Peyronies Disease Natural Treatments: Introduction

Peyronies Disease Natural Treatments: Getting Started

All Peyronies disease natural treatments are controversial, to say the least, simply because all PD treatment is controversial. Every standard medical treatment that exists for Peyronie’s disease is filled with argument. This section will present an array of Peyronies natural treatments in addition to the use of conventional Peyronie’s medication and surgery, recognizing there is controversy in most every aspect and all forms of Peyronie’s treatment. No one can say which is the best treatment for Peyronie’s disease at this time.

Visit our  FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about Peyronie’s treatment.

Ideas and information about Peyronies disease natural treatments presented throughout this website have been reached in the following manner:

1. Observations and personal experience of Dr. Herazy who treated his own Peyronie’s disease problem while using these same Peyronie’s natural treatment principles, as well as his personal use of these very same products and Peyronies treatments detailed in this website. Dr. Herazy was successful treating his severe case of Peyronie’s disease, and presents on this website what he learned from his valuable experience.

2. Based on a concurrence of opinion of the primary medical doctors, and Dr. Herazy, who practiced together at Pioneer Medical Clinic, using their combined clinical experience of 85 years in practice, along with their knowledge of the practice of medicine and the therapeutic use of natural Complementary Medicine to assist the innate healing response and support the immune system of sick patients.

3. Distillation and interpretation of opinions and data found in hundreds of medical research studies and ongoing technical data from the scientific community, as found in the footnotes at the conclusion of each of the Peyronie’s disease treatment subheadings. As a result, it is safe to say that these ideas about natural Peyronies treatment are not mainstream

4. Experience and direct feedback given to Dr. Herazy from thousands of individual men who have successfully used the Peyronie’s natural treatment principles found on this website. This valuable information is retrieved from several telephone and email discussions each day since 2002, in which issues of progress and lack of progress, modifications of Peyronie’s disease treatment protocols are discussed and analyzed on an individual basis, and unique suggestions and successful strategies are collected and cataloged from these suffering men from around the world who show signs of improving and eliminating their PD problem.

5. Analysis and application of information derived from PDI’s ongoing four-year survey questionnaire, voluntarily provided by approximately 800 men who have Peyronie’s disease, and have undergone various Peyronie’s treatments, both traditional medicinal and surgical and non-traditional forms.

For a tongue-in-cheek comparison of the standard medical Peyronie’s disease treatment in its early stages to the aggressive Peyronie’s natural treatment theory of PDI, click Peyronie’s Disease and Man Whose House is on Fire..   As you read this essay you will come to understand the philosophy and theory behind PDI’s recommendation to treat both the acute and chronic stages of PD with aggressive multiple Peyronie’s natural treatment measures.

Peyronies disease natural treatments unlike any other on the internet

Peyronies disease natural treatments support repair of curved penis caused by Peyronie's plaque.

PDI recommends that men discuss with their doctors the synergistic use of multiple Peyronie’s disease natural treatments in the acute and chronic stages of PD in an attempt to help the body heal the deep internal fibrous tissue that causes the penis to bend. The intention of this therapeutic approach is to support and enhance the maximum healing potential of the scar tissue. PDI philosophy recommends supporting the healthy function of local tissue in both specific and general ways so the body is given the best possible opportunity to repair and regenerate – to the best of its ability.

An important element of an effective treatment strategy is to perform a variety of Peyronies disease exercises  daily, in addition to using  vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs to support the immune  response that will work toward your natural recovery.

“Proof” of Peyronie’s disease treatment

Everyone wants proof these day about medical treatment, as well they should.  But, in modern society drugs and medical technology with the greatest profit potential are researched most and are pushed hardest for proof, while those therapies that have little profit potential are essentially ignored.  Even though a particular treatment for Peyronie’s disease treatment might help people, unless there is strong economic motivation to find “proof” that it works, few drug companies are motivated to invest in it. A low profit therapy (vitamin, enzyme, homeopathy) is generally ignored by the medical establishment for reason of simple economics. You can see why a home treatment for Peyronie’s disease would not be endorsed because it lacks a profit motive. Often, these simple remedies are labeled “unproven” not necessarily because they do not work, but simply because no one wants to spend the time, effort and money to scientifically prove their effectiveness. A good low-profit treatment can stay untested, ignored actually, and therefore remain “unproven” indefintely.

Even when a certain Peyronie’s natural treatment has “proven” value and effectiveness, this positive or favorable verdict is sometimes only temporary. You must wonder about the actual value of scientific proof and approval for a drug or procedure, when so often they are later found to be ineffective and/or dangerous. (The reader has only to consider the recent removal of Vioxx and Celebrex from the marketplace, after being prescribed millions of times before being withdrawn.) Many times a new procedure or medication is put in the market with great ballyhoo one year, and pulled off the market with lawsuits the next year. So much for the unshakable and solid value of scientific research, extensive testing, medical acceptance and “proof.”

