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Peyronie’s Disease & Sex: Your step-by-step guide to a better sex life

Peyronie's Disease & Sex is a book written by a doctor who talks to thousands of people each year about their intimate problems living with a curved penis.  An important part of any Peyronie's disease treatment program.“Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” can help improve the sexual situation of any man who is dealing with Peyronie’s disease erection problems, even if it involves erectile dysfunction. No matter now great your problem, this book will serve to expand your Peyronie’s treatment opportunity even if you thought you could no longer engage in sexual activity. Many PD sex problems are avoidable. Sexual limitations develop because of not knowing what to do, how to do it, or simply a false notion that nothing can be done to improve the sexual problems of PD. “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” offers more answers and more reasonable solutions for many Peyronie’s disease sex problems than you can imagine. Even if you have dealt with the sexual limitations of PD for years, chances are you know very little about the sexual side of the problem. Until now there was no authoritative source of information that addressed the basic mechanics of sex and PD. Let this book be your guide to better sex – in spite of PD! Size – 8.5 X 11, 180 pages. The information in this book is what your family doctor or urologist should have explained the first day you were told you have PD.

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Get real help and real answers for your Peyronies sex problems. This book – “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” – is about real life problems and real life solutions that you and your partner can work out together. It is not about silly genital enlargement gimmicks or sexual stimulants. This book addresses and realistically answers all the important issues of PD, to help you regain and maintain romance and a better sex life. After reading this book you will understand each other better, and know more about protecting your relationship. “No matter how bad the PD sex problem, this book can show you how to improve your love life – guaranteed.”

“Peyronie’s Disease & Sex” book review by noted urology specialist, professor and sex researcher, Dr. Jack Summers:

“As a practitioner of integrative medicine for more than 27 years, I can say without reservation that Dr. Herazy’s Peyronie’s Disease Handbook is one of the more remarkable contributions to self-help health literature that I have ever read. With the unparalleled perspective gained from having PD himself and experience of almost 40 years as a health professional, Dr. Herazy has written a guide that is truly a masterpiece for Peyronie’s disease sufferers. There is not to my knowledge any information and healing program for Peyronie’s disease that comes close to what Dr. Herazy has researched and written. His scientific research and clinical expertise lends him the unmistakable authority to help Peyronie’s disease sufferers and their partners navigate through the journey of healing. How he addresses men’s loss of self-esteem, the depression and anger that ensue, and the changing quality and dynamics of their relationships is a hallmark of Dr. Herazy’s manual. Dr. Herazy is a gifted healer, teacher, and writer. With his brilliance and authenticity he will take you firmly by the hand and help transform you from a probably helpless sufferer into an active, encouraged, and empowered participant on your self healing process.” Jack L. Summers, MD, PhD – Emeritus Professor of Urology Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine – Rootstown, OH Director of Research Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA

Benefit from the dozens of easy and exciting sexual techniques and strategies to improve your ability to engage in sexual intercourse again. Just some of the general topics covered:
* Detailed discussion of many sexual intercourse positions and techniques specifically designed for the distortions of PD
* Basic sexual anatomy that is vital to understand if you want to get back your sexual stride
* What to do about painful intercourse
* What to do about lack of libido and erectile dysfunction, using Alternative Medicine
* How to improve yours skills and ability for sexual touch and sexual pleasure
* How to overcome the feelings of shame, lost self-esteem and rejection so common in PD
* Dozens of related topics to increase sexual expression and pleasure

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Dear Fellow Peyronie’s Disease Sufferer,

Early in 2003 I developed PD. Within a few months I was severely distorted and depressed. During that time my ability to engage in sexual intercourse suffered greatly. But I fought back with Alternative Medicine therapies and cured my PD. Today I have no scars or nodules, no distortion, all lost dimensions returned, full function) and learned a lot of things about the sexual disability of PD along the way.

Since starting the Peyronie’s Disease Institute I have communicated with thousands of men and women about their sexual failures and successes. I listened, learned, studied and realized the PD couples who had sexual problems seem to repeat the same kind of mistakes about sex, while other PD couples with a fairly normal or only slightly limited sex life managed their personal situation in a totally different way.

