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Peyronie's disease treatment in detail

Since mid-2002, I have been deeply and continually involved in Peyronie's disease treatment – initially for myself, and then later for other men who have PD. All the details of my successful effort to heal my own case of Peyronie's disease using Alternative Medicine are revealed in my first book, “Peyronies' Disease Handbook."

The most popular single topic of any email question I receive from around the world concerns Peyronies treatment, naturally.  More than wanting to know about the chemistry or the physiology of Peyronie’s disease, or how to locate the Peyronie’s plaque, or names of doctors in different parts of the world, or anything else about PD, people want to know what must be done to successfully treat this terrible problem.

Many details about Peyronie’s disease treatment are found on the PDI website, in “Peyronies' Disease Handbook," and in nearly 100 issues of the Peyronies Disease Institute Newsletter.  Some days I answer more than a dozen emails from men and women who have countless questions about PD treatment.  I offer the best information I possibly can to each person. Yet, no matter how many times I present this information in a variety of formats, there remains one aspect of Peyronies treatment that many people just do not seem to understand.

Perhaps it is my fault for not stating this treatment information plainly enough, or not presenting it often enough.  Yet, somehow I feel responsible I have not found the best way to present this basic aspect of Peyronie’s disease treatment so everyone will understand this topic as well as I do.   If this is so, if all this is my fault, here is yet another attempt to make this important point about Peyronies treatment perfectly clear.

Peyronie’s disease treatment critical point

Regardless of how a person attempts to increase their immune response to eliminate the nasty Peyronie’s plaque, it is not as important how you start treatment, as it is how you progress and eventually finish your Peyronies treatment.   There are many ways to rationalize and calculate how you will go about treating your PD problem.  There are many good ways to help your body eliminate the Peyronie's scar and restore penis health.  That is the reason I have assembled three different size sample treatment plans. I have repeatedly said that these three plans can be increased or decreased in an effort to help your body heal your Peyronies.

Each day several men begin their Peyronie’s treatment with PDI in a wide variety of formats. Some of these are ultimately successful and some are ultimately unsuccessful, not because of the plan they put together at the beginning of their care, but their ability to modify, organize and apply the necessary changes to their Peyronie’s treatment plan if they do not get the kind of results they are looking for with the plan they start with.

Peyronie's treatment is like a football game

Let’s say that you are a football coach, and you have a big game coming up.  As part of your job, you rationalize and calculate how you will beat the opposing team.  You know the strengths and weaknesses of the men on your own team, and you do the best you can to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the men on the other team.  You keep in mind the weather conditions, the time of day, home team advantages, and countless statistics to eventually develop a winning strategy.  Eventually, you devise a plan to win.  The day of the big game arrives and you put your plan into action.  After a few minutes into the game you see that you have made some mistakes because none of what you planned is happening, because apparently you did not figure things out correctly.

You can do one of two basic things:

  1. You continue with the plan you started with.  You follow the basic plan that you started with because you tell yourself that your plan made sense to you before, and it should eventually work out.  You tell yourself, you must have patience with your plan.  You remind yourself that if you continue to follow your starting strategy things will sooner or later come together, your plan will begin to work, and you will eventually win.  Besides that, you do not know what else to do, so you struggle forward.
  2. You change your plan after giving it a reasonable time to work.  You eventually keep those parts of your starting strategy that seem to be working, while you change other parts of the plan that are not.  You improvise where you can, make minor and major changes if you are able, and look around for options that you might not ever have considered before.  You try different things until something works.   It is not pretty, it is not what you planned, but you take every advantage you can find during each moment of the game. Besides that, you do not know what else to do because continuing with a loosing plan does not make sense to you.

You see, my PD Warrior, Peyronie’s treatment should not be not static, although some people approach it that way.  Just because you start with one idea, one plan, does not mean you must continue with it if it does not seem to be working after a reasonable length of time.

If you start with one idea, and it seems to be working, fine, continue with it.  But if it is not working, change it.  How?  I don’t know.  But if you let me ask you a few questions and tell me about what you are doing, I know I can offer you some ideas you have never considered.  Sometimes these changes make a small difference in the progression of Peyronies treatment, and sometimes they make a huge difference.

Now, I hope this little discussion makes a difference in your effort to increase your ability to heal and repair your Peyronie’s disease.

Please comment and ask questions here if there is more that you would like to know about successful Peyronies treatment.


