Acupuncture – without Needles – for Peyronies Treatment

Acupuncture Without Needles Helps Peyronie’s Disease

Use Genesen Acutouch pens like a professional to reduce Peyronie’s plaque

Acupuncture is a major part of a 5,000 year-old oriental healing tradition that is performed by inserting fine needles to stimulate specific points on the surface of the body. In the acupuncture system of health care the presence of the needle, or other stimulus, modifies energy flow in the body to assist the natural process of healing from within. From ancient to modern times, every known culture has used some form or variation of acupuncture treatment.   Because it presents such a unique therapeutic approach, each man should consider using it for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.  The simple professional device used to deliver a self-administered and non-needle treatment to acupuncture points is the Genesen Acutouch instrument.

There are two popular theories that explain how acupuncture works:

1. Ancient theory – Some believe a current of life force energy, called “chi” (pronounced “chee”), flows along specific acupuncture pathways, called meridians. This energy is different from nerve energy and it does not follow the nerve system. Just like magnetic energy that can pass through a solid object, this energy goes in, out and around the body to all organs and tissues. To maintain health, it is said, chi must be balanced and move freely. Acupuncture treatment is used to increase, decrease or move the chi energy if it has become stagnant, thus bringing balance to the vital energy flow. By correcting an imbalance of chi, a healing response is brought about.

2. Modern theory – The brain makes certain chemicals, called endorphins and enkephalins, that are messengers to start the process of healing and reduce pain. One of the many ways to trigger an endorphin or enkephalin release is to insert an acupuncture needle into an acupuncture point. The ancient Chinese may have stumbled on a simple way to start a complicated process they did not know even existed.

Which theory is correct?  Perhaps both — in different ways.

Although accepted as a medical treatment in Asia for millennia, acupuncture’s arrival in the West has sparked controversy until reasonable scientific explanations were offered. With the discovery that acupuncture treatment causes a release of brain messenger chemicals, the endorphins and enkephalins, acupuncture became acceptable in many areas of the medical community. In 1977 the National Institute of Health (NIH) issued a consensus statement that concluded “there is sufficient evidence of acupuncture’s value to expand its use into conventional medicine and to encourage further studies of its physiology and clinical value.” Further, the NIH statement noted “the data in support of acupuncture are as strong as those for many accepted Western medical therapies,” and added that “the incidence of adverse effects is substantially lower than that of many drugs or other accepted medical procedures used for the same condition.”

However, the acupuncture needle itself is just a tool used to stimulate the body. It’s like pushing the button on a doorbell – you can use your finger, a pencil or an umbrella. What is used to make the bell ring is not important; the bell will ring regardless of how the button is pushed. Even acupuncture benefits from high technology, so that acupuncturists now use soft laser beams, magnets and electricity to do what the needles do – and sometimes better. Along this line of improving acupuncture treatment technique, PDI has found a recent medical break through by a Korean scientist who invented a revolutionary non-invasive acupuncture point stimulator that might make acupuncture needles obsolete.

This new non-invasive acupuncture invention is a revolutionary point stimulator, called the Genesen Acutouch, that was invented by Korean scientist and engineer, Chi Kyung Kim, in 1999. It uses a combination of 600-G focused magnets; a pinpoint far infrared beam (between 6 and 14 micrometers) that is focused down the length of a hexagonal barrel of the device; and a negative ion emitter in a ceramic powder chamber. These three energy sources are tuned to precisely merge at a gold-plated point of the Acutouch device. The touch pointer of the device directs this composite of natural energy into the body, stimulating the body’s inherent ability to regulate and heal itself. What makes the Genesen Acutouch instrument so exciting is that PDI developed a way for a man with PD to use it for at-home care.

Acupuncture is not one thing. There are many styles of acupuncture and many ways of stimulating acupuncture points. Thus if you get treated by different acupuncturists you will be treated in different ways. So long as the end result of improved health is achieved, the acupuncture methods and technique can be quite different. Thus, experience has shown many times that a revolutionary treatment device like the Genesen touch pointers can be used by a layperson to effectively perform an acupuncture treatment, without any of the problems and limitations of traditional needles.