When the medical establishment and FDA attempted to improve the American diet (fat out, protein in) to reduce obesity and heart disease, they pressured the fast food industry for compliance. In response, the fast food industry simply stated, “There is insufficient scientific proof to link a low fat/high protein diet to reduction of obesity and heart disease.” They did not say that less fat and more protein did not result in weight loss and less heart disease, they simply said that it had not been scientifically “proven.” Most agree it is logical for a low fat/high protein to be beneficial to health, yet it was “not adequately proven” and for this reason the request could be ignored. Only after the American consumer demanded less fatty food and fewer empty calories, and created a financial incentive to decrease fat and increase protein, did the fast food industry respond by offering an improved menu for the public.

With all of this in mind, “proof” that a therapy works should be put in perspective.

PDI Peyronies disease natural treatment not mainstream

Our theories for using multiple Peyronie’s treatment are not yet proven, and are not within standard or accepted medical practice.  The ideas and information submitted here for your consideration represent an early awareness  of a different way to think about PD.  The ideas should be presented to your medical doctor for discussion and consideration as a potential treatment option if they appear to tas a different way to thnk and improvement on current medical treatment of PD.

Understand why Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie’s disease is not accepted by traditional medical practice, click  Science is Slow.

Traditional medicine, with no accepted Peyronie’s medication, offers surgery as the only cure. PDI is not against surgery in cases that have been non-responsive to prolonged and careful use of multiple conservative care. However, too many men rush into Peyronie’s surgery believing that is an easy and sure solution to a big problem.  Before rushing into surgery each man should attempt a few months of earnest Peyronie’s treatment with a diverse group of therapies ( perhaps Scar-X, Neprinol, vitamin E, MSM, manual penis stretching technique, DMSO dietary changes, etc.).

Each surgical candidate should remember these three things:

  • Surgery will not restore the penis to its original length.  On average, as a result of Peyronies surgery a man will lose about 1-1/2 inches of length as well as some loss of girth.
  • Many men report new complaints after penis surgery: loss of sexual sensation; numbness of the head of the penis; pain along the surgical scars; pain during erection;  erectile dysfunction (ED); coldness of the penis; new penile distortion pattern.
  • There is no guarantee that additional scarring might occur at the site of surgery, since that is the nature of Peyronie’s disease to produce excess scar formation after injury.

Yet, there are many non-drug options from a large body of medical research that documents positive, but inconclusive and sometimes variable, reports of success. Changes made in the body by Peyronie’s disease natural treatments tend to be subtle and slow, since their purpose is only to support or encourage a normal process of nature to heal disease.  Changes made in the body by drugs or surgery are aggressive, since their purpose is to force or create a change based on the intent of the physician.  The Peyronie’s disease treatment theory presented in this website states that the potential benefits of these subtle natural therapies are enhanced and multiplied by simply using several alternative therapies at the same time – known to science as synergy. It is easy to understand – at laest for most laypeople – that a single natural therapy will not work as well as multiple therapies when used at the same time; like “ganging up” on the problem. One child cannot lift a grown man; six children can do it with ease.

I encourage every man with Peyronie’s disease to work with what is known and what is available – even if it is not perfect – rather than passively behaving like a PD victim.  Talk to your doctor about working with you to see if you could benefit from Alternative Medicine treatment of your Peyronie’s disease.

For an interesting PD therapy discussion, click on Heads You Win, Tails You Don’t Lose with Natural Peyronie’s Treatment.

Think about these Peyronie’s mysteries

There is no acceptable medical explanation to answer certain observations about Peyronie’s disease. The thoughtful reader should think long and hard about these four observations about PD:

Peyronies disease natural treatments to be a Peyronie's cure must be effective in eliminatingating the PD plaque.

1. Peyronie’s disease has been called a nightmare to treat; it’s like trying to hit a moving target while being blindfolded. During the acute inflammatory phase when there is active scar remodeling going on, the scars seem to change daily, or even hourly; sometimes better, sometimes worse, for no apparent reason. The wildly variable characteristics of PD lead to frustration for both patient and doctor.

As a way to consider the above paragraph, please consider that the PD scar does not have the man, the man has the scar. The man who has that scar is changing interiorly all the time; everyone changes in minor and major ways from moment to moment for a whole universe of reasons.  Frequent changes of the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar are a reflection of those internal chemical and hormonal changes we all experience.  If the scar is better one moment (smaller or softer), that’s good. If it gets worse the next moment (larger or harder), that’s bad. What if we could just figure out what is going on with the man when his scar is good, and keep him that way? I f we knew, or just suspected, what is going on with the man when the scar is good, and were able to continue that state or condition, then maybe the scar would continue to remain good and heal as in does in half of the cases.

