed a couple of months but it was worth it becuase i am back full use and no pain now and i do not look terrible any more. Kenny

  15. Mona-K says:

    Dr. Herazy, thank you so much for all your helpful emails and answers to our many questions about Peyronie’s disease over these last few months. I cannot tell you how much your kindness and interest in our problem has meant to my husband and me. it was a real nightmare.

    Bill is finally getting comfortable with the idea he has Peyronie’s disease, now that the curve is almost gone and the lumps are about half the size of what they were before he started on his treatment plan. It is not like him to be so stubborn and unreasonable, but like you said men just have a difficult time being reasonable when something happens to this part of the body.

    Now that you finally figured out what he was doing wrong I know we can take care of the problem the rest of the way. Once he got the Neprinol and PABA dose up where it needs to be, and he is now using your stretching procedure the right way, we both saw real changes in the scars within two weeks. His ED is almost gone and his confidence in how he looks is better now that the Peyronie’s disease bend disappeared.

    I will let you know if he stops making progress.


  16. woolyjim says:

    Hi Doctor H,

    The last time I gave you a progress report was about a year ago. Since then my Peyronie’s disease is really so much better, like it never happened. The terrible curve is gone and my wife is happy because sex is back to normal, and erections are as good as before my Peyronie’s disease. I am on a maintencace dose just to be sure it never comes back again. Thanks for all you hard work to help us guys out.


  17. Roscoe says:

    Happy New Year Dr. Herazy.

    I promised myself before the year ends I would write to tell you how much better my Peyronie’s disease is since the last time we spoke.

    After years of being told there is no cure for this problem and living with Peyronie’s disease because I thought I had no choice, I found your website. I cannot say my cure was fast or easy, but I finally got rid of all the scars. My curvature is gone too. After using the medium plan plus PABA and your stretching CD my life is back to normal. I started out slowly with just MSM, scar-x, vitamin E and C and not much happened. Then I read your book and started to use more things to help my healing. After a few months of making small changes that sometimes went back to the old curveture I finally got serious and really did it up big time, and thats when things started to happen. About two months into it I could see good changes happening to the Peyronie’s disease scars and my erections were stronger.

    All I can say is thanks and keep up the good work. This is going to the best year in a long time for me and my wife. Roscoe.

  18. jay9jay9 says:

    hi dr. h,

    you and i have done a lot of back and forth emailing over the last few months but it has been all worth it

    i got peyronie’s disease 7 yrs ago when i was 42 and it killed my marriage

    i hated myself and i lost faith in doctors who did not take my problem seriousl

    i tired every drug they put me on and none of it worked until i stateted using hte vitamins and different therapy from your site

    i had a 60 degree up directed bend that hurt like hell for over two year whenever i got hard

    within 2 weeks the pain was gone when i started following the medium plan and stretching like on your video every day for at least 30 minutes

    anotehr two mo later the bend was improved by half and anohter month later it was hardly noticeable

    my new girlfriend cant believe i had a problem with my penis



  19. bassfisher says:

    Hey Doc,

    Well I suppose it’s my turn to add a Peyronie’s disease success story to your list. There were a few times i didn’t know if I would make it but we worked it out, didn’t we?

    I was all bent over to the right for about 3 years and things didn’t seem like they could be worse. My uro only wanted to talk about cutting on me after his drugs didn’t do a lick of good, and all those boys on the PD forums just made it sound like I had to live with a bent one. What a depressing bunch of people!

    After finding out about PDI from an MD I know who works with you, I was really eager to give your different method a try. I got your 2 books and the big plan and worked hard at it for about 6 or 7 weeks when the bend started to slowly get better for a month. After that there was a period of no change for about a month but I did not let up even a little. Then things started to change again, but faster than before. I guess this was because I took your advice and increased dosage of neprinol, Acetly-l-carnitine and the Scar-X and was more careful about doing the Genesen work evey night.

    It was 6 months ago that I started treating myself, and right now I cannot find any of big or small Peyronie’s disease scars that dotted all over my organ. The erections are as good as ever, and so is the sex.

    Like others have said, “It was not easy, but it was sure worth it.”

    Charles the bass man

  20. alan says:

    Dr. Herazy,

    I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease nine years ago. Like most men I accepted what my medical doctor told me. I did not want surgery, so I learned to live with a 50 degree upward bend. My ex-wife could not live with that, so she left in less than a year. I was not in pain, but life was miserable.

    I tried those herbs from Pakistan and Australia that make all those guarantees to work in a few months. Nothing happened but I could not get my money back from them. I tried a penis stretcher and I got sores after two uses so I stopped trying that.

    One day in a PD forum I found out about the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. All you said in your website made sense to me, and you made no promises except that it would be hard work to get rid of my Peyronie’s disease. You were right, it was hard work but I no longer have Peyronie’s disease.

    I started with a medium plan and maybe my scar changed a little, it was hard to say for sure. I added ACL, I ate better like in your book, and I read everything I could find on your website, the two books and your blog information. It was difficult taking all those pills and doing the stretching but I did it and it helped me. I could see my scar get soft and mushy like you said and this started in a couple of weeks and it just continued to get softer and smaller. I took almost four months but it was worth it.

