Natural prostate massage therapy for enlarged prostate and BPH

Call it a “Prostrate Massage,” but Aneros natural prostate treatment works

A generation ago it was common for the family doctor to give a prostate massage when a man had an enlarged prostate or BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). While wearing a vinyl glove the doctor would insert his finger into his patient’s anus to massage the prostate in such a way that he would milk the prostate to reduce inflammation and congestion of fluid inside the swollen gland. Today few doctors take the time to perform this valuable service.  It is now rare to find a urologist who would help a man who has BPH or even prostatitis by giving him prostate massage therapy.  It seems that today drugs and surgery are promoted more than a simple natural prostate treatment.

Prostate massage: necessary male health treatment

There are a few possible options for getting a prostrate massage:

  1. Find and pay a doctor who will massage your prostate – good luck with that
  2. Ask someone you know to do it for you – good luck with that one, also
  3. Insert your own finger into your anus – you could do it easily enough, but you would never be sure you are doing it safely or correctly
  4. Try massaging your prostate from the outside of the body – there are devices that are available, but the prostate is located so deep in the pelvis that an external massage is not usually effective
  5. Use the Aneros prostate massager device – when placed inside the body, and moved hands-free by the alternating action of the pelvic muscles, it applies a comfortable level of massage that creates effective prostate drainage

Besides the problem of finding a doctor to provide this kind of direct manual treatment for prostatitis, there is also the issue of having someone probe that delicate part of your body with a hard fingertip and long fingernail might cause injury and discomfort you cannot control.  This of course must be considered in addition to the time, inconvenience, cost and embarrassment of exposing yourself to someone this way.   All of these problems are solved if you provide yourself with a hands-free natural prostatitis treatment with any one of five Aneros prostate massage devices.

Prostate health and Peyronie’s disease

Since Peyronie’s disease involves men who tend to be in the same age group (50+) as those who suffer from an enlarged prostate and BPH, the PDI website has helped many men learn how to provide for themselves a great no-hands prostate massage technique at home, with the Aneros prostate massager.   Any of the five Aneros models gently provides a safe and effective natural treatment for prostate problems that helps these male health issues by prostate milking, but in a much better way than doing it with the finger.

Click here to purchase an Aneros prostate massager – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Aneros devices

We believe the Aneros device offers a better prostatic massage than having it done manually or digitally for several reasons:

  1. Convenience – can be done at home at any time of day or night
  2. Economy – each Aneros unit costs less than a single visit to the doctor, and is virtually indestructible so it can be used thousands of times
  3. Privacy – no embarrassment involved since it is done at home
  4. Repetition – the advantage of the using the Aneros for natural treatment of an enlarged prostate is that it can be done a few times a week; often enough to do you some good.  The benefit of a single prostate massage from your doctor often does not last long enough to promote complete prostate health. When the prostate massage can be repeated a few times a week by using an Aneros prostate massager the benefit is much greater and often creates a complete recovery.
  5. Natural prostate treatment – since no additional drugs are used, this natural BPH treatment does not have drug side effects or complications. In fact, if your doctor sees improvement in your prostate health she might even consider reducing your medication.
  6. Sexual pleasure – since the prostate gland is known as the male G-spot, it can deliver a fantastic orgasm when stimulated; as the lower pelvic muscles are strengthened by frequent use, the intensity and dependability of these special orgasms increases.

About the Aneros prostate massager  

More than 500,000 Aneros units are used around the world since it was granted several patents over 20 years ago. The smooth contours of the Aneros design allows for gentle pressure to be applied across the prostate gland internally, and the sensitive area between the scrotum and anus externally. The rhythmic contractions of the anal muscles allow the Aneros to glide and pivot between prostate and perineum, providing a delightful and therapeutic prostate milking massage pressure that cannot be duplicated by a hard narrow finger tip.  The broad design features of the Aneros massager avoid the possibility of injury to the prostate when used as instructed.

The Aneros prostate massager is specifically designed for easy and comfortable insertion.  After being inserted with lubricant into the anus, the pelvic muscles naturally push the Aneros up toward the prostate gland.  By slowly and firmly tightening and then relaxing the anal  sphincter muscles for a deeply therapeutic prostate massage, the Aneros device delivers a relaxing and comforting prostatic massage like only it can produce.  Your own muscle action controls the Aneros device to gently pivot up and down the prostate, providing a hands-free prostatitis treatment massage of the entire gland surface.  Prostate drainage is encouraged by the massage that occurs when the device passes smoothly over the prostate, as well as from the larger ejaculation that can occur during sexual activity.

Click here to purchase an Aneros prostatic massager – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Aneros devices.

The Aneros can also be used to enhance and boost sexual activity and orgasm.  A man’s erection will last longer and be much firmer after ejaculation when the Aneros is used. This occurs because the Aneros causes the prostate to empty faster and more thoroughly during orgasm, creating an unusually satisfying and intense climax.  By increasing the sexual performance and pleasure of the male, his partner will surely benefit in many ways as a couple explores and expands personal intimacy.

Click here to see each Aneros model:

Aneros Helix
Aneros MGX
Aneros SGX
Aneros Maximus
Aneros Eupho

In addition to the current drug therapy you have been prescribed, inform your doctor before you begin using your Aneros so that he/she knows what you are doing and can offer advice about the use of this prostate massage tool.

Hints for using the Aneros prostrate massage device

Go to  Aneros Prostate Massage: Natural treatment for BPH, prostatitis and enlarged prostate to learn how to safely and comfortably use the Aneros device as a prostrate massager.   Here are some basics ideas to follow:

1.    Use a lot of water-based lubricant

2.    Do not force the Aneros down or around with your hand; this is a hands-free device so do not apply pressure to the handle while it is in use

3.    Do not rush anything; take your time

4.    Concentrate on using your own pelvic muscles to massage the prostate from inside

5.    Talk to your doctor first before using any natural treatment for prostatitis.

Prostate milking and vitamin/herbs: combined natural treatment for prostate problems

In our work with men who suffer from BPH and chronic prostatitis we see that men who combine frequent prostate massage with a quality herbal and nutritional prostate supplement get the best results of all.  Just like with so many things in life, when you combine your efforts and approach a solution from a few different directions you will get better results. By combining these two prostate health therapies you are approaching your problem both from the inside and outside of the gland.

Review what herbal and nutritional products are available for you on the PDI website at Prostate Supreme and BioProstate.  We sell a lot of both products so it is really difficult to say which is the most popular.  A good recommendation is to try one product one month and then the other product the following month to exactly see which one you respond to best.

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