Question about diet for Peyronie’s disease

Dr. Herazy,

I have been reading your Peyronies Disease Handbook and am trying to implement as many treatment strategies as I can. However, although I am following your dietary recommendations, I have been a lacto- ovo vegetarian since 1970. Your dietary guidelines eliminate dairy products (cheese and yoghurt), eggs and soy products , which have been my major source of protein for over forty years. I am uncertain about getting enough protein on your diet. My vegetarianism is is faith based, not health based, so I will not even think of consuming dead creatures. Normally, I don't even take supplements containing gelatine, however I am making exceptions for your products (considering my disease). One other thing about the dietary restrictions that puzzles me is the restriction on bananas. Why not?

Thank you for answering all my questions,



Greetings Lou,

In my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” you have read about the diet for treating Peyronie's disease in which I present the idea that certain foods and styles of eating can contribute to this problem.  

The book and dietary chapter are very clear on the point that this list represents Eastern thinking, not Western thinking.   You are correct, many of those mentioned in the list of foods to avoid are really good nutritional foods – from a Western standpoint.  However, these foods are not considered from a Western perspective but from an Eastern perspective.  

At the beginning of that dietary chapter, before I discuss specifics I say that most of the dietary suggestions are based on ancient Oriental concepts that are used in the practice of acupuncture and yin/yang.  I go on to say that it would require an explanation that could run for several books to completely and thoroughly explain these concepts, and why this or that food should be avoided when you are using Alternative Medicine to treat your PD.  You are asking a simple and direct question about the humble banana that from a Western standpoint should have a simple and direct answer, but I have already told you that the answer is not so simple or direct – it is a very complex topic. 

Suffice it to say that the banana, and a few other foods, have been taught for about 5000 years to promote the formation or aggregation of solid masses in the body.  Solely for this reason the banana is presented in the list of dietary restrictions.   Men who follow these guidelines usually see the benefits of being as strict as possible. 

If you want to know more I suggest that you simply get several acupuncture text books and study the subject thoroughly. 

Many vegetarians find themselves in a similar predicament as you  in regard to dietary restrictions when it comes to treating their PD.   Usually, they eat what they feel compelled to eat and accept the limitation of results.  TRH


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