Peyronies Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

Peyronie’s Disease Institute:  A  SELF-EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE

“Do I have Peyronie’s disease?” – a guide to your answer

Peyronie's disease self-evaluation
Peyronie's disease self-evaluation

The Peyronie’s disease questionnaires presented in this section are intended for personal use and general interest, to guide you to investigate Peyronie’s home remedies and self-guided care. However, they are not intended to be a substitute for medical evaluation and consultation. The information and broad conclusions drawn from your answers are intended for your general knowledge about Peyronie’s disease, and to use in discussion with your treating physician.

The statements and opinions about Peyronie’s disease new treatments contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, manage, or treat any disease.

There are two ways you can use these questionnaires:

  • You are having penis pain and Peyronie’s disease is a possible problem you would like to rule out. You have not yet seen a doctor to get an answer about Peyronie’s disease. Use this questionnaire to help you understand your problem, and offer encouragement to go to your family doctor or medical specialist for an examination, to determine if you actually have Peyronies. We strongly advise that you receive medical care and supervision for this problem as soon as possible. Use the information and insights from these questionnaires to your best advantage in discussing this problem with your doctor.
  • You are having problems with your penis, you have seen a doctor and have a diagnosis of Peyronie’s Disease Institute , and you want to know and do more about Peyronie’s disease treatment.    You were told to “try some vitamin E ” but you have no idea how to find the right kind, or how to use it.     Use this questionnaire to serve as a general format of information and opinion, so you may share this information with your family doctor or urologist who will discuss these issues with you in detail. You will have a better idea of how to proceed with modifications, additions, or improvements, if any, to your current Peyronie’s disease treatment plan. First, talk with your personal physician to decide if a particular treatment or technique described and offered in this website might be of possible value to you in an effort to increase your general well being or improve your ability to resolve the Peyronie’s scar.

Simply complete the short questionnaires and grade your answers based on the instructions provided.

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