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Womon to woman discussion dealing with common sexu problems and daily living issues when the man you love has Peyronie's diseaseHe asked you not to talk to anyone about his Peyronie’s problem – not your mother, not your sister, not your best friend.  

So who can you go to for the help you need?

Have a private and intimate consultation with the PDI nurse about your personal questions and the new situations you have to deal with since he developed Peyronie’s disease, as well as treatment questions.

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Sure, he has a big problem and needs help.  But what about you and your problems now that Peyronie’s disease has entered your life?  Who can you turn to for help to deal with your own feelings of …

•      Rejection?     •  Guilt?      •  Anger?      •  Isolation?      •  Frustration?     •  Fear?

Talk to Patricia Herazy, RN, a nurse with medical knowledge plus important personal experience dealing with Peyronie’s disease since 2002.  She has helped women from around the world who have gone through all the things you are experiencing right now. One of the mistakes that you are probably making right now is to isolate yourself from a source of help because you believe you are the first and only couple to have the problems you are going through.  You think their is no one who can help you because your problems are so terribly unique.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pat knows the ins and outs of living with a man who has this terrible problem; she too has dealt with her husband’s PD, just like you. Her husband is Dr. Herazy who developed this unique method to treat PD and started the Peyronie’s Disease Institute.  If you have read “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook,” written by Dr. Herazy, you will know that he gives Pat all the credit for saving him when he was at his lowest point.

She will help you deal with your personal problems, answer your questions about sex, offer suggestions about Peyronie’s disease treatment so you can help him with his problem, or any other area that relates to living with a man who has Peyronie’s disease.

Your family and friends have never heard of Peyronie’s disease.  They have no idea what you are going through.  The intense problems of  Peyronie’s disease and women are an entirely different topic than the typical problem than you might want to talk to your mother or next door neighbor about.  You must realize that the man in your life is at an extremely vulnerable point in his life while he is dealing with the loss of his sexual identity.  He has asked you to not discuss his personal issues for a deep need for privacy and to avoid the mounting humiliation he feels around this problem.  If you do speak to those people you know, he will likely take it as a grave mistrust against him.

Pat is a retired nurse and she is easy to talk to.  She knows your problems because she has lived through the Peyronie’s ordeal.  There is nothing you can tell her that she has not heard before.   You need someone  who can speak honestly and cut through all the emotions and get your thinking and your feelings straightened out so you do not make his situation or yours worse than it already is.  The worse thing a woman can do in this emotionally charged and confusing situation is to act impulsively or without considering all her options and facts.

What we have so often found over the years is that many times a couple has stopped having sexual relations when it is not necessary.  Many couples do not know how to safely engage in intercourse, even when the penis is significantly bent or distorted.   Many times a couple simply does not know about options, techniques and methods that enable penetration for intercourse that we have developed over the years; they give up having sex when it is not necessary.  Sometimes they stop having sex out of fear of doing additional damage to his penile curvature; they are worried and feel limited only because no one has taken the time to explain how to engage in safe sexual techniques.  Whatever is the reason for their interruption of sexual activity, it is damaging to their mental health and marriage.   We have found many times that different techniques and knowing how to apply a little prevention goes a long way toward keeping a couple from drifting apart.

Make arrangements to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through and is willing to give you sound advice.  Living with Peyronie’s disease in your life is not a simple problem and you need to talk to someone who knows the problem better than anyone.  Give Pat a call to get the advice and perspective you need.

Get personalized help that might save your marriage.


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