Follow up: Is it possible to urinate the Peyronie’s plaque out of the body?

Dr. Herazy,

Phil F. here, in reply to your response to my
recently posted question: Is it possible to urinate the Peyronie's plaque out of the body.

I want to thank you for your prompt, direct and most helpful reply.

FYI, it turned out that a second, follow-up urine
culture indeed revealed an infection … enterococ-
cus faecalis. A 5-day regimen of Cephalexin seems to have taken care of it, fortunately.

As for the Peyronie’s Disease, well, I continue to weigh my options ….

Thanks again!



Greetings Phil,

Glad that you got that 2nd urinalysis and that it led to you getting the right kind of help.   

From what I can see from my vantage point of hearing from men from around the world. there are basically three options:  wait to see if your Peyronies gets worse enough to warrant surgery; try an unapproved drug in an off-label application that does not have FDA approval; try to increase your body's ability to heal and repair the PD scar.

Let me know if you have any questions about using the PDI therapy concept for reversing the scar formation.  TRH 



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