12 thoughts on “Peyronie’s treatment

  1. practical22 says:

    Are all the stretching devices for Peyronie’s disease all the same or do you recommend one in particular?

  2. therazy says:

    Greetings practical22,

    It seems that there is a huge push to sell these mechanical penis stretchers to men with Peyronie’s disease. They offer great promises, but I hear a different story every day from men who have actually tried them.

    Yes, for the most part, all of these Peyronie’s disease mechanical stretchers are built along the same design. Of the many I have reviewed and studied, perhaps the greatest difference is how a particular device will hold onto the head (glans) of the penis. Some do it better than others, I suppose, but all seem to be limited by the fact that since the penis does not good point of attachment for the stretcher to hold onto the penis, the stretcher device must use a great amount of force to smash down on or pinch the glans in order to hold and stretch it. It is this forceful compression or pinching force that causes pain and erosion of tissue that very often stops men from using any of these devices after just one or two uses.

    In fact, the pressure and tissue erosion can be so great, that over the years I have had many men report to me that their Peyronie’s disease actually started after using a mechanical stretcher device.

    For this reason, to answer your second question, I cannot endorse or recommend any of them as a way to reduce or treat Peyronie’s disease. I personally believe they all have the potential to far more harm than good.

    Still, the idea of starting favorable tissue changes by applying traction to the bent penis is interesting. It was this idea that caused me to begin developing a totally different technique concept to stretch the penis to help Peyronie’s disease in a safe and effective way. For about 20 months I conducted a small research project with a group of ten men who had significantly severe cases of Peyronie’s disease, In that time I created a new approach to effective penis stretching. Learn about this method at Just click on the video image for additional information.

  3. fangio says:

    I have a rather urgent question. I’ve head peyronie’s for over 3 years and have had satisfactory remission from the dire curvature. However, y libido diminished to the point where I needed help for levitra or cialis to attain satisfactory erections. In the past 6 or 8 months, the positive effect of the cialis or levitra has dimished. Sometimes I would experience no effect. Sometimes a delayed effect. The last satisfactory effect was only 10 ten days. But it was part of a diminshing, shrinking curve of performance which I feared was headed for a zero effect. I tried adding a second dose within a few hours of the first. Sometimes that helped. Sometimes it didn’t. My response to this drug is less than half what it was a year ago. A few days ago, on two successive days, I tried two doses of cialis — to no effect whatsover. This puts me in despair of every again being able to achieve an erection without a mechanical aid — or perhaps a hypodermic injection.

    I have been taking bromelain, vit. c, vit e, COQ 10, gingo biloba and quite a few other supplements. Up until the very past few weeks, things were working fine. The the effect dropped dropped from erratic, but ultimately satisfactorily, to zero.

    My peyronie’s seems quiescent, and when the erections occurred, they were firm, lasting, and not overly bent. But that was a few weeks ago when the sildanefil was still functioning. I have heard nor read nothing in medical literature about any substance that stimulates erections when the prescriptons meds to not work.

    I am 66, work out in the gym regularly (cardio and weights), and have excellent endurance. My blood pressure is 124 or 72, av. pulse 56. I am despondent, as it looks as if I have to give up any hope of a sex life. I am not interested in the installation of a hydraulic pump or an implant.

    I am doubtful that a direct hypodermic injection of a drug would not follow the same downward course that the pill form did. I am feeling pretty hopless.

    FYO. I neither smoke nor drink, nor am I diabetic. I take multiple vitamines, eat very little red meat, and pursue a varied program of vigorous exercise.

  4. therazy says:

    Greetings Fangio,

    I did a little research in the PDI records and found that about nine months ago you ordered my book “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook,” and about three months ago you ordered my second book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.” But you have never ordered or used the products that the PDI treatment protocol is structured around. Apparently you are attempting to get PDI kind of results using other products. Even so, you report you have had “satisfactory remission of the dire curvature.” I suspect that if you would stop experimenting with your Peyronie’s disease treatment and develop a more formal plan of attack using therapy products from PDI, you would gain even greater improvement in your Peyronie’s disease problem. Just my opinion, based on other men who have experiemented with lesser quality products.

