Peyronie's Disease Treatment with Neprinol

Peyronie's treatment – Neprinol for Peyronie

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Neprinol is a very well researched systemic enzyme therapy that is used for Peyronie’s disease treatment. Since the curved penis that is so common in Peyronies is such a common problem with no effective medical treatment, Neprinol is a much needed Alternative Medicine tool against this problem. Neprinol works to break down and eliminate the offending Peyronie’s plaque fibrous material that causes the bent penis for which Peyronies is so well known. Neprinol contains a high concentration of nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain and Coenzyme Q, and related co-enzyme factors. Confusion exists about Neprinol because it is actually a high potency combination of several different systemic enzymes, rather than just a single enzyme like so many other products.

These are the basic highlights about Neprinol as it relates to Peyronie’s disease treatment:

1. The nattokinase and serrapeptase in Neprinol are in much higher concentration than in the separate pills containing just nattokinase and serrapeptase. Therefore, a lower dose of Neprinol is needed to reach a higher level of these two enzymes, as when lower concentration enzymes are used separately.

2. Taking Neprinol makes taking separate doses of nattokinase and serrapeptase unnecessary, although some men still take Neprinol plus additional nattokinase and serrapeptase products to diversify the sources and varieties of these enzymes. PDI sells a separate nattokinase product call Nattokinase 1500 and a separate serrapeptase product called Fibrozym. Both of these great products can be used successfully in Peyronies treatment. But, Neprinol has more of these same enzymes in it than these separate enzyme products.

3. Dosage of Neprinol – like most other Peyronies treatment products – is based on ability of that product to make a positive change in the condition of the Peyronies plaque or scar. While the bottle of Neprinol might say to take six capsules daily, the effective dose for each man will be different. After working with PD treatment since 2002 I know that some men respond with a dose of four capsules of Neprinol daily, while others might take 20 for the same results. There is no magic dose of Neprinol. It is something than must be determined by continual trial until a favorable change is noted in the condition of the Peyronies scar material. Safety is always an issue, so it is necessary when anyone is taking more than six Neprinol daily to take a period rest from this therapy, by simply stopping usage for several days every few weeks.

4. A single bottle of Neprinol is comparatively expensive for a few reasons: the bottle is three times larger than the average enzyme product, (Neprinol comes in a bottle of 300 pills, while the separate Nattokinase and separate Fibrozym enzyme products often are sold in bottles of 100) and each Neprinol pill contains a more concentrated dose of nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain and coenzyme Q than are found in any other enzyme product. Besides, PDI sells Neprinol through our sister-site, Natural Complementary Medicine Products, for $135 a bottle of 300, the best price on the Internet. Neprinol represents a better value in the long run since you would need to take fewer or them, and the bottle is simply larger so you buy fewer of them.

5. For a $10 discount we offer for Neprinol, just type in the discount code word “Neprinol” in the appropriate discount offer area, bringing your cost down to $135 for the Neprinol 300 size.

To read more about the use of Neprinol and other systemic enzymes in Peyronie’s disease treatment, go to the Peyronie’s Disease Institute discussion about systemic enzymes at Peyronies treatment with Enzymes and Neprinol

Neprinol and Peyronie's treatment

Because Neprinol is heavily promoted for Peyronie's treatment, some men develop the mistaken idea to only use Neprinol in their Peyronies treatment plan. I advise against this. Not because Neprinol is not an effective way to reduce foreign fibrin from the Peyronies plaque and scar material, but because Peyronies disease is such a stubborn problem to treat successfully. PD almost always requires large and complex treatment for a considerable length of time. I rarely hear of cases in which Neprinol does more than reduce penis pain associated with Peyronie’s disease. But when it is combined with other effective forms of Peyronies treatment, the results can be dramatic.

Effectively treating Peyronies is all about doing all that you can to create synergy with multiple therapies designed to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronies plaque or scar. It is never as easy as popping a few pills – even as great as Neprinol – and getting the kind of results we all want.

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