After a short while it was apparent there were certain things the successful couples did and did not do, that made them successful. It was obvious there were some basic do’s and don’ts to PD and Sex. When I started to share this knowledge and understanding with the many PD couples I deal with, they too were able to recapture some of their lost sexual ability. Over the years I have counseled hundreds of couples to a better level of sexual fulfillment and stronger marriages. I am in semi-retirement now, and spend most of my time working with the people from around the world who struggle with PD. I have amassed a lot of information about improving PD sexual intercourse techniques. These ideas and strategies for a better sex life have been put into this large 180 page book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex.” Decide if you really want to do all you can to get your sex life back in order. It can be done. I have helped hundreds of couples return to a fuller and more dynamic sex life.

Get this book – risk free – and learn what you need to know to make it happen for you. Dr. Herazy Life with PD can be miserable; not only enduring pain, distortion, embarrassment and loss of sexual ability, but also the frustration of not knowing how to help yourself. Confusion and frustration grow in an atmosphere with mostly questions and almost no answers. This book offers addresses the many personal family issues and wide array of sexual problems so common in PD. With education in different aspects of PD, you more control over PD, and the help you have been looking for.

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Here is what others are saying about “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” :

•   “My wife and I thank you for saving our marriage!” G. R. – Missouri

•   “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” is a very good book and easy to read. It is helpful and easy to use and to understand. What we learned made sex easier and better ‘in spite of having PD.’”   E. J. – Illinois

•   “Because I am so bent, sex is not perfect, but so-o-o much better…actually got inside her the 1st time since my PD started…”   W. E. – Florida

•  “Sex was better the first night…I feel like a new man… having sex again was easier than I could imagine… your information brought us together.”   M. B. – Maine

   “We gave up on sex for three years, and then we read your book.  After that everything changed for us.”   C. L. – Iowa

  “Many thanks for the ideas and the hope that we do not have to live this way. I recommend this book to anyone with PD.”   E. B. – California

  “You opened our eyes to what we were doing wrong, and sex got a whole lot easier. God bless you.”   H. H. – Wyoming

   “I feel like I got my life back…sex has improved at least 75%… we don’t fight any more.”   J. L. – California

   “My MD is very impressed with me, and so is my wife now that…”   J. H. – Indiana

   “I thought I could never have intercourse again… so glad you wrote this book all of us.”   E. B. – England

   “Congratulations. Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” is a great book because it has so much information and wisdom. It presents technical and personal issues in a way we both could easily understand. This help has meant so much to us.”   Mrs. J. F. – Pennsylvania

   “Even though I cannot get an erection, my wife and I are able to be intimate and have great sexual pleasure together for the first time in years. Nice job of explaining a complex and emotional subject.”   H. H. – Vermont

   “We are making up for all that lost sex… like we are two horny teenagers. Thanks so much for this book.”   C. T . – Florida

   “…I feel like a real man again… she likes the new approach.”   J. S. – New York

  “My husband has become a better all-around lover. I enjoy sex more now than before his PD started.”   P.. A.. –  South Carolina

  “What great ideas and encouragement to my missus and me… Great information. We are definitely having sex more often and definitely enjoying it more. Thanks and God bless.”   V. W. – Australia

Sexual ability that is lost to Peyronie’s disease can often be regained – it happens all the time with the couples I talk to every day. Let this book show you how it can help you, too. Take control of your sex life and your PD – simply order the 180 page e-book or hardcopy book below, while taking advantage of our 4-week money-back guarantee. We’ve removed all your risks of buying. If you don’t like this book for any reason whatsoever, simply ask for your money back. We want you satisfied, happy, and as sexually fulfilled and healthy as you can be. This book comes with a one-month money back guarantee. Your order is processed through a secure server.

Your order will arrive in a standard plain mailing container with no identification that might embarrass you. We have done all that we can to make your transaction as safe as possible. You are protected all the way around.

Give “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” a try and learn how good life can be again.

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