    As far as your use of sildanefil-family drugs (you mention Levitra and Cialis) no longer working as they originally did for you, I can only speculate. I think the answer to your question is contained in “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.” You will learn there that any man who already has Peyronie’s disease is asking for trouble by using these drugs. In fact, the manufacturers of these drugs issue a written warning with each bottle, as well as a warning on their websites, cautioning those men who have Peyronie’s disease to use extreme caution with these drugs. I cannot state this for a fact, since I have not examined you and there are many questions that I would need to receive answers for, but to me it certainly sounds like you have injured the internal tissue of your penis by the repeated over-inflation caused by the sildanefil-family drugs you have taken.

    As I have written in the past, if a man already knows he has damage to the tissue of his penis, and he is susceptible to excessive scar or plaque formation from injury (this is what has caused him to have Peyronie’s disease problems in hte first place), then taking erection-producing medication that overfills and forces greater internal pressure than normal in his penis might result in additional injury to him.

    To use a very descriptive comparison, you are like the man who had an unhealthy old horse. To get him to run in the race you, the man hit the horse with whips and prodded him with drugs. Now, the race is over, the unhealthy old horse has even more problems. Wow, you mention that now you are using double-doses of the erection drugs and even this does not work. Can you see the comparison?

    I would suggest you think about stopping the use of all sildanefil-family drugs, as well as stop experimenting with all of the things you are doing and instead put together a formal treatment plan using therapies from PDI. If I can be of help to you in any way, answering your questions about a Peyronie’s disease treatment plan, please let me know. Just submit your question to me under the heading of “Ask Dr. Herazy a question…” on the right hand magin. TRH

  5. fangio says:

    I very much appreciate your detailed, personal answer, addressing all the points I raised. Your remark about an apparently hap-hazard approach to the problem (on my part) is well-taken.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that within the past year, I began using one of the stretcher devices, padding the attachment plastic strip with soft surgical tape, which eliminated the pain of contact. However, the tension required to maintain the stretch concerned me as to restriction of blood flow. There fore I never kept it on for more than an hour, and monitored the head for temperature and color. It was during that time that I achieved my most satisfactory performance (I’m not linking the two; it could easily have been coincidence), and I found I achieved partial erection even while in traction!

    Aside from the total loss of response to the prescription drugs, there is the matter of an absolute loss of libido. This had occurred months before the diminution of the response to the drugs occurred.

    I have seen no reference anywhere, aside from dubious claims made by purveyors of mutli-herbal substances asserting “wonder” results, to solutions to this problem.

    I am interested in your own stretching device/technique and plan to order it. But I have to say at this point I am very gloomy. The curvature of my penis is not even an issue and, amazingly, the thickness seemed to increase during the few months I used the stretching device.

    But all of that is meaningless if I cannot achieve an erection.

    Again, I think you for your close and personal attention.


  6. therazy says:

    Greetings again Fangio,

    It was my pleasure addressing your Peyronie’s disease concerns. I can only hope you can see your situation a little differently now, and from there be in a better position to take control of your problem.

    Not at any time did I think your attempt to address your Peyronie’s disease problem was “hap-hazard.” Actually, I would suspect you are a fairly methodical kind of guy. Yet, I often see men take the information off the PDI website, and then try to use similar – and many times inferior – products, thinking they can save a dollar by using something on sale at WalMart or the local mega-drugstore and get the same results with their Peyronie’s disease. They do not appreciate that quality is so important in getting the best results possible. Sometimes a man will be convinced that the therapy products he chooses to use are as good as or better than what PDI uses, without any good reason to think so. The reason those products cost less is because they are not truly the same as the pharmaceutical grade natural organic products PDI deals in.

    What you report about the problems and pain associated with the use of those medieval mechanical stretcher devices is common. The pictures of the stretcher devices can make them look pretty with white plastic and shiny chrome. They use terms like “medically approved,” like that means something. However, their design requires that a great amount of compression force and pinching must be applied to the penis because the penis does not have a handle on it – there is no good mechanical way to grasp the penis. Putting tape on your glans (penis head) is a reasonable strategy, but it is still a poor solution for the problem of tissue erosion and blister formation caused by the stretchers. Many men find that tape on the penis only causes an entirely different and sometimes worse kind of irritation problem that must be dealt with. On top of that, as you noted, there is still the problem of applying so much pressure to the organ that you become fearful of greatly reduced blood circulation. It is not good to so reduce your blood circulation that your penis turns blue and cold. (Funny, the stretcher ads never mention that.) You can rest assured – and put in the bank – that a penis so compressed and stretched out that it turns cold and blue is not going to heal well; not only that but the Peyronie’s disease problem could actually get worse because of the reduced blood flow that occurs due to this kind of compression abuse.

