EFT (Emotional Freedome Technique) for Peyronie’s Stress

EFT to Eliminate Peyronie’s Stress and Anger

How is your stress level? How self-conscious are you these days? Feeling pretty low? Don’t know where the dark anger is coming from? Filled with worry and doubt? If these are problems for you, PDI has a great treatment option for your consideration.

EFT description

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Peyronie’s disease (PD) has the potential to destroy the quality of a man’s life on a variety of levels – and the life of his partner – because of sexual problems. An estimated 20-40% of men with PD develop erectile dysfunction, with the exact number undetermined due the nature of the problem and embarrassment. It is estimated that during the course of PD significant mental and emotional distress will be experienced by 77% of men(1); PDI thinks this number is actually much higher. Here are a few ways emotional stress can arise or intensify during the many months of PD roller coaster changes in pain and physical deformity: 1. PD is too often taken as a reduction of a man’s virility and masculinity, hurting his self-esteem and confidence. 2. So much emphasis is placed on the disease process and the penis itself – on the plaque, on the treatment, on the curvature, on pain and sensitivity, on looking, comparing, evaluating – that often a reawakening or increase of previous sexual problems can occur. With heightened preoccupation with sexual matters, PD becomes an opportunity for dormant emotional issues and sexual memories to resurface. 3. If PD progresses to include serious erectile dysfunction, the sexual partner may personally interpret the inability to have intercourse as a sign of rejection based on diminished sexual desirability, hurting the partner’s self-esteem and confidence; the relationship suffers, leading to even more interpersonal trouble.

Physical and emotional stresses combine

EFT can be a valuable Peyronie's treatment for men stressed by a Peyronie's penis When PD hits a man, it can be like a ton of bricks undermining his sense of self. It has the ability to aggravate or cause a whole host of emotional issues, especially in the early phase of penile distortion or erectile dysfunction. A man with a preexisting issue of low self-esteem, or history of sexual abuse, can have even greater difficulty responding and adapting to a physical problem like PD. In the midst of the developing physical problem, it can be most difficult to also admit the existence of an emotional issue related to that physical problem. As a result, such a man with two simultaneous problems of a sexual nature (physical and emotional) will often just shut down and suffer in silence. Of course, this quiet avoidance and brooding often just aggravate these issues. Closely related to these problems are the embarrassment and fear of being perceived as less masculine than prior to the onset of PD. Life with PD can be an emotional mind field. Dark thoughts filled with anger are not unknown. If your Peyronie’s penis is causing sexual distress, you might be interested in the in-depth and detailed discussion and loads of helpful information found in Dr. Herazy’s   second book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.”


With so many deep problems associated with PD, there is one significant source of good news. There is a great technique that lends itself especially well to many of the unique aspects of PD; it is called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. EFT is an obvious extension of Einstein’s discovery in the 1920’s that all matter, including the human body, is composed of energy. This is a technique 40 years in development, beginning with the groundbreaking work of Roger Callahan, PhD, who spent the major part of his professional career working with disabled American military veterans in the VA health care system. For many years Callahan’s work was considered controversial by the medical mainstream, but in the last decade psychiatrists and psychologists are beginning to use it with or instead of their more traditional methods because it can be often faster and more effective. There are now thousands of practitioners using EFT throughout the world, with a growing number of MDs, PhDs, and counselors using this technique on a daily basis for a wide variety of issues. Even though there is rapidly growing use of this work in the professional community, EFT is not remotely like psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, or traditional talk therapy. EFT is not like anything you have seen, heard of, or tried before. Basically, EFT is the physical treatment of an area of emotional distress. Rather than talking about a problem, EFT attempts to fix the physical reason the stress of a particular issue is there in the first place. EFT usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular; it often works where nothing else will. Even though EFT does not follow conventional medical treatment, the results remain remarkable even though it is not for everyone. It does not achieve 100% results, but then again, nothing does. We are still learning why EFT works so well. It centers around the profound effects of the body’s subtle energy to influence the emotions. According to the theory of Roger Callahan PhD, “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Hence, EFT uses a simple technique of tapping with fingertips on specific acupuncture points to stimulate the energy of the body while the client is “tuned in” to the problem. Until recently, Western scientists have largely ignored the subtle energies that circulate throughout the body. With EFT, however, the disruption of these subtle body energies has been found to be a significant contributor, and sometimes cause, of a wide variety of emotional upsets. Some have described EFT as “acupuncture for the emotions”, even though no needles are used. As a result, EFT often generates results far beyond those of conventional methods. Compared to psychological treatment techniques, EFT is usually gentle and prompt; substantial relief is often achieved with little or no emotion pain or distress. It has been the experience of the doctors of PDI that many patients, who have not found any significant change after prolonged conventional talk-therapy, achieve remarkable results with EFT. This is the very reason so many psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists are beginning to use EFT in their practices.

