What Peyronies treatment would you suggest for a “waist” in the penis?

Dr. Herazy,

What treatment plan would you suggest in treating a waist in the penis? And also, does the penis waist happen because of lack of blood flow to that area?




When you mention a "waist in the penis" I assume you refer to what is commonly referred to as an hourglass deformity of the penis associated with Peyronie's disease in which there is a narrowed portion of the penis in a small or large part of the circumference of the shaft.   

Treatment for this type of distortion is not much different for this distortion or for any other distortion that is caused by the presence of the internal Peyronies plaque or scar tissue – except in one small aspect I will explain a bit further down.  The very important point I want to make now is that good Peyronies treatment is not directed to the distorted (bent, curved, hourglass, waisted, limp or shrunken) penis, but to the scar itself.   What is wrong with you is not that your penis has a waist formation, but that you have a Peyronie's plaque or internal scar in the shaft that is causing a waist formation.  Do you understand the critical point I am trying to make?  Your problem is not the waist, but what is causing the waist to form.  That is why it is pointless to try to stretch a curved penis with a mechanical penis stretcher because it cannot do anything to remove or reduce the Peyronies plaque.   A case of Peyronie's disease is not a curved penis that will be corrected by forced stretching, like a bent paperclip.  A case of Peyronies disease is one in which internal scar tissue can cause the penis to bend or distort in some way.  For this reason treatment is not so much directed to the kind of distortion but to the reason for the distortion. 

Having explained that, I will say that the gentle manual penis stretching technique developed in a PDI research project a few years back can be modified to suit the type of distortion displayed because with this particular local technique it is possible to focus subtle traction vectors into the specific location and direction of the plaque formation.  We developed unique techniques for bends, twists or rotation, hourglass, bottleneck and combinations of deformities to isolate the fibers that cause those patterns in an effort to stimulate their reabsorption.

This waist or hourglass type of distortion is caused by a circular or collar-like Peyronie's plaque formation that either prevents or restricts the full expansion of the shaft during an erection or allows blood to not collect in a particular area and therefore not expand completely.

My suggestion is that you do a bit of reading at start Peyronie's treatment to see if this makes sense to you, and to begin working to increase your ability to heal the Peyronies scar in the best way possible.  In my opinion the best Peyronie's treatment is the largest and most aggressive you can sustain for a few months to assist natural healing.  Read the PDI website to learn if you agree.  TRH


4 thoughts on “What Peyronies treatment would you suggest for a “waist” in the penis?

  1. bernie watts says:

    You mentioned in the response to this question, gentile manual penis stretching technique for Peyronie’s disease. What is this? I have the hourglass effect.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Bernie,

    The Gentle Manual Penis Stretching technique is a method that was developed about 8-10 years ago during a two-year research project of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. It is a way to identify and manually stretch the contracted fibrous tissue that causes the distortions commonly found in PD. It is much more effective than the vigorous and often injurious stretching done with the mechanical penis stretchers that were popular many years ago. For more information about what you can do for the hourglass deformity you have, please go to http://peyronies-disease-help.com/pdi-product/manual-penis-stretching-method-cd/.

    Even though you ask only about the gentle manual penis stretching method, I must mention something else. PDI advocates that the best way to encourage self-healing of your Peyronie’s disease is to aggressively use multiple therapies; solo therapies are seldom effective against this tenacious problem.

    Good luck with your Peyronie’s disease. Remember that half of the men who get PD simply correct their problem spontaneously; the body heals it like it heals so many other health problems. The Peyronie’s Disease Institute works to assist that natural healing process. That is why we get reports of moderate to marked success of reduced scar tissue from men who use our concepts and protocol for every one report of failure. Peyronie’s disease can be helped in many cases using Alt Med therapies when done correctly. Let me know if you want help with your PD> TRH

  3. bernie watts says:

    Thank you. I’ve ordered some L-Arginine and Coenzyme Q10. Hope your stretching technique and these two will help. I’ve used castor oil at nights for the last couple of months as well as sonic treatment. It has helped some.

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings again Bernie,

    That is not much treatment you are using against your Peyronie’s disease. Usually it takes much more to make changes in the fibrous tissue. Apparently you are one of the lucky one’s who respond to a much lighter treatment program. Everyone seems to follow a different approach. If you run into a problem or have questions with your Peyronie’s disease treatment please let me know. TRH

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