Massage & Exercise CD to Help Peyronie’s Disease Recovery

Massage and Exercise CD Speeds Peyronie’s Recovery

The role of the PDI massage and exercise CD video program in a natural Peyronie’s disease treatment plan  is an increased potential for health and repair of soft tissue. There are two ways in which massage and exercise can work together (along with the many other suggestions outlined in this website) to increase the healing capacity of the body.

1. Increase blood and lymphatic fluid circulation to the lower pelvis. More blood flow to the penis brings in greater oxygen to the area around the scar, which enhances the oxygen-dependent monoamine oxidase activity, which, in turn, prevents or causes regression of tissue fibrosis. More lymphatic flow from the penis removes toxic products from the injured and scarred tissue as it attempts to heal.

2. Increase energy movement in the lower pelvis; in this case the subtle energy known to Chinese medicine and the martial arts as “Chi” or “Qi”.

Good blood circulation and maximal levels of body energy are two areas of health and healing that are frequently overlooked and misunderstood. Here’s the whole idea in a nutshell: Strong bodies with good circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid tend to be healthier and heal better than weak bodies with poor circulation. This concept just makes sense, and most of us can relate to examples of this in everyday life. PDI has produced a professionally made CD that demonstrates a problem-specific massage and exercise program to be used in your Peyronie’s disease treatment. In this PD instructional CD we focus our effort to the lower pelvis, and assume that while the rest of your body may or may not be out of shape and in trouble generally, it is most likely in very bad shape in the lower pelvis just because you have PD.


Isometric exercise for the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is located deep in the floor of the pelvic bowl and is uniquely related to blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the entire lower pelvis. The goal of this exercise is to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation in the genital area. Blood is life and life is healing. Learn how to locate your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, and how to easily perform this lower pelvis isometric exercise any where and at any time that is convenient to you – without anyone knowing that you are doing them. Our video explains it all in clear detail.

Nei gung, a unique and invigorating exercise activity practiced by 100s of millions of Chinese people every day. Our master acupuncturist has devised a simple and easy routine to bring energy to a group of specific acupuncture points that have been selected specifically for PD. This CD makes it fun and easy to get the juices flowing; makes a difference you can feel on the first day you use this technique.

Acupressure massage, used in conjunction with Nei gung, is a method to manually stimulate acupuncture points that have been selected to increase energy to the lower pelvis. Allow our resident acupuncturist to explain in considerable detail where the points you need to stimulate are located, and then follow along as he demonstrates how to bring energy to these points that are vital to your male health.

Peyronie’s disease connection

Just so that no one is misled or disappointed – this CD of massage and exercise is not of a sexual nature. This CD is specific to the problem of Peyronie’s disease and clearly demonstrates ways to improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage and what the Chinese call the circulation of Chi. This CD has a strong emphasis to the Oriental methods of improving circulation of blood and energy flow in the body.

It is generally accepted that exercise is good for an area that is ailing. Why not the lower pelvis? Even though exercise is always part of any rehab and correction program in other problem areas, no one else discusses or advises the need to tonify and strengthen the lower pelvic muscles and related soft tissue.  It is vital to maintain good blood flow and lymphatic drainage to improve tissue health and repair. Get busy, get stronger, get well. Add yet another dimension to your treatment plan. This CD by PDI will guide you to do it correctly and effectively.

Commercial product information

Massage & Exercise CD for Peyronie's disease treatment
Massage & Exercise CD

This concludes the technical discussion concerning MASSAGE. What follows next is the presentation of commercial information about a particular product that PDI endorses and sells in its Natural Complementary Medicine Products division. PDI does this so that you may easily identify what we think is the best therapy product of its kind, and then make it available for sale easily and at the best price we can.

Please bear in mind that PDI cannot answer your questions or help you with your therapy plan if we do not have knowledge, experience or confidence with “foreign” therapies. On the PDI website we clearly state, “Sorry, but due to the volume of emails PDI receives and with limited hours available in a day, we can only answer questions from PDI customers. When you purchase your therapy products only from PDI you have full access to the vast experience and careful assistance available to our customers. If you purchase inferior grade or questionable bargain products elsewhere, you will have to rely upon that source for whatever help you might need later.”

We take this position because after doing this work since 2002 we sincerely believe that you stand a better chance to reverse your PD if you only use products listed in the PDI and Natural Complementary Medicine websites.

Massage & Exercise product recommendation

PDI prepared this 60-minute CD to explain why and how to do use these important techniques belong in your Peyronie’s disease natural treatment plan. Our very own acupuncturist will guide to the location of specific acupuncture points and how to work with them to your best health advantage. Detailed charts and diagrams are used for your review to make sure you can faithfully perform a high-level exercise and massage program. This is a professionally produced CD that will take you step-by-step through a program of four unique massage and exercise routines specially designed for PD. Since it is on CD, it can be used again and again for you instruction and review.

In addition, prepared notes with easy to read diagrams are also included with the one hour CD for maximum ease of use, and as a reminder of how to correctly perform the entire routine. Highly recommended!

For ideas and suggestions to put the Massage & Exercise CD together with other important therapies, click Create a Peyronie’s Treatment Plan.

Remember the importance of diversity in your PD treatment plan.

This video represents a unique element in any PD treatment plan. There is no other therapy like the use of exercise and massage that quite literally has a direct and deliberate effect on tissues of the lower pelvis. It is vital to maintain good blood flow and lymphatic drainage to improve issue health and repair of this area.

An extremely important part of any PD treatment plan.

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For ideas and suggestions to put it all together, click Create a PD Treatment Plan.

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Why Buy from PDI?

1. Service PDI offers email support and assistance for the products and services we provide. We provide experience and interest in helping you with PD. PDI is here to help you with questions about the products we sell. This is an extremely valuable service the others cannot possibly match.

2. Quality and Quantity Repairing the Peyronie’s scar is such an important mission. It is critical you use a high quality and quantity of nutrients. We have done the hard part selecting good companies and products. Buy with confidence.

3. Value PDI has a competitive pricing structure of which we are proud. We doubt you can find better products that deliver the quality and quantity for the prices we have set.

4. Convenience The longer you take to start treating PD, the longer and more difficult treatment becomes, and the likelihood of success deteriorates. Everything you need is here, right now, in one place.

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