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Peyronie's Disease Institute Research Survey This survey is a very important project of PDI and it should be important to you, too. The purpose of these survey questions is to search for possible contributing or predisposing factors, or related conditions that might prove useful in advancing the understanding natural Peyronie’s disease treatment. Your responses will be useful in developing a profile associated or dependent conditions that might be related to PD in some way that has yet to be determined, thus helping to change the way we go about Peyronie’s treatment.

Our intention is to collect information from as many men with PD as possible, compare their answers, and develop clinical profiles to explore for indicators in the disease process. In so doing we hope to find a common trend or similarity that might help us to understand PD better. Filling out this survey could be a good way to help others and to help yourself. Please take a few moments to answer the Peyronie’s disease questions listed below. We really appreciate your help by providing us with this information. Please choose one answer for the multiple choice questions. For all the other questions, please answer by clicking on either “Yes” or “No”. “You are being asked for your email address so that PDI can communicate with you if additional information is needed concerning a particular answer you have given. This will only be done if this information is important in a developing statistical pattern of answers.” Again, thanks for the benefit of your information and time.

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Privacy Statement

Your answers are always strictly confidential and will absolutely not be used in any manner beyond the stated purpose. No names, answers or information will ever be connected back to you, shared or given to others. This information does not cycle beyond PDI. The answers you provide in the surveys are collected, reviewed and cataloged by PDI; this information is stored outside of this section of the website without any name, origin or information identifying a source for any particular answer. For additional information please review our Privacy Policy.

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