    I have no bend now and I cannot find my Peyronie’s disease scar any more, so I guess that means I am cured.


  21. Felix says:

    Hi Dr Herazy,

    My Peyronie’s disease was pretty bad and I lost all self-confidence because of it. Dating was a nightmare and I finally gave up trying to find a woman to be happy with. I felt like a loser and hated my body.

    After 4 yrs of looking on and off on the Peyronie’s disease forums I got so discouraged and depressed by those guys that I felt terrible. They are a weird bunch of guys who seem to hate everything and complain that there is no magic drug to take away their problems. They expect MDs to do everything for them, but htey do not think for themselves. One day I googled around on the internet and found PDI and I took a chance that you were not just blowing smoke at men with a terrible problem. It was not easy eating differently, taking so many pills all day long every day or doing all the different things you recommend, but it is not easy having Peyronie’s disease either.

    I did everything you said in your book and website. Like you say I hit it hard. I started with a 90 degree upward bend and a weak erection. By my 2nd month the erections were stronger and my two scars got mushy, like touching soap that has been in water for too long. Finally they just seemed to break apart and that was all. The bend got better and better. It took me almost 5 months of a heavy plan and the scars were gone. The bend seems to be staying at about 15 degrees and it seems like that is what I will have as a reminder of how bad it was before.

    My new girl friend likes my “friendly bend” like she calls it because it hits her G spot just the right way. My erections are stronger than before and I feel good about my future.

    I plan to stay on a small plan with Neprinol, vitamin E and doing the kegel exercises. Count me as a Peyronie’s disease success story for PDI. Thanks.


  22. carlosred says:

    hi dr. herazy, i got a lot of help with my peyronie’s disease from your ideas and folowing your advise in emails and things from the newsleters and blog. i used a medium peyronie’s disease plan and the stretching cd along with neprinol it did not take to long for my curve to go away, maybe 3 months. now i am good like before. when i started i was pretty bad carlos

  23. Victor says:

    Greetings Dr. H,

    I think i have made all the recovery I can do at this time. After living with this damn Peyronie’s disease for over 5 yrs I have gone from a straight up 90 degree bend to a mild arc a little like a banana that my girlfriend thinks makes sex better for her. I can live with this. I could not live with what i had before, if you know what i mean. I used the large plan and I added the gentle stretching technique from your CD. I could see good changes in my scars after week 3 and it just slowly got better with each week. All in all it took about five months but for the last few weeks nothing has happened to the bend and I have not been able to find even one scar for maybe 2 months. Thanks for your helpful website and for the newsletters and for all the personal help with my Peyronie’s disease questions. I will stay on a reduced plan for a few months to see if i can make a bit more progress, but what the heck I think I am doing great. V.K.

  24. Pete says:

    Hi everyone.

    Had my Peyronie’s disease for two years before I got help from your website and methods. It all started from a very traumatic event that was psychology draining. Problem got better in about 5 months once treatment started. Never had anything harder to face.

    I am being careful and doing well ’cause I sue don’t want to injure myself again. I talked to you on the phone plus did your basics for a while that was directed to help my documented 30 degree middle Peyronie’s disease bend to the left.

    Now I am fine. Thanks you very much for your help and knowledge. Urologist can not believe how my Peyronie’s disease responded.

    P. R.P.

  25. Greg says:

    A year ago I found the PDI website and spent a lot of time reading what you had to say about Peyronie’s disease. I was amazed that someone had made so much sense out of the nonsense about treating Peyronie’s disease. I think I really understand what you are trying to do to get the body to heal the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue with all the different therapies.

    I got the medium plan and bought your Peyronie’s disease Handbook. That book makes a lot of sense and it really helped me to know how to find and describe my scars. With all that ammunition I started doing all that I possibly could do to help myself heal my PD. My wife thought I was nuts for thinking I could do it because she believed nothing could make it better.

    At first not much happened and then after 7 weeks I felt my scars being softer and smaller. After a few more weeks I noticed more good changes with my Peyronie’s disease. Then it seemed like a hit a wall and nothing more changed. I emailed you and you said to increase my use of Neprinol and Scar-X and to add in Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I did all that, and again my scars began to make more progress, by that I mean they got even smaller and almost started to feel like they were breaking up.

    Like you said my scars got smaller and couldn’t hardly locate after my curve went from a 20 degree gradual arc or gentle bend, when it went into a sharp 40 degree angle for about a week. It was like my curved penis got worse for a short time after the scars made some really big changes. Then one day my penis only had a very small 5 degree bent to it and I could not find most of the scars because only my biggest one was left. It is now very difficult to locate that one some days. These results are just amazing to me after putting up with all this for so long. Like another guy said on this forum, my MD just doesn’t know what to say about this because he has never seen a 7 year old case of PD get better like mine did.

    I did all this in about 17 weeks of intense work. I don’t even think about having Peyronie’s disease anymore. I am very grateful to have found the PDI website and for the work that you do. Thank you.

    G. N. – Kansas

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