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Peyronie’s disease natural cures not presented honestly

When a man with Peyronie’s disease investigates the internet for Peyronie’s disease natural treatments, the results are surprising and disappointing. Usually the information is not about Peyronie’s natural treatment in an honest or wide presentation, but simply a limited two or three sentence statement that vitamin E does not help in cases of Peyronie’s disease.   The idea presented is that Peyronie’s natural treatment is the use of vitamin E and nothing more and nothing else, and it does not help anyway.

The truth is that the average medical doctor does not know how to use vitamin E as a Peyronie’s natural treatment, and so he or she mismanages the value of the therapy. Any failure is not placed where it belongs – on the doctor – but is assumed to be the failure of vitamin E to help Peyronie’s disease.

What this kind of statement means – "that  vitamin E does not help in cases of Peyronie's disease" – only means that the writer or the doctor does not know how to use vitamin E effectively or correctly to assist the body to correct this problem.  It has nothing to do with vitamin E, or any other Peyronie's natural treatment – but with the way they are used.

Peyronie’s disease natural cures unfair representation

It is not fair to say that vitamin E is not a valid and effective Peyronie’s natural treatment. However, it is accurate that the way the average medical website or medical doctor has extremely limited and biased information against Peyronie’s disease natural cures. It is fair to say that the average medical doctor is strongly biased in favor of drugs and surgery as the primary treatment for any medical condition. In the case of Peyronie’s disease, this is especially perplexing and damaging to someone with Peyronie’s disease looking for genuinely helpful information, since the medical profession admits there is no effective drug to treat this problem and the results of surgery are often poor – at best.

It is also not fair to say that vitamin E is the only Peyronie’s natural treatment that can be employed against Peyronie’s disease. The potential list of Peyronie’s disease natural cures is rather long and varied:

1. Vitamin E – oral and topical, especially the gamma tocopherol faction

2. Vitamin C – best combined with vitamin C

3. PABA – this is a B vitamin, not POTABA which is a drug that is made by the addition of a potassium molecule added to PABA

4. Quercetin – an antioxidant

5. Bromelain – powerful protein enzyme

6. Serrapeptase – powerful protein enzyme

7. Nattokinase – powerful protein enzyme

8. Herbal compounds – Chinese and Ayurvedic types

9. DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide drives therapy compounds deep into the scar tissue

10. Copper peptides – topical preparation assists scar reorganization

11. Acupuncture – non-invasive techniques used for over 4000 years to help healing

12. Massage – increase blood circulation and tone of local tissue

13. Exercise – increase blood circulation and tone of local tissue

14. Manual penis stretching – gentle non-mechanical method to stretch contracted scar

15. Diet – special protocol to promote tissue alkalinity and healing

The average person for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment information would do well to expand their search beyond biased medical websites and explore the many well researched and diverse Alternative Medicine websites that seriously investigate the subject in a more comprehensive manner.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute presents over 200 pages of documented information exploring Peyronie’s disease natural treatments along with a Q/A section, survey’s, books, and videos to explore the many diverse options that are available for consideration.

One last thought concerning information about Peyronie’s disease natural cures. There is none. Some unscrupulous individuals promote herbal concoctions and painful mechanical penis stretching devices as Peyronie’s disease natural cures, but they are not anything of the kind. While all of the Peyronie’s disease natural treatments mentioned above when used in an effectively combined treatment plan can help the body to heal and repair the terrible Peyronie’s scar, none of them can be considered a cure in the sense many would hope.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute offers detailed information and therapy products that when used together in various combinations have helped men all over the world for the last eight years to reduce and sometimes overcome their problem while intelligently using Peyronie’s natural treatment.


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