In China, and all parts of the East where acupuncture is the primary method of health care, when acupuncture treatment is provided in China and other parts of the Orient, it is done daily until the desired changes in health are seen. In order for acupuncture treatment to be most successful it is done frequently – often seven days a week – until health is restored. To apply that same intense and frequent treatment to PD would only be possible if it was self-administered, otherwise the cost and inconvenience would be beyond reason. This is where the Acutouch device answers a need, since it is possible to use it safely and frequently, on a daily basis in the comfort and privacy of home use, whenever a convenient time becomes available.

Commercial product information

This concludes the technical discussion concerning ACUPUNCTURE. What follows next is the presentation of commercial information about a particular product that PDI endorses and sells in its Natural Complementary Medicine Products division. PDI does this so that you may easily identify what we think is the best therapy product of its kind, and then make it available for sale easily and at the best price we can.

Please bear in mind that PDI cannot answer your questions or help you with your therapy plan if we do not have knowledge, experience or confidence with “foreign” therapies. On the PDI website we clearly state, “Sorry, but due to the volume of emails PDI receives and with limited hours available in a day, we can only answer questions from PDI customers. When you purchase your therapy products only from PDI you have full access to the vast experience and careful assistance available to our customers. If you purchase inferior grade or questionable bargain products elsewhere, you will have to rely upon that source for whatever help you might need later.”

We take this position because after doing this work since 2002 we sincerely believe that you stand a better chance to reverse your PD if you only use products listed in the PDI and Natural Complementary Medicine websites.

Acutouch Pointers are unique in a critical way

Genesen treatment for Peyronie's disease is fasf, simple and safe
Genesen treatment

What is most important about the Acutouch device for both the professional acupuncturist and the layperson who choose to use them is this: This instrument has such a wide area of influence or effectiveness within the galvanic energy field that it creates, that it is difficult to make a mistake with the Pointers. The effective treatment radius of the Acutouch Pointer tip is in fact 25 mm (1 inch), for a total treating diameter of 50 mm (2 inches). This means that you do no have to be absolutely accurate in locating the treatment point, and you will in any event be guided to the exact point by your body’s reaction to the energy of the Acutouch device (more about Reaction Sensation in a later section, below). This wide area of effect and reaction is in sharp contrast to the level of accuracy required with a convention needle acupuncture treatment in which the needle must be within 1 mm of the actual treatment point for an effective response to occur.

This 2 inch range of treatment effectiveness of the Acutouch instrument is what makes this such a perfect tool for the layperson to use for at-home self treatment. Because it is not necessary to be exactly on a treatment point with this instrument, you only need to be fairly close to an actual acupuncture point for it to be stimulated effectively. To say it another way, the Acutouch instrument is just made for at home care by a layperson because it is so powerful and forgiving. That is why PDI can present this technique to you. It would be impossible to arrange this kind of treatment with any other equipment that is available.

Acutouch Pointers ? The power of acupuncture in your hands

Acutouch Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing. It empowers home users to take charge of their own health and treatment on a very sophisticated acupuncture treatment level.

  • Acutouch Pointers used over acupuncture points is totally safe, and will last a lifetime.
  • The Acutouch Pointer is a state-of-the-art magnetic therapeutic device
  • Simple, non-invasive, self-administered treatment, unique in that it employs no artificial or external power source and there are no batteries to replace.
  • Sustained healing as well as natural, effective pain control.
  • Reliance purely on an infinite supply of natural, atmospheric energy.
  • Providing the home user with a compact, portable and convenient response to more than 220 ailments, injuries and conditions.
  • Employing the design of a six-sided hexagonal profile in a purpose-designed tube, channeling energy gathered by a pair of patented sympathetic lenses, or antennae, located at the top and center of the Acutouch Pointer. These lenses or antennae, attract, resonate, amplify and accelerate the natural energy available in the atmosphere.
  • Enabling this energy to flow down through the hexagonal tube to energize the materials it contains, and to pass through the gold tips (coated in 20 microns of 24K gold for optimum hygiene, performance and response) into the body to a depth of 25mm (1 inch).
  • Having no moving parts and that it will never wear out, or lose its efficiency over time.
  • Manufactured to ISO9002 standards, the product carries CE certification as a Class 1 medical device.

