Protection for Peyronie’s Disease during Intercourse

Girth enhancement rings stabilize Peyronies

Since 2002 Peyronie’s Disease Institute has made several different products available to our customers that offer important penile protection while still allowing sexual intercourse to take place. One of these is the girth enhancement ring or sleeve, please see Girth Enhancement Ring.

Using this uncomplicated device provides a level of support that greatly reduces the possibility of re-injury of the penis during intercourse. For many men this simple and inexpensive device is essential in a couple’s ability to engage in sex at all – for many men the added support is needed to make penetration.

The basic girth enhancement sleeve is a thick but flexible tube that is open at both ends, made of very soft and stretchy silicone material. The penis is slipped into the tube and the glans or head of the penis sticks out at the other end for full sexual contact. With this added support the shaft is less likely to be re-injured by sudden bending or collapse.

Even if the cause of Peyronie’s disease in your case was not trauma, it is critical that you do all you can to not injure your penis during sex if you have PD. The following deformities present a real or potential weakness of the shaft of the penis that can easily get re-injured during sexual activity, and therefore will benefit from the use of girth enhancement sleeve:

1. Twist

2. Curve

3. Bend

4. Dent, dink, nick, depression, impression or filling error

5. Bottleneck deformity

6. Hourglass deformity

Any of these Peyronies deformities is weakest at the area of the greatest distortion, or thinnest part of the shaft, that can suddenly bend, fold or collapse during insertion or while thrusting. This is the area over which the girth enhancement sleeve should be worn.

Dealing with a penis that is weak in one small area is like having an ankle that is weak because of an earlier injury, making it susceptible to re-injury. Also, just like a sprained ankle, each penile re-injury occurs more easily and gets progressively worse. The best approach to take is to not allow additional injury to take place so the tissue remains as healthy and strong as possible. For the ankle the treatment is to wear a support and to slow down so that you do not hurt yourself again. The same with Peyronie’s disease.

A valuable second benefit to the girth ring support is the additional thickness or girth it adds to the penis that can make up for the lost dimension that many men experience.

I urge any man whose penis is distorted by Peyronie’s disease – known as a Peyronie’s penis – to investigate the girth enhancement sleeve to provide protection during sexual activity to avoid re-injury and worsening of his problem.