Peyronie’s disease connection

Perhaps the most important aspect of EFT has to do with its ease of application and freedom from embarrassment that seems to plague most men when it comes to their sexual health. Many men feel embarrassment and unwillingness to talk about any sexual problem. Yet, the most important aspect of EFT to the man with PD is that it can be delivered or performed in a slightly unconventional way, avoiding this personal discomfort and embarrassment: EFT can be done by qualified practitioners over the telephone, in the privacy of your own home. In this way, the man with PD can discuss various aspects of his personal physical and emotional problem in a private and comfortable atmosphere while talking on the telephone. Performing EFT over the telephone allows a sense of security and protection that can be beneficial to the process of treatment. Many therapists report that some men are more open in this protected and private atmosphere, making more progress than when working face to face. When it is appropriate that more traditional therapy is used in a particular case, a referral is to another practitioner for additional counseling. Dr. Herazy is a skilled EFT practitioner who has 11 years experience doing EFT by telephone. He has a special website devoted exclusively to Emotional Freedom Technique, so if you want to learn about EFT simply visit him at his EFT by phone website.

Commercial product information

This concludes the technical discussion concerning EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE or EFT. What follows next is the presentation of commercial information about a particular product that PDI endorses and sells in its Natural Complementary Medicine Products division. PDI does this so that you may easily identify what we think is the best therapy product of its kind, and then make it available for sale easily and at the best price we can. Please bear in mind that PDI cannot answer your questions or help you with your therapy plan if we do not have knowledge, experience or confidence with “foreign” therapies. On the PDI website we clearly state, “Sorry, but due to the volume of emails PDI receives and with limited hours available in a day, we can only answer questions from PDI customers. When you purchase your therapy products only from PDI you have full access to the vast experience and careful assistance available to our customers. If you purchase inferior grade or questionable bargain products elsewhere, you will have to rely upon that source for whatever help you might need later.” We take this position because after doing this work since 2002 we sincerely believe that you stand a better chance to reverse your PD if you only use products listed in the PDI and Natural Complementary Medicine websites.

EFT recommendation

PDI has on staff a doctor who is skilled in EFT – having done EFT since 1998 – and does telephone consultations. To assure that you are comfortable and knowledgeable about EFT before starting, we provide a FREE 15-minute initial consultation to answer all your questions. Here is the basic format for getting started with EFT sessions on the telephone: 1. Contact eft@peyronies-disease-help.com, and provide the following: A. Your email address, so we can send an attachment to you explaining more about EFT. B. Your phone number, so we can call you. C. Time zone you are in. D. Best time and day to call you. Working during the day is best, but we can sometimes make evening contact also. 2. Please review the attachment we will send, it contains important information that will enable you to participate in an EFT session. 3. You will receive a phone call as close to the time you request as possible, barring international time zone differences. During this initial NO FEE phone consultation, you will be told how EFT is done and how it might be of help to you. Be prepared to spend uninterrupted time getting your questions answered. Only one phone call will be made to answer your questions. 4. If you decide to participate in an EFT session, it can be conducted right then, at the end of the introductory phone call. 5. Your credit card is billed for an actual EFT session to which you agree. An EFT session costs $80 per hour, billed in 15-minute time increments if needed. For ideas and suggestions to put EFT together with other valuable treatments, click Create a Peyronie’s Treatment Plan.

Call today to learn if EFT can reduce stress in your life. It is easy, painless and simple. EFT is an extremely important part of any PD treatment plan when emotional stress is involved.  To put a PD treatment plan together that might include EFT, click Create a Peyronie’s Treatment Plan.

1. UrologyHealth.org; American Urological Association. Peyronie’s disease. 12-02.

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