Peyronies treatment using ultrasound therapy along with hydrocortisone

Hello Dr,

I have read that ultrasound using hydrocortisone as the conductor is an effective Peyronies treatment. Are you familiar with this protocol?

I saw my local urologist today who basically gave me little hope via conventional methods, and told me to continue my own self-administered regimen of supplements, topical solutions, and traction.

Ultrasound seems promising. Do full instructions come with the ultrasound device and what conductor do you recommend–DMSO?

I have DMSO but would also like to try hydrocortisone if you think that would work.

With thanks in advance,


Greetings Mike,

Yes, I am familiar with the protocol of using ultrasound to drive in a drug; this technique is called phonophoresis.   The problem you face doing ultrasound with the hydrocortisone cream you have is that it is likely not a good sound conductor; you cannot use just any kind of cream or contact medium for ultrasound and expect it to work. This is the beauty of using the PMD DMSO gel or the Dusa-Sal DMSO gel that is available from PDI with your ultrasound machine; they both are excellent conductors of ultrasound energy.

With the PMD DMSO gel or the Dusa-Sal DMSO gel products, it is not the DMSO that is the sound conductor but it is the gel component of the product that conducts the sound. It has enough water in it to make it an excellent sound carrier.   

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I think it would be an interesting experiment to try your cortisone cream to treat your Peyronie's disease.  I can see nothing wrong with it, but I suggest you talk to your doctor first about it for confirmation.  Here is how I would do it: 

1. Get the ultrasound machine ready. 

2. Apply a moderate layer of cortisone cream on the shaft over the known area of the Peyronie's scar.

3. Apply a generous layer of either PMD DMSO gel or Dusa-Sal Gel over the cortisone cream.

4. Turn on the machine and treat as instructed in the information you will receive with the machine from PDI. We have an excellent 3MHz ultrasound machine available through the PDI store that comes with full instructions how to use it specifically for the problem of Peyronie's disease.

Please keep in mind that this methodology should only be used as one of many different therapies against your Peyronie's disease, and not as a stand-alone or solo therapy.  Never attempt to get rid of PD using only one therapy, or you are sure to be disappointed. 

Please let me know the results of your idea when a little time has passed.   TRH