Peyronie's treatment and

Finding a Peyronie's cure

Peyronie’s Disease Institute (PDI) approaches the problem of Peyronies treatment from an entirely different direction than traditional medical therapy.

While current traditional thinking is that there is no known medical Peyronie's cure, they readily admit that the body does heal and repair PD in about 50% of the cases within the first 12-18 months after onset.  Their position seems to be that while the body can cure this problem – that particular kind of healing does not count.  Their self-serving thinking is that so long as a drug or medical procedure is not available for an MD to administer, then “there is no cure.”  The current standard of medical care continues to be wrapped up in drug and surgical treatment for PD, completely ignoring the fact that half of the men can cure their own problem.  The PDI position is that the use of multiple therapies when used in combination will often develop a healing synergy to correct the loathed Peyronie’s plaque.

Many years ago when I developed my own PD problem at the age of 56, I was confronted with the pressing need to do something to assist and stimulate my own immune response to my body could heal this unwelcome development.  With my background in Alternative Medicine I knew there were always options to assist the healing ability of the body.  I studied and reviewed various medical research articles about the subject of Peyronie’s disease and with the three MDs I was working with at that time, we developed the basic Alternative Medicine treatment protocol that is now found on our website for all to share.

Over the years I have continued the study of Peyronie’s disease, resulting in several significant improvements in the basic treatment strategy that is now used by many hundreds of men around the world.  Recently, this ongoing study has brought me to a most interesting and helpful Alternative Medicine website, For those men who spend hours looking up various health and healing topics I encourage you to visit this website to broaden your investigation for a better way to seek health and healing.

The website is a hub of natural healing information that brings together various Alternative Medicine disciplines like acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology, detoxification, meditation, yoga practices, hypnosis, etc.  The emphasis is to educate website readers how they can use this information to increase their body’s ability to recover from chronic disease and reduced vitality.  In addition, this is well-researched information since many of the authors and contributors are MDs who take a conservative and natural approach wellness.  You will find additional information at about many of the various therapies that are used in Peyronie’s disease treatment.

While they do not have a lot of specific information yet about Peyronie's disease treatment, you can review and research a wealth of information about individual therapies you see featured on the PDI website.

I encourage all of my blog readers to spend some time getting educated and enlightened at the visit soon.