    You are not alone with your reduced sexual urge, or weakened libido. I communicate with men every day about this problem. Reduced libido is seldom an easy issue, whether it is associated with Peyronie’s disease or all on its own. There are many reasons reduced libido happens in Peyronie’s disease, some of them hormonal, chemical or physical, but many times a reduced libido develops from strongly emotional and psychological issues directly related to PD. It is difficult for a man to feel good about himself or want to engage sexually with a woman, when he owns a penis that looks like a warning sign on a curved road. It is easy for a man with a 70 degree bend to think of himself as a freak; how romantic can he feel?; how can his libido not suffer? I have addressed the important problem of a weak libido in my book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.”

    Keep in mind, Fangio, that you are more than a penis. Yes, yes, of course, you know that. But I know that at this time, as you grapple with this Peyronie’s disease problem of yours, it is all you see in front of you. Peyronie’s disease can consume your thoughts and your spirit. Your reduced sense of self-worth and embarrassment can be overwhelming. You make a grave mistake when you define yourself by what your penis cannot do, and because of the way a man’s brain is wired, it is easy to make this mistake.

    I respect you for the determination and effort you have made to help yourself. Many of your Peyronie’s disease brothers just roll over and stop living; they are told that since there is no medical cure, there is nothing that can be done. They allow themselves no opportunity for success because they refuse to think outside the medical model of treatment.

    If it makes sense to you to do all you can to support and increase your own potential to heal and repair the damage of Peyronie’s disease, you open the channel by which you can start a natural process of self-repair and recovery that occurs in half the men who develop Peyronie’s disease. I have repaired my PD problem, and I have helped other men do so. This process does not work for everyone for a variety of reasons. But there is only one way to know which group you are in – you must try. It helps to be more stubborn you’re your Peyronie’s disease. Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH

  7. spar says:

    Hello dr. Therazy

    I am a 24 year old man and i suffer from peyronie’s disease for as long as i know. My penis is bent down at a sharp angle of 45 degrees, no distortion ore other bend of any kind, just bent down. I never had pain from it, and it doesn’t get worse. I can feel the scar tisue just under my skin in the ‘corpus spongiosum’ on the underside of my penis. The peyronie’s disease scar tisue isn’t verry big, 2 to 2.5 cm, but stil it gives a bent of 45 degrees. Since i’m aware of the scar tisue and touched it a little bit in the past 12 months i can feel i tickle some times. That’s new for me.

    I visited several urologists now and they all stick to the surgery only, with all their patients sufferring from peyronie’s disease, wihout even looking at it. The bend is realy a problem for me. Surgery is an extra risk in my case, beceause the Peyronie’s disease surgery has to be done on top of the penis, where all the inportant veins and nerves are located.

    Based on the facts listed above, what do you think is the best threatment for me, that you offer? Which plan is best for me to buy. I inderstand that most of the men with peyronies disease ore curvature are older, and most of them much older, than me. Do i even have to take a plan, ore can i better order seperate products? As far as i know i’m healthy. Do you think i have a chance of recovery from my Peyronie’s disease? Can my scar tisue eventually become normal again, in other words, does the corpus spongiosum evenually get fully filled with blood again, is that a realistic goal together with a less curved penis ore does the scar tisue only become more strechable and softer, and so a les curved (maybe straight) penis? And my last question, what are your findings with verapamil gel?

    Thanks in advance

  8. therazy says:

    Greetings spar,

    I am sorry to hear of your problem. What you describe sounds like so many men with Peyronie’s disease.

    A downward curvature is not common, and can make sexual activity very difficult. Many men have no pain with their Peyronie’s disease plaque, although it is more common to have some degree of pain usually with erection. The size of your scar or plaque is not really all that small, actually. Some are small pea-size collections of fibrous material, while there are a smaller percent whose scar runs the entire length of the penis.

    Yes, surgeons usually want to do surgery. There are many risks involved with surgery to correct Peyronie’s disease curvature; it sounds like you are not very interested in taking those risks. It is most sad to communicate with those men who have Peyronie’s disease surgery and only earn a worse problem. Many are so sad and angry to have had the first surgery because they start a cycle of one, then another, and each surgery leaves them more deformed and less sexually capable. I am sure there are men who are happy with the outcome of their PD surgery; I just have not spoken to any.