The hexahedron tube, containing two focal lenses, acts similarly to a radio crystal set. Old-fashioned crystal radios resonated with the frequency range of sound vibrations in the air and amplified them. The hexahedron tube design, according to Mr. Kim, the inventor, attracts and amplifies the frequency range of Qi and strongly focuses this “fresh” undifferentiated energy through the stimulator tip to the acupoint center. This system is self-contained, portable, requires no power source, and never runs down. These stimulators can be used singly or in pairs, making them suitable for any type of polarity therapy.


Genesen Acutouch pens are a perfect professional non-needle acupuncture instrument for Peyronie's treatment.
Genesen internal construction

SYMPALENS Natural energy in the form of electromagnetic waves are attracted and harnessed by the Acutouch twin touch pointers, through the patented sympalens lens located at their caps. These lenses are in effect micro antennae and the hexagonal shape of their circuitry amplifies and accelerates the flow of this energy through the pointers to a depth of 25mm (1 inch) below the surface of the skin.

The sympalens lens design was based on independent research conducted by Japanese physicist, Prof. D. Taka. His work confirmed the importance of the natural hexagonal shape in capturing atmospheric waves within the electromagnetic spectrum and amplifying their resonance through total internal refraction. This natural energy is the sole power source employed in the Acutouch pointers.

INFRA RED RAYS The use of bio-ceramics to emit far-infrared rays was first used by NASA in the late 1960’s. The far-infrared rays stimulate the water molecules in our bodies to resonate in harmony, resulting in heat production. Since water constitutes approximately 70% of human body mass, the application of the Acutouch Pointers, which contain these bio-ceramic materials, produces an inevitable warming response. The resonance of these rays increases the temperature of the deeper tissues beneath the skin, thereby dilating capillaries, improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism and revitalizing tissue damaged through trauma, infection or other physiological stressors. Far-infrared rays are also known to facilitate the production of various enzymes, assist in the reduction of free fatty acids, cholesterol and sodium and delay the aging process of cells. They also appear to have an anti-allergenic effect by stabilizing mast cells within mitochondria, thereby diminishing the release of histamine.

Thermal imaging equipment has recorded a 0.50 degrees C rise in temperature at the site of application of the Acutouch Pointers.

MAGNETISM The United States’ FDA has accepted magnetic therapy as effective in application to human physiology, and stated that magnets less than 800 gauss in strength are safe for medical use. The Acutouch Pointers have powerful magnets above their tips, which create a focused magnetic field rated at 600 gauss at the point of contact with the skin.

This magnetic field, penetrating 25mm (1 inch) below the skin, helps to remove cellular waste from the blood vessels, improves circulation and reduces cholesterol and other toxin levels. No harmful electromagnetic waves are produced.

These magnets act through a scientific principle referred to as “The Hall Effect”, which states that whenever a charged ion passes through a magnetic field, its course is altered. Calcium ions are particularly influenced and tend to be deflected through the semi-permeable membrane of cells, into the body of the cells. This alters the porosity of the semimembrane, allowing nutrients to enter the cell and break down products of metabolism to be excreted. (Discovery of Magnetic Health, by G Washnis and R Hricak).

The alkaline environment produced in the extra-cellular fluid by magnetic fields, in particular at the North Pole, has a proven inhibitory effect on abnormal cellular mitosis. Endorphin release under the influence of magnetic fields has similarly been documented, and it is this mechanism that has been postulated in the ability of the Acutouch Pointers to assist pain control and reduce hypertension (American Journal of Physiology, 1999).

ANIONS, OR NEGATIVE IONS The Acutouch Pointers also contain natural anionic materials, which produce a continuous flow of beneficial negative ions, or anions. These anions influence the body’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. By now you fully recognize just how important oxygen is to the treatment of PD. The normal balance of anions and cations (positive ions) is disrupted by pollution, hazardous electromagnetic waves, excessive exercise, sleep deprivation or stress.

