Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Vitamin E



Vitamin E not researched well for Peyronie's treatment

Because of its early success in treating Peyronie’s disease, vitamin E is the most commonly prescribed form of non-drug Peyronies treatment.  With this history of positive results based on the really rather limited medical research that has been given to vitamin E, not much additional research has been done after that point.

To make this simple point even more clear, even thought the early research studies that looked at the effectiveness of vitamin E and other nutrition products for treatment of Peyronie’s disease were good, almost no additional research has been done in this area of treatment.  This sad fact should be of interest to anyone with Peyronie’s disease.

One is the few complaints about the effects of vitamin E and Peyronie’s treatment that is always used to justify not using this therapy is that there has not been enough research to prove it actually works.

Have you ever noticed that every time you read about vitamin E treatment for Peyronie’s disease the article will say something like, “Early testing of Peyronie’s disease treatment with vitamin E showed initial promise and success.  However, more testing needs to be done.”   We have all read that.  t must ask you, “Why hasn’t that additional testing been done with vitamin E for PD?”

Just as vitamin E started to show promise as a Peyronies treatment, research in this area stopped.  What could have been the reason?  Vitamin E is a known essential human nutrient, it is relatively inexpensive to extract from food sources, and has myriad health benefits.  Why would medical science and the large drug companies not be interested in doing the needed research to prove it as a valid Peyronie’s treatment? It is not necessary to ponder this question too long before the answer, profit, becomes apparent.

Vitamin E is a valid Peyronies therapy

It sometimes appears that the drug industry wants to protect its own health more than it wants to protect the health of the public.

Vitamin E does not present a high profit to the large drug companies because it cannot be held as a monopoly; anyone and everyone can manufacture and sell it.  It is currently manufactured by so many small companies around the world, that the competition keeps the price relatively low for it.  Without adequate profit, these large drug companies lack motivation to sell it even though it might be of value to sick people.

By not researching vitamin E the drug industry has locked it out of serious consideration as a potential Peyronies treatment.  And so, the common refrain continues that your doctor will not – and actually according to standard medical ethics cannot – strongly promote the use of vitamin E for treatment of Peyronie’s disease because it has not been proven through research to work as a treatment.

Do not be afraid of using vitamin E as a general supplement or as a specific product as a therapy for Peyronie’s disease.   The risk and danger have been greatly exaggerated in the literature, and are generally unfounded.  Please read this blog post that explains more about the safety of vitamin E.

Peyronie’s Disease Institute has used vitamin E with great success since 2002 and continues to do so without reservation.   


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