2. Younger men recover from Peyronie’s disease more often than older men, but not always.

As a way to consider the above paragraph, think about the different level and degree of healing response between younger and older men. At the risk of over-generalization, one of the primary differences between younger and older men is the younger man tends to possess a greater degree of what is known as “health”. Sure there are some sickly 30 year-old men, and some fantastically healthy 70 year-old men, but for the most part, younger is healthier than older ? their parts work better, they repair better, they don’t sag, they have more stamina and energy, they don’t hurt as much, they haven’t been cut on as much, they don’t have as much wear and tear, etc. If we could do a few things to a man to help him work better, get him healthier, figure out how he got “weak” in such a way that he did not heal the scar in the tunica albuginea in the first place, maybe he could shake off his PD like the younger man does. It would be a rare 50-60 year-old man whose health could not benefit from a change of diet, exercise and a few other things.  The PDI theory offers a wide and interesting list of ideas about how that might be done. This is the direction PDI suggests you consider taking your self-care of your PD.

3. Some men get well – completely recover – without any Peyronie’s disease treatment. Other men get worse while under treatment.

As a way to think about this observation, recall that some men get better without care while others get worse with care.   This brings up the possibility that traditional medical treatment might not have anything to do with what is wrong – they just could be going in the wrong direction. Read the medical websites and you will see that medical treatment tends to treat the scar and ignore the man.  The PDI theory has taken a different  direction – treat the man as a whole and consider that the actual problem lies within the man who has the scar.

4. Some research studies of drug and non-drug therapies report very good results, while other studies using these same drugs or non-drugs get nearly the opposite result.  We have all seen this happen.  The first study of a new PD drug gets great results, but the next study of the same drug gets poor results or at least results that do not confirm that first study.

As a way to expand upon the observation when research studies do not agree, think about this:

1. Every person is different.  Perhaps treatment of PD should be different for each man. The PDI theory suggests and encourages each man to follow the direction his body takes him in an effort to recover.  No two PDI treatment plans end the same; they are all different.   It is my idea that the treatment should be customized to the man who has the scar, than to the scar itself. If you are dealing with a different mix of individuals with only one treatment approach, you should expect to get variable results. Better to have different treatment methods to use in unique circumstances.

2. There is no way to know about the quality or quantity of vitamins, minerals, or enzymes that are used in PD research. Not all vitamin E is created equal, and the same can be said for other substances that are frequently researched to treat PD. Variable research results can be explained by variable quality and quantity of these substances. This alone can explain variable research results when testing the various natural remedies that have been researched.

3. The recommendations for our products are based on the best information and products of which we are aware. More is explained about quality and quantity issues in the individual sections to which these issues apply.

Standard medical “wait-and-see treatment” of Peyronie’s disease, click Peyronie’s Disease and Man Whose House is on Fire.

Peyronie’s treatment according to PDI – an explanation

PDI’s theory is simply that medicine could be approaching the problem of Peyronie’s disease from the wrong direction. We believe it is better to direct treatment to the man who has the scar. The scar is essentially the same in each case of Peyronie’s disease, with little variation, compared to the extreme variation of unique chemistry and physiology of each individual man. The PDI theory further proposes that if we focus to the unique qualities and needs of each man with PD, and not exclusively to the Peyronies scar, we are then more likely to address the crux of the real problem of Peyronie’s disease. If that sounds too simple, too obvious, so be it.  I believe that with a small but fundamental shift in thinking toward this direction, successful treatment becomes more likely.

Even more Peyronie’s disease treatment ideas – totally different and not presented on this website – are available in the “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Our statistics indicate that we get better results with our Peyronies disease natural treatments when they are directed to improvement or promotion of that general quality called “health”. What each man needs in order to improve his health is different from man to man. Therefore, it is the current theory that a reasonable approach is to customize all Peyronie’s treatment to the needs of the individual, rather than just treating all scars the same as when drugs are used.

3 thoughts on “Peyronies Disease Natural Treatments: Introduction

  1. D.A. says:

    I am wondering what your opinion of the P-Shot (Priapus Shot) is for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings D.A.,

    Some degree of caution and concern: Multiple P-shot injections are given for Peyronie’s disease, and even then it does not always work for each man. Even when it works it is suggested that additional injections are given periodically. It is too early to determine the cumulative effect of multiple and repeated injections into the tunica albuginea on causing Peyronie’s disease or how it might aggravate it. TRH

  3. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Zama,

    Two things that can help you:

    Read my book about the ways to improve sex if you have Peyronie’s disease, You can get this book on the PDI website or Amazon.

    Spend some time reading about how to help your body eliminate the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue that is causing your penis to be so bent. If you can reduce the scar you can expect the curvature to improve. Good luck to you. TRH

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