Anions accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells, thus producing clarity of thought and feeling of well-being. Anions also minimize the intrusion of alpha sleep waves into delta waves. This encourages the replenishing of numerous neurotransmitters and promotes the regeneration of several tissue types. Dr. M. Norden, an American neurologist, states in his book, ‘Beyond Prozac’, that anions improve cognitive function, decrease depression and irritability and boost the immune system. It is this last effect that should be of interest to the man with PD.

Dr. Danaka, a Japanese physiologist, has also demonstrated that negative ions induce favorable effects, in that negative charges are an integral component of protein in blood serum. These anions are captured and detached by gamma globulins that initiate a chemical cascade, resulting in a significant increase in the gamma-globulin concentration in the blood. The presence of extra-cellular negative ions promotes the potential difference across the cellular membrane, thereby optimizing the sodium-potassium pump, and enhancing nutrient supply into the cytoplasm and waste elimination from the cell. This effect is promoted and accelerated by the magnetic field emitted by the Acutouch Pointers.

Understand why Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie’s disease is not accepted by traditional medical practice, click  Science is Slow.

Reaction and Response

Different people and different conditions respond to Genesen Acutouch therapy in different ways. Once the Acutouch pointers have been applied to an identified treatment point, you will probably feel a distinct sensation within 15 to 30 seconds, although in some cases it can take 90 seconds or more to develop. The sensation can feel like a light buzzing sensation under the skin, or a tingling, or fullness or pressure, or warmth can also occur, as well as a variable fading or increasing of a pin-like sensation under the point of the Genesen instrument. At an extreme response, it can happen that a person can feel a very strong and deep penetration sensation in spite of a light and limited touch with the point of the instrument. The response is caused by stimulation from a galvanic current created by the Pointers, that travels from the blue Pointer to the red Pointer. It really can be a very interesting and unusual experience that must be felt to be believed. If there is no sensation at all at a particular point, other than the feeling of the sharp point of the device resting on the skin, it can be explained by a number of reasons:

1. You are not close enough to an actual treatment point

2. You may have taken some pain-killing or anti-inflammatory medication within the last few days to have altered the response of your nerve system

3. The nerves in that area might be damaged

4. There is no interference or imbalance of energy in that area; there is no problem in the area you have applied the Acutouch Pointers to initiate a response

5. Your skin is too dry or has a low mineral content, and is not able to conduct a galvanic current. Drinking more water or taking mineral supplements should change this condition.

If there is no reaction or response under the Acutouch Pointer tips after 90 seconds, for whatever reason, simply move the Acutouch Pointer around the area of treatment to another location that might be closer to the correct site after you have re-evaluated your treatment site. Keep moving the pointers around after 10-15 seconds until you locate a site that causes a reaction or response like those described above.

You do not have to press the Acutouch Pointers into the skin for a reaction response. The simple weight of the devices on the skin is sufficient; pressure is not needed nor does it increase the benefits from treatment with the device.

This explanation should tell you that the Acutouch Pointers are something special in acupuncture treatment. This is an exciting instrument that will enable you to do some interesting therapy on your own. Let us instruct you how to use the Acutouch to help yourself like nothing else we have seen before.

How to treat yourself for Peyronie’s disease with Genesen Acutouch pens

Genesen Acutouch pens are a perfect professional non-needle acupuncture instrument for Peyronie's treatment.
Genesen Acutouch therapy for Peyronie's disease

By following the clearly written instructions, and abundant diagrams and drawings, you will be using the Genesen Acutouch Pointers within minutes as an important Peyronie’s treatment. If you can understand the concepts and ideas presented in the website, then you will have no trouble using the instructions that will be given to you with your Acutouch Pointers. Nothing could be more simple. Treatment at home is easy with the Genesen Acutouch device.

Unsure or need help? If you are not sure of something while you are doing your Acutouch Pointer treatment, all you have to do is click to receive individual attention and answers to your questions via email.

To read success stories, click on Peyronie’s disease treatment testimonials.

