Can this problem with my penis be cured?

Hello Doctor,
I am 14 years of age and my name is Mo.
I've always thought my penis is normal until further investigation,
that shaft going down my penis has always worried me, and the curve started getting me researching,
so after finding out I probably have it since my penis arches and I have a shaft, I started thinking why,
it shouldn't occur in people my age. Well my sister kicked my penis when I was younger and I went to
the hospital after it went really black, they stitched back up my penis and since that day there's been a shaft,
cant really remember how long that was, but definitely years, then as I was growing up my penis starts curving,
I really need help. I'm EXTREMELY scared of what this can do to me, and I just want to be normal.
Also can this be cured? Can I over-come this and have my penis normal shaped?

Thank You,

Greetings Mo,

The way you use the word "shaft" confuses me.  You use it as though it was an abnormal structure.  Most people use the word to indicate the primary long cylindrical mass of the body of the penis minus the head or glans portion.   For this reason of uncertainty I cannot respond to this portion of your concern.

You are asking important questions without providing enough information that would allow me to offer suggestions to you.  Do you have Peyronie's disease as a result of the injury you received? 

If you are that concerned about your current condition I strongly suggest that you speak to your parents or an adult family member you trust to explain that you have a medical problem for which you want help.  When you are asked you can explain that your problem is of a personal nature and you would only feel comfortable discussing it with a doctor.     TRH  


2 thoughts on “Can this problem with my penis be cured?

  1. BON says:

    My name is BON. I am 36 years old. About one year ago, I was practicing bump-masturbation on my bed when suddenly I felt some pain in my penis. After that I am unable to find proper erection in my penis. Sometimes erection occurs but that also for very short while. Since then I have not been able to do sex with my wife.
    Please tell me what may be the problem with my penis, could it be Peyronie’s disease ? Can this problem of mine be cured???
    Kindly advice.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Bon,

    Masturbation when rough can lead to serious penis injury, and this in turn can cause Peyronie’s disease or other local injury of the penis. The only sure way of knowing if you have Peyronie’s disease or not is to go to a doctor for an examination. But if you have weaker erections, a distortion or curvature of the penis, pain, and you can find a small lump or mass of tissue under the skin of the penis, then it is rather likely you have Peyronie’s disease. If this is the case with you, treatment can begin when you are ready using the ideas for natural treatment found on the PDI website. TRH

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