Peyronie’s treatmet using compression

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While discussing further options to mitigate my Peyronie’s with my urologist today, he shared that a colleague had successfully treated a Peyronie’s patient with PRP (“Platelet-Rich Plasma”) injections …. which you may readily recognize as the treatment administered successfully to Tiger Woods about a year ago for a knee injury. My urologist, though, hastened to advise me that this procedure is clearly experimental, non-FDA approved, and not covered by health insurance. Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve heard of this procedure as a Peyronie’s treatment; and, if so, what are your thoughts, concerns, cautionary advisories, etc.?

Also, speaking of non-conventional Peyronie’s treatment regimens, I read something recently about the use of “compression”, whereby the penis is rubber-banded in the area of curvature with the intent of breaking up the plaque. I believe this procedure had been tried with some success in India or elsewhere in SE Asia. Have you heard of such a procedure?  Is there any basis for the possibility of plaque being mitigated by a compression technique …. be it rubber-banding or other like technique?

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Give me a little time to investigate PRP and I will get back to you.

Compression of the penis, because it is such a soft mass of tissue, would work like a tourniquet to greatly reduce blood circulation to the point that significant tissue injury could occur – leading to more Peyronie's disease.   In fact, many men who have used a device known as a "cock ring," that is designed to block blood flow in the penis, have reported that they developed PD afterward.  This is a dangerous idea when applied to the penis that i would advise against.  TRH


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  1. Maan S. Saluja says:

    I developed PD about 15 yrs. back. I am 75 yrs. now. It started with painful erection and blood stained semen. I had sideways bending of the penis first on one side and then on the other side. Till 2-3 yrs. back I was able to perform sexual intercourse. For many years I have no bending, no pain. However I do not get erection without viagra. I do not get any pain or pressure in the penis with viagra. Because of PD my penis has become very small. Will Neprnol help me after so many yrs. of PD even though I do not have any pain or bending? I will appreciate views. Please reply ASAP.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Singh,

    I have worked with many men who have had Peyronie’s disease for 10 years or more. Many of them are able to make improvement in their curved penis and reduced sexual ability by using a broad and diverse treatment approach as we advocate on the PDI website to help the body heal PD. It seems that age of the problem is not the determining factor for success or no success in PD treatment; diversification and aggressive treatment influence final outcome much more than anything else. Using Neprinol alone is not a diversified plan of action and would likely be unsuccessful. Please read the PDI website for more information about helping yourself heal the PD scar tissue. TRH

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