Manual Penis Stretching to Reduce Peyronie’s Curved Penis

Penis stretching that is gentle and safe    

Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©Manual Peyronie's stretching CD for Peyronie's disease treatment to reduce penile curvature and peyronie's plaque

The basic idea of penis stretching to straighten the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease is interesting.  So interesting, that PDI started a two-year research project in 2005 to study the idea.

The result is a gentle and safe method that actually works.  It stretches the PD scar tissue with a light touch, far different from mechanical penis stretching devices.

Mechanical penis stretching products claim to eliminate the bent penis of Peyronie’s disease.  However, there are problems. 

Manual Penis Stretching of the Peyronie’s Curved Penis
Review a few scenes from the revolutionary instructional video, “PDI Manual Stretching Technique.”



Mechanical penis stretching is dangerous

Many men cannot use these mechanical penis stretchers.  They cause pain, bruising and deep tissue sores and erosion, sometimes severe.  Over the years, I have heard from men whose Peyronie’s disease actually started after using a mechanical device.

For proof of the potential injuries, just read the instruction manual. They describe what to do when bacterial infection, fungus disease or tissue erosion starts after penis stretching.  Manuals list the names of preferred over-the-counter medications to use when blisters, ulcers and infections start.

Mechanical penis stretching is uncomfortable

In order to apply the level of traction needed, the mechanical harness must tightly squeeze the head of the penis (glans) to hold it.  Otherwise, it cannot create the necessary traction. This clamping and pulling of the penis head creates most of the problems. There are other causes of discomfort and problem, though.

Manual stretching of the Peyronie's curved penis prevents re-injury to the Peyronie's plaque

Every penis stretcher harness comes with a generous supply of padding material.  By covering the penis, it tries to prevent bruises and sores from developing.  One manufacturer states that wearing padding material on the penis is “mandatory.” To minimize injury, this same source even suggests placing a bandage on the penis BEFORE using the stretcher.

Besides being very hot while wrapped in cotton padding all day long, the padding also makes it difficult to keep the stretcher on.

Who has time or opportunity

Men receive instruction to stretch for nine hours a day, two hours at a time.  The instructions further advise to massage the penis for five minutes, every two hours.  These frequent massages prevent blisters, tissue and bruising. All of this suggests the difficulty and injury men encounter while trying to wear a penis stretching harness.

Above all, there is an even larger problem with the penis stretching harness. Besides the serious discomfort and injury they can cause, the device cannot work.  These penis stretching devices can only stretch normal tissue, not scar tissue.

Why mechanical penis stretchers cannot work

In Peyronie’s disease, the scar lays on top and within a layer of normal tissue inside the penis. This is like having a tough scab on top of the skin, which connects to the skin, but is not like normal skin.  If you stretch skin that has a scab on it, would the scab stretch when the skin stretches? No, of course not. Skin is elastic, and the scab (and PD scar) is not elastic.  Normal skin stretches, but the scab would remain unchanged. The same thing happens if you try to stretch the PD scar forcefully with a mechanical device.

Gentle penis stretching

Still, the basic idea of stretching the penis to reduce the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease is interesting.   The Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© works because it is vastly different from the mechanical penis stretchers.  Specifically, the PDI video explains in detail how to use very light manual traction.  The research discovered a way to know when each man applies the correct level of light traction in the correct direction that is best for him.  In addition, the video shows how to apply the light traction in various directions for best results, not just one.

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The Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method© video guides the viewer through an inventive process of gently stretching the PD scar tissue. In so doing, you will eliminate the scar’s ability to cause distortion and pai

n. Learn an effective, safe and easy way to stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis. This is new in the world of Peyronie’s disease.

Learn how to stretch the six basic types of PD deformities:

  • Twist
  • Curve or bend
  • Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
  • Hourglass
  • Bottleneck

Two or more penis distortions often appear together. Such as, a twist and bend combination, or a curve and hourglass. Therefore, you will also learn how to stretch different combination of distortion successfully.

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For ideas and suggestions to combine gentle manual penis stretching together with other therapies, click Create a Peyronie’s Treatment Plan.

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2 thoughts on “Manual Penis Stretching to Reduce Peyronie’s Curved Penis

  1. 88TRH88 says:

    Greetings Brian,

    How often to stretch the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue depends on what technique you are using.

    If you are using a mechanical penis stretcher, you should obviously use their recommendation for frequency of stretching. The usual pattern is daily mechanical stretching is done anywhere from 4-8 hours a day. Sometimes more is needed. Only temporary changes are made with a mechanical stretcher because the scar tissue is never altered.

    If you are doing the PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching technique, we recommend that you follow our protocol at least 4-5 times a week, and that you stretch at least 15 minutes per session. Of course, it is possible to do the gentle PDI stretching more frequently and longer if you choose to do so.

    Please let me know if you have more questions about Peyronie’s disease treatment. TRH

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