Poor Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Results

Every few months I will receive a telephone call from someone who asks why he has not had any improvement after using his Peyronie’s treatment for a while.

Usually the first and last question I ask is, “What is the size, shape, density and surface texture of your scar?” The typical response I receive is at first silence, and then the caller will admit he does not know the answer to the question. At that point I will explain that if he does not know the current size, shape, density and surface qualities of his scar and he did not have that information when he started his treatment, there is no way to know for a fact that he did not progress.

Basically, these men are comparing minimal information to minimal information, and conclude that nothing has changed.

Further, I also get emails and calls from men who complain that they have not made enough progress to justify continuing with their treatment plan. My line of questioning goes like this:

1. What products and therapies are you using now?

2. What is your dosage for each?

3. Honestly, how faithful are you to your plan; how often do you forget to do what you are supposed to do?

4. What kind of change to your PD therapy plan have you made recently?

5. What was the size, shape, density and surface quality of your PD scar before treatment started and what is it now?

As you can imagine I usually learn they have not been following the PDI plan, but picking and choosing to do a few things that suit their fancy.

Most often the men who do not respond well are those who use no more than 1-3 different therapies. Sometimes the products they use are not from PDI but they use something recommended by someone at a local vitamin store. Compliance on a day to day basis for taking their products is “not great”. I learn they have not read the book I wrote but were trying to base all their therapy on the information only from the website. Along the way I might also learn they have been using Viagra while following their modified PDI plan or that they have received a series of Verapamil injections within the past few years. These men also seem to naturally eat all wrong for PD based on the suggested diet in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.” In short, they are their own worst enemy.

If any of this describes how you approach your Peyronies treatment, please consider changing your ways if you wish to get good results.

Please take your problem seriously, and take your treatment even more seriously. The more you do the better your results should be.

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Stay focused to your plan, and do not become discouraged.