Does Peyronies last forever?

Does peyronies last forever, or is their an estimate to how long it lasts? Thanks.


Here are your short answers: Peyronie’s disease can last forever, but in a large percent of cases it does not have to if the man actively and aggressively works to increase his healing ability against PD. And, PD can last a life time in those men who do nothing about it.

In about half of the cases of Peyronie’s disease, the disease will be self-corrected or eliminated without doing anything about it. The body heals and eliminates the PD problem naturally like it heals and eliminates thousands of other health problems.  In the other half of persistent cases, the problem tends to continue indefinitely unless it is treated with Alternative Medicine methods that increases the body’s ability to self-correct and heal the Peyronie’s plaque.

For those men whose Peyronie’s disease does not go away on its own, they tend to be very active and motivated to get help for their problem. But after talking to a few MDs, reading a few online websites or asking a few questions on Peyronie’s forums, they eventually learn the standard medical answer that there is nothing that can be done for Peyronie’s disease – that there is no cure for PD. After learning this from multiple sources they tend to get depressed and discouraged and stop looking for help. Since they accept defeat, and never start to assist their natural recuperative abilities, their PD tends to either stay the same or slowly worsen over time. Some men report slow gradual improvement of their PD while other men report slow gradual worsening, the opposite. These contradictory reports of long term outcome of what eventually happens in Peyronie’s disease is consistent with the extremely variable and contradictory nature of this problem.

So in this sense, I suppose you could find different opinions about how long Peyronies lasts. Given the variable and contradictory nature of PD, most men agree that they do not want to risk that their PD will get better in 10 or 20 years. They get active and they get started working a PD treatment plan as we discuss throughout the PDI website. A good place to start learning about Peyronie’s treatment is on the Peyronie’s Disease Institute website.