Care of the Acutouch Pointers

Caution: the Acutouch is very sharp at the ends! Do not allow children to play with this device. Since the tips, or treating ends, of the Acutouch Pointers are very pointed and sharp. Therefore, great caution should be used when treating yourself to avoid injury by puncturing the skin. The tips are made very sharp to maintain concentration of focused energy to the acupuncture point being treated. Because of the sharpness of the instrument, do not allow children to use or play with the Genesen Acutouch Pointers. Also, great care should be used to avoid damaging the pointed tip by dropping or bending in any way. A damaged tip will reduce the ability of this instrument to work properly. Clean each Pointer tip with alcohol prior to each use to assure the best level of galvanic conduction.

Genesen Acutpuch pens come with a variety of accessories to make Peydronie's disease treatment simple, fast and safe.
Genesen equipment

Peyronie’s disease and acupuncture connection

Acupuncture is included in the list of possible Peyronie’s treatment options because it is such a powerful therapy tool. PDI’s acupuncturist accepted the challenge of modifying how acupuncture is performed outside of the office, to become an effective personal system that is quick to learn and easy to perform in the privacy of the home. PDI tried for a long while to create an effective, efficient, safe, dependable, and economical method of providing at-home acupuncture treatment for PD. After considerable trial and error, the Genesen Acutouch pointer treatment approach was developed that is especially well suited for PD. The technique we offer can be learned quickly with the instructions that PDI includes with each set of Genesen Acutouch pointers; it is available for your use with a liberal policy of email help and instruction from the PDI acupuncturist. Other important material and information is also included in this offering so that a man with PD can follow his treatment program easily at home with minimal loss of time or expense, and no embarrassment.

Without the Genesen Acutouch Pointers it would not be possible to suggest an at-home acupuncture treatment to bring energy to the lower pelvis. The PDI instructions clearly demonstrate specific acupuncture treatment points that suggest possible use to increase tissue resistance and healing ability ? as in a condition like PD. No where else will you find this level of specific and detailed acupuncture instruction that is so easy to put to use for at-home application. Not even the Genesen Acutouch manual addresses this area of interest for the man who has PD. This selection of points and different techniques have been determined from the experience of PDI’s acupuncturist based on his 35 years experience in acupuncture.

PDI does not make any guarantee or promise of outcome as a result of home use of the Acutouch instrument. No one can guarantee results for any kind of health care procedure, least of all a problem as complex as PD. However, we are confident you will be pleased with the Genesen equipment, the instruction, the ease and simplicity of treating yourself at home. This is a serious and well thought out program of acupuncture care that would certainly impress a most knowledgeable and experienced acupuncturist. You will be guided to use this equipment is such a way that you will also be impressed.

There are several advantages of Acutouch non-needle acupuncture to the PDI program:

1. Acutouch non-needle acupuncture stimulation is painless and safe.

2. Simplicity of technique. Nothing technical or difficult to memorize; lots of pictures to follow.

3. Privacy and convenience. Can be done at any time at home.

4. Economy. With the cost of an acupuncture office visit averaging $65-125 per visit in various parts of the US, the cost of the Genesen instrument is quickly recouped after just a few uses.

5. Effectiveness of point stimulation. The Genesen Acutouch instrument is manufactured to ISO9002 standards, the product carries CE certification as a Class 1 medical device. It causes penetration of chi to pass down through the gold tips (coated in 20 microns of 24K gold for optimum hygiene, performance and response) into the body to a depth of 25mm (1 inch).

Acupuncture has been used for more than 5,000 years, and is rapidly gaining acceptance in the West because there is a scientific rationale to explain how it helps sick people get well. With the invention of the Acutouch Pointer any man with PD is able to self-administer an acupuncture treatment that is intended specifically for PD. Using answers provided to a brief questionnaire as a guide, it is possible to treat yourself at home easily, quickly and economically. This information and the treatment procedure is only available thorough PDI.