    Even though you have presented some information about your Peyronie’s disease problem, it is not possible for me, or anyone, to determine what is your “best” Alternative Medicine treatment. That is something that you have to determine for yourself after you educate yourself with the information from the PDI site and other sources of information. Your best Peyronie’s disease treatment is determined while you are working to assist your body to heal the problem. A successful Alternative Medicine plan for Peyronie’s disease is not a simple thing that is just decided one day; it is something that is worked on over time. I can give you ideas and information as you go along.

    To assist you in putting together a reasonable Peyronie’s disease treatment plan, there are examples of what a good balanced plan looks like at Here you can see three different sized plans, that you can use as they are presented, or you can add or subtract as you wish based on what you know about yourself, your interest in Alternative Medicine, as well as your financial resources. Yes, you can use separate products. When you receive your Peyronie’s disease treatment products from PDI, you will be given an impressive amount of written information that will tell you the best way to use what you have ordered. You will learn when and how to take your therapies, what to do and not do, and all the help you need to use all the items effectively.

    I think every man has a reasonable chance for recovery if he does the best he can to assist his body to heal the Peyronie’s disease plaque. If half of the men heal their PD, why not you? What we present on the PDI website is the best strategy and products that are intended to assist that process of recovery from Peyronie’s disease. You will not know for sure until and unless you try. Some men recover more than others, some swear they are completely over their problem, some partial and some not at all. I have worked with men whose PD was diagnosed 6-8-10 years earlier, and they still succeeded in reducing their plaque material and improving their distortions.

    My observation after working with men to assist their recovery process is that those who do the most, follow the best plan they can create, are faithful and careful to not forget or weaken their enthusiasm, and learn as much as they can about their problem, will often see improvement in the Peyronie’s disease scar material. It takes time, it takes determination, it takes effort, and I talk to men who are happy they did not quit on themselves. From my experience most men who do it as I have outlined here, see change in their Peyronie’s disease.

    Based on the conversations and emails with men from all around the world about the several medical strategies, I seem to notice that fewer men are being given prescriptions for verapamil gel. As I understand many MDs who thought initially that it was effective, have stopped prescribing it. I assume it is because of reduced enthusiasm for verapamil which certainly seems to have had a very controversial history.

    I trust this helps you to understand that this is a task based on education and work, and no guarantee of success with Peyronie’s disease. You are attempting to work with the powerful ability of your body to heal and repair. It is a simple and as difficult as that. Let me know if I can help you along the way. TRH

  9. spar says:

    Hello dr. Therazy,

    Thank you for the detailed information. I will try the medium (better) plan. I see that there is no Super CP Serum in that plan although it is listed on the website in the medium (better) plan. I thought it was a realy important element in the treatment, and i want tot order it with it. Can you do that for that price? How long can i do with that plan before i have to buy more?


  10. therazy says:

    Greetings spar,

    Yes, Super CP Serum, the topical copper polypeptide, is important part of good Peyronie’s disease treatment and that is why it is included in the PDI Medium Plan; there are 10 elements in that plan and Super CP Serum is one of them. Please check again.

    The three external or topical therapies (PMD DMSO, Callisto vitamin E oil, and Super CP Serum) will each last about three months on average – give or take a month. As with all things that are used in a Peyronie’s disease treatment plan, actual usage is different from man to man, so it is difficult to give you more than an average.

    You will be given complete instructions how to use every part of your Medium Plan.

    Since these particular therapies last as long as they do, they are certainly economical. It is important to include this form of local or external therapy directly over the Peyronies plaque material to round out any good therapy plan. Anyone who uses only internal therapies (those that are swollowed or taken orally, like acetyl-L-carnitine, vitamin E and C, PABA, etc.) are not addressing the problem area as fully as those who use both external and internal therapies in their Peyronie’s disease plans.

    As a final thought, while Super CP Serum is important, you should not think of it as being any more important than any other part of your plan. They are all equally important because they all work together to develop the synergy that inceases your ability to heal and repair your Peyronie’s disease to the best of your ability. Take one element out, or add an element, and your synergy to heal is affected. It all comes down to doing all that you can to create the synergistic effect of increased healing ability.

    Please let me know how you are doing. TRH Peyronie’s disease

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