Acutouch Pointer product recommendation

Genesen Acutouch pens are a perfect professional non-needle acupuncture instrument for Peyronie's treatment.
Non-needle therapy for Peyronie's disease

Before PDI learned about the Genesen Acutouch Pointers, we knew of no acupuncture device with as much capability to stimulate biologic activity that was available and friendly to the layperson. Now, with the Genesen Acutouch Pointers, it is possible to do an advanced level of acupuncture treatment in the privacy of your home, and save money on top of it. It is our opinion that there is no better way to address all of the needs of PD acupuncture treatment than with the Genesen Acutouch Pointer instrument.

Need Help?

If you are not sure of something while you are doing your acupuncture treatment, all you have to do is click You will receive prompt individual attention and answers to your questions via email.

Recommended Use of Acutouch Pointer in Peyronie’s disease treatment

Daily use is recommended for best results. Simply follow the detailed instructions that are enclosed with each Acutouch Pointer set. There are plenty of drawings and non-technical language is used so it is easy help yourself from the privacy and comfort of your home.

There is another oriental medicine technique – that can be used alone or in addition to the Acutouch Pointers – with potential benefit to PD. This innovative healing method is a very advanced and well-researched technique developed by Dr.Ito of Japan. In his country Dr. Ito is highly respected for the scientific advances he contributed to medical care. Two great advantages of Dr. Ito’s technique are that it can be used virtually 24 hours a day for constant treatment of the PD scar, and it is very economical. For those with further interest in another variation of acupuncture point stimulation, click Dr. Ito.

For ideas and suggestions to effectively combine acupuncture with other therapies, click Create a Peyronie’s Treatment Plan.

Order Genesen Acutouch Pointers

Why Buy from PDI?

1. Service PDI offers email support and assistance for the products and services we provide. We provide experience and interest in helping you with PD. PDI is here to help you with questions about the products we sell. This is an extremely valuable service the others cannot possibly match.

2. Quality and Quantity Repairing the Peyronie’s scar is such an important mission. It is critical you use a high quality and quantity of nutrients. We have done the hard part selecting good companies and products. Buy with confidence.

3. Value PDI has a competitive pricing structure of which we are proud. We doubt you can find better products that deliver the quality and quantity for the prices we have set.

4. Convenience The longer you take to start treating PD, the longer and more difficult treatment becomes, and the likelihood of success deteriorates. Everything you need is here, right now, in one place.

4 thoughts on “Acupuncture – without Needles – for Peyronies Treatment

  1. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Lloyd,

    Yes, the Genesen pens can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, beside Peyronie’s disease. The pens come with a 260 page well-written book of instruction that explains how they are used and how over 100 different conditions can be treated with the pens. In addition, I have written a special 8-page section of notes that come with each pens set, specifically describing how to use the Genesen pens to treat Peyronie’s disease.

    The Genesen pens are used by professional acupuncturists from all over the world, and can be used in place of traditional needles that penetrate the skin. But they can also be used by laypeople who have no skills or experience with acupuncture because the pens can be used in a variety of ways that do not require specific acupuncture training. This broad use and wide range of applications make the Genesen pens a good investment for anyone who is looking for a unique Alternative Medicine option they can use at home. TRH

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Dalem,

    The points for treatment of Peyronie’s disease are determined by the Genesen Acutouch pens themselves. That is what makes these pens so effective and impressive; Peyronie’s disease treatment is determined specifically by the pens for the man using them.

    Any good acupuncturist will tell you that effective treatment is not “recipe treatment,” (the same points used for everyone, like the same recipe over and over again to bake a cake). Effective acupuncture treatment is developed as a unique formula for the individual and his unique situation and needs. That is what the Genesen Acutouch Pointers do; they assess the condition of the Peyronie’s disease problem, the area, the tissue, that day and that moment and they direct treatment accordingly.

    Regardless, PDI does not suggest that treatment for Peyronie’s disease can be done effectively with only treatment modality; PD treatment is best when it is broad-based and diversified. Many treatment forms and directions should be used for best results against a problem as difficult to treat as Peyronie’s disease. Why not consider a small PD treatment plan which would be easier on the pocket book and see what happens. As your results begin to unfold you might become so enthused and encouraged that you consider helping them along with the Genesen Acutouch pen at a later time, if necessary. TRH

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